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How To Protect Your Devices From Cyber Crime With Hotspot Shield

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How To Protect Your Devices From Cyber Crime With Hotspot Shield

Protecting your devices from Cyber Crime is not a luxury but rather it’s a necessity in our online environment. Hotspot Shield VPN secures your devices from hackers, especially when connected to free, unsecured WiFi. 

 Cyber Crime Hotspot Shield

What is Hotspot Sheild

Hotspot Shield provides internet security, privacy, and access — all in one easy-to-use free app. They have over 600 million users in 200 countries protecting devices all over the globe! 

Hotspot Shield secures your devices from hackers, especially when connected to free, unsecured WiFi. It also protects your privacy by making your online activities anonymous; even your Internet Service Provider can’t see what sites your visiting, and tech giants can’t share or sell your private data.

And, finally, Hotspot Shield provides unrestricted access to the internet from anywhere in the world. With Hotspot Shield, restricted content (like streaming sites or social media) will never be blocked.

In a world where cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated at hacking, major tech giants are sharing and selling our private data, and governments and ISPs around the world are censoring and restricting what content you may and may not see, Hotspot Shield is here for us to provide unmatched internet security, privacy, and access.

I feel so much safer now knowing all my devices are fully protected especially from Cyber Crime and it provides me with the security my family needs! 

Hotspot Shield Mobile Device

With Hotspot Shield, you take your internet anywhere!  And, you get secure access to your favorite apps and sites on the go, when traveling, at a local cafe, airport, campus, and office. You can get the protection you need and know your internet protection is covered! 

Hotspot Shield is so easy to install on all of your devices too and it’s the best protection against Cyber Crime as well! 

Hotspot Shield Screenshot

You might not know it but Cyber Crime statistics are rising every year and you need to make sure all your devices are fully protected. Did you know that tech experts predict cybercrime will cost the world in excess of $6 trillion annually by 2021? Over the past five years, security breaches have increased by 67%, according to Accenture’s global survey. It’s truly scary stuff! 

That’s why you need Hotspot Shield by your side protecting your devices every step of the way! HotSpot Shield Premium includes unlimited bandwidth, access to 29 virtual server locations around the world, connection for up to 5 devices, military-grade encryption, a dedicated customer support line, and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

When you think about it, we spend a lot of money to protect our homes with alarm systems and security cameras, yet, when it comes to protecting our devices, we never think we need it. That’s why Hotspot Shield VPN is so very essential. And, it’s so easy to install and use. There’s nothing complicated about the installation process or using the easy to navigate apps. 

Hotspot Shield screenshot

I hope you give Hotspot Sheild a try and soon. You can even download it for free and use it free for as long as you like. They also provide pricing plans as well. It’s so important to make sure all of your devices are protected and with Hotspot Shield, you can rest easy knowing they have you covered!

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  1. We have been talking about getting this kind of coverage so thank you for the link to HotSpot Shield. Looks like we can try it for free at first too.

  2. Oh yes, Sue. It’s so important to have a good VPN for your devices as well as your home computers too. I feel so much secure now that all of my devices and PC’s are protected. Try the free version for sure!

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