10 Effective Garage Organization Ideas You Need To See

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If your garage needs an overhaul, these garage organization ideas will transform it in no time! Finally, you can easily perk up your garage and appreciate it as an extension of your home.

Are you sick and tired of all the clutter in your garage? Well, with these ideas, you can transform your garage and never feel embarrassed again. If you cringe every time you look at your cramped and cluttered garage, then follow these ten tips to turn things around.

 Garage Organization Ideas

Effective Garage Organization Ideas From The Pros

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Nowadays, with everyone enjoying some extra time at home, we can finally work on those long-awaited DIY projects. Mostly, it seems we are all trying to make the best of a not so pleasant time in our lives. And what better way to do that than to work on our garages!

Furthermore, we’ll share some garage organization ideas from the tips from the pros over at Metro Car Removal. And you’ll discover easy and practical ideas to guide you along the way.

Plus, we’ll share tips from our very own garage makeover and transformation too. Our garage makeup looks epic years later and remains perfectly organized and clean. It’s a place we feel proud of every day and remains an integral part of our home.

We always say, if you stowed it away, you most likely don’t need it anyway! 
We recommend searching “dumpsters near me” and rent a dumpster to help you start decluttering.

Now, your garage doesn’t need to look like this anymore!

1 – Wall Mount Storage For Optimum Garage Organization   

Of course, your garage has plenty of wall space you can use to organize. You can start clearing up the floor by moving things to the walls. You’ll want to do this in the most organized and effective way.

Typically, we all have those unwanted unorganized boxes on the floor, and that’s a great place to make a start. You can always start with some Wall Mounted Storage Bins to organize your screws, nuts, bolts, or small parts and accessories. These bins are easy to install and perfect for any garage or shed area as well.

Garage Organization Ideas
Image Amazon: Wall Mounted Storage Bins

One Of Our Favorite Garage Organization Ideas!

In addition, you can also add a Full-Door Wall Steel Cabinet to help you stay organized. For our garage transformation, we created an entire wall using these cabinets. These cabinets are our number one preference when it comes to garage organization ideas. Below, you can see how organized and neat our garage looks now!

Also, for bike owners, a wall-mounted bike rack is an excellent idea as they allow you to free up space on the floor.

2 – Finally, Get Rid Of That Unwanted Car

If you have an old or scrap car sitting in your garage, do yourself a favor and get rid of it. An unwanted car is the worst thing to keep in your garage. Left unused, the car will deteriorate and rust, leaking oil and becoming a safety hazard.

Instead, why not consider a Cash for Cars sale instead? Reputable Car Removal companies like Metro Car Removal buy cars of all makes and conditions, paying you cash for it.

What’s more, they also offer free car removal, so you don’t have to take the car to them. They will come to your location to collect the car and tow it away! It’s that easy to get rid of your eyesore of a vehicle and free up space in your garage! Doing so will free up so much room and a great garage organization idea!

3 – Organize Items In Clear Storage Boxes

As you know, it’s almost impossible finding anything when you stow things away in cardboard boxes. Stop frustrating yourself and invest in some clear plastic storage boxes to make your garage organization easy.

Furthermore, you’ll need to label the boxes and stack them up neatly. This way, when you need something, you can find it straight away! Using small clear storage boxes wholly changed the way we organize our garage.

As per the image below, you can see an example of one of the cabinets we organized brilliantly! We also purchased large clear storage boxes as well and placed them on top of our cabinets.

Garage Organization

4 – Declutter By Getting Rid Of What You Don’t Need

Are you using your garage like a dumpster where you store all your broken items? It’s time to declutter! We always say, if you stowed it away, you most likely don’t need it anyway!

And if you have multiple toolboxes, get rid of the unused boxes and purchase one large Rolling Tool Box & Storage Chest. This type of toolbox meets all your needs, and you can easily pull it around with you.

It’s a good idea to declutter your garage at least once a year. Doing so, you’ll find so many things you thought you needed and don’t. Always think about donating what you don’t need to your local Salvation Army.

Image Amazon: Rolling Tool Box & Storage Chest

5 – Install A Foldable Work Bench – Perfect For Your Garage Organization

One of the best improvements in our garage is out workbench. We use it for so many reasons like crafting, repairs, and, at times, storage. While ours is built-in, you can always purchase a Folding Table Work Bench as well.

Plus, these portable benches work out great for those of us with smaller garages. And you can take it outside for those messier projects you don’t want inside your home. This workbench will make your garage organization perfect in every way!

Image Amazon: Keter Folding Table Work Bench

6 – Add Overhead Or Ceiling Storage

If you’ve run out of wall space, you can always use Overhead Garage Storage Racks for additional storage. Store all your seasonal and less frequently used items in the overhead storage to make your garage clutter-free. However, make sure you install them properly using sturdy racks and have a safety net in place as well.

Garage Organization
Image Amazon: FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage Racks

7 – Add Corner Shelves

Adding a Corner Tool Rack to your garage is an utterly brilliant idea and reduces corner waste! Corner storage maximizes available space, and it’s a very affordable way to do it also.

Above all, you can also add some corner shelves for those little items you frequently reach for and need. Also, you can install a heavy-duty corner shelves for maximum utility. Why leave the corners empty when you can have more storage?

8 – Add A Magnetic Tool Rack

If you have a lot of tools, a wall-mounted Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder is the perfect solution. You can neatly display all your tools without taking up too much space. As a bonus, you can also easily find any tool you’re looking for without having to rummage through your toolbox. More so, it provides you with a high-quality magnetic toolbar that holds any toolset securely and within easy reach.

Image Amazon: Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder

9 – Use A Peg Board for Flexible Shelving

Pegboards can make an excellent base for flexible shelving that you can easily organize when needed. You can use hooks to hang mops, brooms, garden tools, and more.

Above all, a good metal Pegboard Organizer is more than 10 times stronger than conventional pegboard. Plus, you can easily find and reach for any tool in your garage! And with over 1000 5-star ratings on Amazon, you can’t go wrong.

 Garage Organization
Image Amazon: Pegboard Organizer

10 – Organize Your Garage With A Mesh Ball Storage Cage – A Score For Garage Organization

Is your garage is storage for sports equipment like soccer, tennis, or football gear? Then, this Garage Ball Storage Rack Rolling Sports Rack Organizer makes perfect sense.

This sports organizer can hold basketballs, footballs, baseball, volleyball, gloves, and shoes. Now, you can organize all your sports equipment in one area for space and garage organization.

Garage Organization Final Thoughts

An organized garage will not only make your life easier; it will also prevent rodents and other creatures from making it their home. A cluttered garage is the perfect space for insects and rodents to settle in. They love the mess as it allows them to hide out of sight.

Block a weekend to clear out and organize your garage. With our tips, you can double or even triple your garage’s storage capacity, giving everything a proper place. Once you organize the space, you need to maintain it.

Besides, don’t use the garage as your dumping ground where all your old, broken items come to die. Your garage is a space that has a purpose. It’s a space that can double as your workshop and house your car, but that’s it.

Give the space the respect and care it deserves. After all, an organized garage is a safe garage, as it’s less likely that you’ll trip over something. So, go ahead and clean up your garage. Trust us; the outcome will be well worth the effort!

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