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Why Adding A Swann Home Security System Will Make You Safer

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Are you feeling a little uneasy in your home? It’s time to get a Swann Home Security System that will make you and your family safer!

The Swann home security system has changed the way we feel about home security now. Our home has never felt safer than it does today! And, that means both indoor and outdoor security too!

Swann Home Security System

How A Home Security Systems Works Hard to Keep You Safe

I’ve always believed in the safety and security a good home security system provides. A few years ago, we had a home security system installed around the perimeter of our home that gave us the peace of mind we needed.

This system was one of the best decisions we’ve made as homeowners and even though it’s excellent, I still felt we needed a good indoor video camera security system that would cover our home in the best way possible.

That’s where Swann Home Security Systems comes in – they gave us the extra coverage we needed and now our home feels perfectly safe. 

Swann Home Security System

If you don’t have any security in your home, nows the time to start thinking about it. If you already own a security system, it’s a great time to do a check to make sure you have all the coverage your home needs.

Don’t forget to protect all of your tech devices too! It’s just as important! 

Swann – Security Made Smarter, has every type of surveillance system your home might need. They are super easy to install, provide excellent video quality, and come with loads of features and functionality too. The cameras were so easy to install, even my husband was able to do it! (he has two left thumbs!) 

Swann Home Security System

I decided to get three security systems from Swann, and all three provide us with different types of coverage. 

The Three Swann Home Security Systems I Installed

1 – 1080p Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera – $69.99

This Swann 1080p Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera features Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, True Detect Heat & Motion Sensing and so much more! I’m using it as a Petcam! Now, it’s so easy to check on your beloved pet while you’re at work or out shopping. You can even interact with your pet with 2-way audio as well!  These cameras are also perfect for baby cams too! 

You can also shop for Swann products on Amazon too! This Swann 1080p Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera retails for $69.99 on Amazon as well. 

Swann Home Security System

This indoor security camera is loaded with every feature you would want in a security video camera. It’s super easy to install and I love using the 2-way audio to communicate throughout my home! 

Swann 1080p Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera

Hands Free

It also features “Speak to See” so you can enjoy hands-free security using voice commands to stream video from your camera via the Google Assistant & Chromecast, or via Alexa devices with a screen, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show or 4K Fire TV.

This Swann 1080p Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera also has True Detect™ Heat-Sensing – The camera records video and sends push notifications when it detects movement from warm objects, such as people.

The Two-Way Audio features a built-in speaker & microphone that lets you interact with people at home. You can talk with family, tradespeople and even pets, while audio recording enriches evidence.

Now, you can enjoy a direct wireless connection to your Wi-Fi router. No hub, no DVR, no hassles! See at night up to 26ft (8m) for round-the-clock peace of mind and protection.

You also get to choose from Local & Cloud Storage with set and forget with SmartRecord™. It allows you to save video clips to local memory (for 7 days) and secure cloud (for 2 days), with the ability to expand that to 30 days by subscribing to Swann’s ExtraSafe cloud recording plan.

2 – Swann 1080p Wire-Free Smart Security Camera – $119.99

I decided to use this Swann 1080p Wire-Free Smart Security Camera as an indoor camera to cover my entire living and dining room area.   It features include, Weatherproof, Night Vision, Audio Capture, True Detect Heat & Motion Sensing. The video and audio quality are amazing and the installation is super easy and fast too! 

This Swann 1080p Wire-Free Smart Security Camera is on sale on Amazon for $88.99 wow!

Swann Home Security System

It’s small enough to prop up on a table or countertop and hardly noticeable so it doesn’t interfere with your home decor!  

And it’s Wire-Free, Worry-Free and installs in minutes with no cables needed. I was shocked at how fast and seamless the installation process was! With True Detect™, heat from people & cars triggers push notifications & video recording. You can easily see in the dark too – Capture facial features, license plates & see up to 32ft or 10m.

Swann 1080p Wire-Free Smart Security Camera

3 – Swann 1080p Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera $119.99

https://amzn.to/2y3RyuvThis Swann 1080p Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera has to be one of my most favorite cameras. It was so easy to install and set up was a breeze. As with the other two cameras, the video and audio quality are superb and you can use this anywhere in or outside your home. 

You can also purchase this Swann 1080p Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera directly from Amazon as well for $99.99 on sale now!

I decided my garage area needed some extra coverage and now, I can see a live stream of any activity and hear the crispest audio too!

Be sure to watch my unboxing and detailed review of all three Swann Home Security Products below too! 

I’m so thrilled with my home security system now that both indoor and the outdoor of our home has the best coverage it can with Swann Home Security products. Let me know if you have any questions below! 

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Why Adding A Swann Home Security System Will Make You Safer - Sassy Townhouse Living

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