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Beautifully Textured Wallpaper Dresser Makeover!

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I can’t help but be inspired and challenged to create this beautifully textured wallpaper dresser makeover. She inspired me to take this challenge on too!  

This blogger/crafter did just that with her use of this textured wallpaper on furniture. I am in love with this piece and can’t wait to try to recreate it. She used textured wallpaper on an old piece of furniture and wow, what an amazing transformation. Come and see for yourself!

textured wallpapper on dressermakeover

This big pine cabinet/ dresser was the perfect candidate to try this wallpaper technique. As you can see, it’s so plain and unfashionable. Look at how amazing this came!

I know I can’t wait to get mine started! I love refinishing old furniture and have so plans for pieces in my home for this year too!

Transforming your old furniture into something unique and gorgeous is always rewarding! I love the white on white patterned effect of the wallpaper she chose. 

textured wallpaper dresser

Before application, this chest of drawers looked so outdated and bland. 


 I’m totally going to be using wallpaper soon on one of my pieces. Be sure to check back! 

You can see how blah it was before! And the awesome part is you can choose any textured paper you like. I can’t wait to experiment on a chest of drawers I have. 

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. Really beautiful trendy furniture you have it looks amazing…wooden products are just beautiful.

  2. That looks awesome! Another thing that’s great about furniture wallpapers is that you can easily change it anytime you plan to. And you also can easily pick designs to match the other furniture or the wall. Love how it changes the look of any furniture. Just great!

  3. So true! I have a piece I’m working on and can’t wait to finish it. It’s so creative to use wallpapers. Thanks much for stopping over to comment. Hope to see you again soon.

  4. Texture wallpaper furniture design suits to the place where you have planned for the attractive themes. You can apply this idea to kitchen, bedroom, & living room. It will look really nice than plane one.

  5. The unique design of art on the furniture will be the center of interest in our living space. This Wallpaper furniture design suits to the place where you have planned for the attractive themes.

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