Craft Tools Every Creative Person Needs To Own

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Every creative person needs to own certain craft tools to ensure excellent end results. Make sure to check your inventory to ensure you have these essential tools handy. As a seasoned crafter myself, I’m continually stepping up my game and replacing old craft tools as well.

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The Basic Craft Tools That Are Essential For Creating

Crafters know crafting isn’t just a hobby. It’s an essential force that drives us to create. Additionally, as every crafter knows, crafting not only engages the mind but also releases negative energy as well.

More so, it’s important to do the research when you are ready to start a home-based crafting business. Regardless if you are a seasoned crafter or a newbie, make sure you have the right craft tools on hand.

So, let’s review some of the essential tools and make sure your well-stocked craft room is ready to rock!

1 – A Good Glue Gun, Of Course!

Obviously, owning a quality glue gun is an essential part of anyone who has an interest in crafting.

Once your hands start getting into the action, you’ll wonder how you survived without this essential tool.

However, not all glue guns are the same! With experience, you’ll know that the best hot glue gun is one that not only heats up quickly but also takes ergonomics into account.

That way, no matter how long you’ve been using it, your hands won’t get stiff or tired. After crafting for hours, you’ll appreciate owning a good glue gun. This will allow you to keep crafting for as long as you like.

Glue guns are perfect for many tasks, from home repairs to Christmas decorations. Regardless of what craft you are working on, this craft tool will remain vital in your crafting room.

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2 – Why You Need An Index Finger Knife

Using scissors isn’t always possible, especially when cutting an item in the middle of a framework. Therefore, an index-finger knife makes cutting into tight spots much easier. I never realized how much faster crafting went until I used one myself.

While a typical cutter can still work, it is not as easy to control or comfortable as an index-finger knife. Resting on your finger, it allows you to exert pressure comfortably to cut out the letters of a word easily,  

In addition, it’s perfect for detailed items that are out of reach with a normal pair of scissors. Be sure to stock up on one to add to your craft tools!

Due to its ergonomic features, it is easier to use on circular items without causing damage to the edges, giving you a cleaner cut. This knife is essential to add to your collection if you’re making stencils.

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3 – Pouncing Wheels As Craft Tools

Above all, you’ll want a set of pouncing wheels to add to your craft tools. In case you don’t know, a pouncing wheel is a metal stick with a round steel head attached to it. If you use embroidery, you’ll want to consider owning this essential tool.

It is an excellent tool to trace something onto a piece of fabric as it has sharp nibs all around the wheel. Typically, they leave dotted lines as you move along the fabric.

It is also necessary for hand-sewing as it allows you to make a straight dotted line on the edges. They also ensure you will sew lines with equal spacing and sizes.

For those who embroider or paint on fabrics, embroidery machines are handy tools. They allow you to transmit your artwork onto a piece of fabric without ruining it. This gives you a dotted line that doesn’t show in color on the fabric. They also work so you can visualize the end results.

Incorporating embroidery machines into your creative process can streamline the embroidery or painting process, offering precision and efficiency in transferring your designs onto fabric

4 – A Dual Blade Strip Cutter 

This dual-blade strip cutter has a wide range of uses and is a perfect addition to your craft tools. Furthermore, it is perfect when you are working on a project where you need exact symmetrical strips of material.

Plus, you can easily adjust the blades to whatever size you need. This tool ensures quick and efficient results for any crafting project you are working on

Below, you can see this incredibly detailed tutorial on how to use one, and provide you with some ideas for your next crafting project!

5 – Cushion Grip Craft Knife

This cushion-grip craft knife is essential for any crafter. Regardless of your type of craft, you’ll reach for this tool daily.

Above all, ensure you get one with safety features like a safety cap while crafting. This tool is perfect for a wide array of uses, such as scrapbook creation or the use of your Cricut or Silhouette machines.

Craft Tools

6 – Wood Burning Craft Tools

Wood-burning craft tools are perfect for any crafter because there’s so much you can create with them.

Even as a beginner, you’ll discover how easy they are to use and create. Wood-burning kits are perfect for leather and cork as well.

In addition, you can create beautiful rustic designs for farmhouse decor and spruce up and personalize picture frames too.


In Conclusion

Obviously, these are just a few of the many craft tools you’ll need in your craft room, and you won’t want to do without them.

Owning these craft tools permits you to be a whole lot more creative and gives you the freedom to do things that you would have struggled to do otherwise.

Craft Tools Every Creative Person Needs To Own - Sassy Townhouse Living

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