What You Need To Know When Adding A Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar (With Beautiful Examples!)

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Like any other home renovation, if you want to add a kitchen island breakfast bar, there’s much to know beforehand. And if you’re not sure whether to add a breakfast bar to your kitchen island, you might have to think about that twice.

Furthermore, a kitchen island is a beautiful and viable expansion to practically any residential kitchen or dining space. It offers additional worktop space and the capacity of valuable open doors short on space. Additionally, you’ll discover the benefits of a kitchen island with and without a breakfast bar.

Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

The Many Benefits Of A Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

When building our home, we faced many decisions, especially for adding features and upgrades. But, when it came to the kitchen, we knew we wanted a kitchen island breakfast bar for a good reason. Ideally, breakfast bars give a social point of convergence where individuals can gather, eat and talk.

A kitchen island breakfast bar added valuable countertop space to the kitchen, and that’s a win-win! Furthermore, a smart kitchen island with a breakfast bar layout is fundamental when considering your home upgrades. However, there are several ways of adding a morning meal bar to your kitchen. So let’s investigate a portion of kitchen styling that would be perfect; here are some of them. 

Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

Breakfast Bar – Introduction And Benefits

Breakfast bars feature expanded countertops utilizing space, efficiency, and design in the most clever way. Adding one also allows for additional seating, which works perfectly for large families and hosting events.

Usually, the breakfast bars feature only three working sides. Generally, it makes the kitchen area ideal for enjoying meals at home. However, when considering adding a morning meal bar, it may be useful to know why it is helpful in any kitchen.  

Here are some uses:  

  • A morning meal bar gives additional counter space in the kitchen, generally with bar stools for seating.  
  • Individuals utilize this space for eating, take care of business or leisure activities, or mingling.  
  • Also, great for adding additional space to serve food or give extra seating during parties.  
  • The morning meal bar replaces a lounge area table in some kitchen formats. 

As you can see, adding a kitchen island breakfast bar has multiple benefits, even for smaller kitchens.

Debating On Adding Kitchen Island

A kitchen island has many features and can function as an independent counter. Typically positioned in the focal point of a kitchen, it creates a workplace and can add additional cabinetry. If you feel ambivalent about adding one, you might want to reconsider. A kitchen island with a breakfast bar can connect work surfaces and assist with further developing dinner planning times.

The islands allow an introduction to anything that increases usefulness in the kitchen. For example, some islands feature stoves and sinks while others don’t. So while you want to consider the pros and cons of having one, don’t lose yourself in overthinking. Kitchen islands are not an absolute necessity but can have many advantages in owning one.

Breakfast bar vs. Kitchen Island 

Before building a kitchen island with breakfast bar counters, knowing how they differ is essential. And in this section, you’ll discover how. Then, of course, you can choose a kitchen island with or without a breakfast bar. But if you have the room, adding the bar is always best.

For example, a breakfast bar offers an additional counter for enjoying meals. And offers many other benefits as outlined below:

  • Flexibility – The breakfast bar styles are more flexible and contain several design possibilities suitable for any space.
  • Spacious – The breakfast bars provide more space to store the kitchen items below the overhangs in the small kitchens. The large kitchen areas can add additional seating comfortable and especially beneficially for larger families.   
  • Work Area – In a small dining area, the kitchen bars increase the dining space by storing the items in cabinets below the countertops. While in a large kitchen, installing a kitchen island helps split the floor space and utilize the area to move around and work properly. 
  • Overhangs – The primary contradiction is that a kitchen bar will generally connect to another countertop or stretch out of a divider, successfully giving you just three usable sides. This plan is more proper for a kitchen that offers a more drawn-out, rectangular shape. A kitchen island with a breakfast bar can successfully separate your kitchen and feasting spaces while giving a bigger ledge space and bar seating. 

Furthermore, you can style your kitchen island breakfast bar any way you like. We provided some examples for your inspiration.

Lighting  Elements With Your Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

Moreover, you’ll find you can have unlimited lighting options in your kitchen space. Therefore, choosing what lighting best suits your home decor is a good idea. Although, you can always opt to try something completely different in your kitchen. Always choose bright lighting as you want to use the additional counter space for meal preps.

Countertop Materials And Colors

There are several materials for choosing countertops for a kitchen. However, you’ll want to do the research beforehand. Interestingly, high-quality materials, like engineered quartz, are among the most preferred materials for kitchen island counters in residential and commercial areas.

Below, you can see some of the many options available.

  • Laminate – sheets of plastic laminate bonded to a particleboard core
  • Marble
  • Stone Countertops.
  • Quartz
  • Resin Countertops
  • Wood (Butcher’s Block)
  • Concrete Countertops
  • Solid Surface Countertops

Always ask for samples of countertop materials before you decide. It’s always best to have them on hand for comparison.

In closing, don’t forget you can build a kitchen island breakfast bar if you have the tools and skills. More so, you’ll save a lot of money doing it yourself. Either way, adding one to your kitchen is a great idea and increases the value of your home.

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