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Make Your Own Pier 1 Rope Lamp Knock Off

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You don’t need to spend a small fortune and buy a Pier 1 Rope Lamp when you can make it yourself for around $10! You can transform any old lamp you have easily – all you need is a lamp, some jute cord, and a glue gun! You will be as thrilled as I am when you make your own Pier 1 Rope Lamp Knock off! 

Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off

I was browsing around on the Pier 1 website and saw their Rope Lamp and loved it – when I saw the price tag, I was falling out of love quickly. It was $169.00!!! Then, I had a lightbulb moment! I knew I could make a knock-off myself and easily too! 

Imagine, you can save $169.00! All you have to do is make one yourself. There’s something so elegant and charming about this lamp. I knew I could make one just like it!

I had a lamp I coincidently purchased from Pier 1 a few years ago and it stored in the basement and had gotten some dings on the base from neglect, so I thought this would be the perfect lamp to use for my knock off! You can use any lamp you have lying around that’s old and needs a makeover. 

Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off

It’s super inexpensive and was exactly the size I needed. You can also get Jute Rope from Amazon too. They have some great deals! 

So what is Jute anyway? 

Jute is a natural fiber that can be spun and woven into a variety of textures. It is also one of the most versatile choices for any aspect of home decor.

It is durable and strong, yet can be surprisingly soft to the touch (depending on the treatment and tightness of the weave). If you’re looking for a new way to add interest to any room, consider layering in an organic feel with jute.

You get plenty of jute and I even had some leftover. 

Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off

All you need is a glue gun and you are ready to rock and roll and make your own Pier 1 Rope Lamp!

Carefully glue the rope around the base and be sure to place the jute (rope) exactly where you want it. You can use my favorite glue gun for this. 

Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off
Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off

It took about there hours from start to finish to make. I’m so thrilled I was about to save $169.00 and have the lamp I wanted. 

Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off

I love how it adds elegance and charm to my foyer! 

Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off
Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off

This lamp is so beautiful with a little bit rustic with a modern attitude! 

Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off
Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off

I hope you get to make a Pier One Rope Lamp knock off too! I know you are going to love it as much as I do. 

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below, and I’ll be happy to answer them. And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for updates and giveaways! 


Make Your Own Pier One Rope Lamp Knock Off - Sassy Townhouse Living

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. Amazing what you did with the jute and an old lamp. I just love the look. It even has a bit of beach decor to it like boat rope. This is one of your most inspiring projects that I will remember.

  2. Thanks so much Sue. Yes, it does have that beachy feel to it too. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. Thanks again for your kind words <3 Have a great weekend!

  3. That’s amazing Carolann. I actually think it’s way prettier than the one from Pier 1, I like the curviness (is that even a word?) of your lamp much more

  4. What a great transformation! I love these lamps
    I can only see one possible frustrating problem while trying to attach the rope.
    Your lamp has conveniently got a ridged surface with deep grooves ideal for getting the rope to sit nicely inside the grooves ready for the glue.
    If one uses a smooth sided lamp, I can’t see how the rope is going to stay in place until you can get the glue on the surface.
    Can’t be done too long before you attached the rope and press into place as glue guns dry hard very quickly..
    Any tips for that please?

  5. Hi Annette, thank you! Ok, when you use the glue gun, let each go-around of the rope dry before placing the next. I had to do that as well even though the lamp had grooves. Thankfully, the glue dries pretty quickly. I also made sure to lay the lamp on its side so the rope wouldn’t slip. I hope that helps. I’d love to see pics of yours when it’s done!

  6. Yes I see thanks Carolann.
    Well I too would like to see mine, ha ha I have so much on the go at the mo. I upcycle old furniture that would otherwise be dumped as a hobby and also for a local organisation who I volunteer for.
    Plus Im very busy in the garden.
    My house has become a store room.
    But thee’s always something interesting to see, being artistic and creative.

  7. Wow Annette, you surely have a lot going on. I LOVE upcycling furniture too! And yes, I agree, there is always something interesting to see and learn. So nice chatting with you and hope to see you back again soon.
    Carolann xo

  8. Third time lucky. Keep commenting and the page vanishes and a different project shows , so lost my work.
    I get the daily emails with all the projects so I will be back again very soon.
    I’m always looking at recycled stuff and thinking “What can I make that into, that would look great and be useful?”
    Collecting plastic milk bottles and then cutting out templates of electric plug holders, Makes removing plugs so much easier and less painful if you have arthritic hands like me.

  9. Hi Annette, Oh, how frustrating that is! I love thinking like that too. Repurposing is so much fun! And a great way to save money too! I’d love to see some of your work. I bet we have the same taste! Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you again soon.
    Carolann xo

  10. Oh how infuriating! Is it it just me or does anyone else have issues with a page disappearing to be replaced with a different project.?So I lost all my typing three times now. I made a word document.
    Very weird that is.

    Here is one I upcycled. a pink gloss painted wooden chair all peeling off.
    A labour of love scraping it all off, but well worth it.
    I actually enjoyed scraping it off.
    Painted with antique white Chalk paint and slightly destressed, with a plain wooden, waxed and polished seat. Love the combination.
    I said “here is one I did”, but nowhere to upload the photo now.
    :'( Destined to to reply to you

  11. I am back to see if refreshing the page has cured the issue with no upload button. It hasn’t; maybe we can;t upload photos, but I know i have done previously.

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