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Contouring Your Face Is So Easy With Guize Face FX

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Contouring your face doesn’t have to be difficult to do and with GuizeFaceFX, it’s never been easier. You will be as amazed as I was when you see just how easy it is!

There’s a misconception that contouring your face takes too much time and aside from that, it is too confusing. The Guize Face FX Contour Collection has changed all that with a contouring kit that’s as easy as one, two, three-oh, and four if you want some dazzling highlights! 

contouring your face Guize FX

Contouring Your Face

As a former makeup artist, learning how to contour was one of the most challenging concepts when applying makeup. When contouring first became a “thing” in the makeup industry, there were so many products all screaming for attention and most of them difficult to get the knack of using properly. 

Now, contouring your face has never been easier! With the demand for cosmetic companies to create an easy to follow process and colors that actually blend in with our natural skin tone colors, someone has finally listened! 

The Guize Face FX Contour Collection has met that challenge! With four large pans to highlight, contour, bronzer, and shimmer. The buttery, pigmented colors blends like a dream. No gimmicks, no excess – just maxed out definition.

contouring your face Guize FX

You can choose from three different contouring color palettes. I chose Moonlight, and I have light to medium skin tone. It works perfectly, and the colors give my face exactly what it needs to contour with ease. 

Crafted using eco-friendly materials, the 3.3″ x 6″ sized palette fits smoothly into your purse wherever your schedule takes you. With a full-width mirror for maximum visibility, create an array of looks with 4 large and replaceable pans to contour, highlight, bronze and shimmer. 

The colors work like this: Moonlight – for lighter skin, Daylight – for medium skin, or Twilight for darker skin. 

contouring your face Guize FX

I’ve added this contouring kit to my top ten list of holy grail makeup products, and since it’s so easy to use, I never go without it. 

Below, you will see some before and after images of just how the Guize Face FX Contour Collection can transform your face into the most natural yet perfectly defined face. 

contouring your face Guize FX
contouring your face Guize FX
contouring your face Guize FX

The Guize Face FX Contour Collection creates four stunning effects to help you achieve ‘smart’ facial contouring. The Highlight and Contour adds perfect depth and dimension, while the Bronzer gives a sun-kissed look without ever stepping onto the beach. Finally, the Shimmer creates a flattering glow to complete your look.

Here’s a fun video from Guize Face FX with gals just like me and you talking about why they love makeup and how it makes them feel and how this contour palette has transformed their look giving them the confidence and beautiful look they’ve always wanted! 

contouring your face Guize FX

All you need to do is choose from one of three unique series to match your skin tone – this kit was created to help you achieve a sharper face and smarter value. Playing ‘hide and seek’ with your features has never been more fun!

It’s never been easier to get that contoured look you’ve always wanted!

  • First, map out your face by selecting Contour (2) from your Guize Contour Collection.
  • Trace your temples, the sides of your nose, jawline and any other areas you’d like to narrow down.
  • Then soften the contour lines as you blend, blend, blend with Bronzer (3) to create natural-looking shadows. 
  • Add a thin layer of Highlight (1) underneath your eyes, to the center of the forehead, on the chin and the tip of the nose.
  • Finally, dust a soft sheen of Shimmer (4) to complete your look.
contouring your face Guize FX

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube and Kim Kardashian didn’t invent contouring! They just made it popular and everyone went gaga over it. You don’t have to be an Instagram model to enjoy the benefits of contouring – and you can create subtle natural contouring and highlights without looking like a clown or Kim! 

contouring your face Guize FX

Now, you can enhance your look by contouring your face in a few easy steps –  the key is using it in subtle natural ways that where you can blend your way to a new beautiful! 

Blending is key when doing your makeup – get yourself a Beauty Blender too while you are at it or a wonderful Blending Makeup Brush – you will thank me later! 

contouring your face Guize FX

I also love how easy it is to replace each section as you hit pan – all you do is pop out the used up triangle and pop in the replacement! No waste, no fuss – it just doesn’t get any easier!

contouring your face Guize FX
contouring your face Guize FX

When it comes to makeup, we don’t need gimmicks – we don’t need excess. What we need is makeup that works with us and helps enhance our beauty and makes us feel and look like we are rockin it! 

If you never tried contouring your face before, this is the palette you need to get started! 

contouring your face Guize FX
contouring your face Guize FX

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