You Need To Know About The Latest HVAC Technology For Your Home

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When it comes to your home, you’ll want to ensure you know the latest HVAC technology available and how it’s beneficial. But unfortunately, around 20% of household HVAC systems in the U.S. run inefficiently. And because of this, they cost homeowners an extra $882 yearly.

Moreover, 20% of homes with the greatest cooling needs account for as much as 45% of the country’s total cooling consumption. Fortunately, innovations in HVAC technology are helping to slash energy use while allowing homeowners to maintain comfortable homes and save money.

Latest HVAC Technology

Discovering The Latest HVAC Technology Can Save You Money

I had my HVAC system serviced during the winter to ensure it would run smoothly over the hot summer months. After checking the system, they told me everything was good and set for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, during our first hot summer day, the system failed miserably. Since the system is old, I began investigating the latest HVAC technology as I knew I would need a new one soon.

Of course, before you spend thousands of dollars investing in a new HVAC system, you’ll want to make sure you research all of your options. As emerging technologies improve, we can only expect exciting further improvements to the current commercial HVAC industry.

Moreover, these emerging trends include ductless HVAC systems, smarter tech, eco-friendly systems, and connectivity to the cloud. Below, you’ll discover some of the latest HVAC technologies for your home to consider.

Latest HVAC Technology

On-Demand Hot Water Recirculator

The average household wastes a whopping 12,000 gallons of water every year from waiting for tap or shower water to warm up. Fortunately, on-demand hot water recirculators can stop this needless waste. By attaching this smart system to your water heater, cool water circulates back into the heater. Therefore, eliminating water waste means you no longer have to wait for your water to heat up.

The system also features a timer, ensuring hot water circulates continuously through your hot water pipes in the mornings and evenings. Moreover, this on-demand hot water recirculator saves plenty of water (between 12,000 to 18,000 gallons a year. And can also help you dramatically reduce your water bills. 

In my home, this rings true. We have to let the water run for at least five minutes or more to achieve hot water. What a waste of money! When my system needs replacing, I will enjoy the benefits of this latest HVAC technology.

Smart Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are essential for removing water from your basement. In addition, they work to prevent flooding and costly damage to your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or other electrical appliances.

And a smart sump pump is even more efficient. It’s essentially a secondary pump that works as a backup to your regular pump. If the standard pump fails, the smart pump takes over for a short period. Early warnings, real-time alerts, and smart diagnostics go to your phone. Therefore, they work effectively, helping prevent floods and providing greater peace of mind. 

Most sump pumps last around ten years on average before they need replacing. However, if you live in a flood-prone area like Indianapolis, your sump pump may wear out faster since it works so hard.

In this case, professional Indianapolis sump pump installation can ensure to install your new sump pump correctly, which also helps extend its longevity. In arid climates like California, Arizona, and New Mexico, on the other hand, a sump pump may not be as crucial. However, it can still be a valuable way to collect excess moisture that can accumulate in your basement. 

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning – One Of The Latest HVAC Technology

Ice-powered air conditioning is a new cutting-edge technology that can reduce air conditioning bills by as much as 40%. For example, Ice Energy, a California-based company, has recently launched Ice Bear. This ice-powered air conditioning system works to freeze the water in a tank overnight. The resulting ice cools your home throughout the day as an alternative to running expensive air conditioning. 

The latest HVAC technology can help you maintain a comfortable home throughout the year. Some of the latest innovations are on-demand hot water recirculators, smart sump pumps, and ice-powered air conditioning. They can help homeowners save money while reducing energy use and water waste.

4 Things You Need To Know About HVAC Replacement

Owning a home means significant responsibilities. And when it’s time for an HVAC replacement, there’s essential information you need to know first. The average home has several different vital systems that work around the clock. 

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