5 Good Reasons to Hire Professional Removalists

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I’ve always wanted to visit the charming seaside city of Sydney Australia and it’s on our bucket travel list for sure! Whether you’re moving home in Sydney or anywhere else on the globe, it pays to hire professional removalists who can handle the tough work that needs to be done! 

Professional Removalists

Always Go With The Pros

Today, we are sharing the top 5 reasons why it makes sense to use professional removalists who can handle the tough work for you. 

Few realize the many hidden costs of relocating the do-it-yourself way. The fact is, most will spend anywhere from $1,500 Australian dollars ($1,200 US dollars) to over $8,000 Australian (or $5,500 US) dollars when moving between Australian states – and even more if you move internationally.

Thus, you may not save much, if any, by moving on your own. First, you have to rent a moving truck, buy boxes, and pay for gas and other travel expenses.

Throw in the costs of taking extra time off work and treating family and friends who help you to lunch, and most people will be surprised at how high the total price tag gets.

Professional Removalists

Aside from direct costs savings, here are 5 other key reasons why you should consider hiring the pros to handle your move:

1. All the Right Equipment

Professional removalists have the most efficient moving equipment immediately on hand, whereas, you probably do not.

Aside from a proper moving truck just the right size that won’t require multiple trips, you have to consider specialized dollies for hauling heavy furniture pieces, ideal moving towels and adjustable straps, the correct wrenches and tools for dismantling and reassembling furniture, and a wide array of sturdy boxes, tape, and bubble wrap.

Who wants to spend time and money buying, assembling, or renting all this equipment and materials? It’s much easier to use the pros. It’s especially important if you are moving a large fish tank or aquarium

Professional Removalists

2. Moving Insurance

Most reputable removalist companies will offer you cheap moving insurance to protect your valuables in transit. Basic coverage may even be included automatically, with upgrades possible.

In addition, if you are packing and taking fragile or expensive items, moving insurance will give you that extra peace of mind. Owning a home can be very stressful at times so why not make it easier?

Professional Removalists

3. Less Chance of Accidents

It’s far safer to rely on a moving company to relocate your household possessions than to do it yourself. First of all, you don’t have to move heavy objects that might give you a backache, fall on your foot, or cause you to lose your balance and fall down the stairs.

Second, the odds of damaging your own property while moving it, nicking the corners as you move objects out of your old home or into your new one, or getting into an auto accident as you drive over unfamiliar territory are virtually eliminated when you “outsource” the moving task.

Professional Removalists

4. Fast & Efficient

When you have to do all the packing, cleaning of the old home, loading and unloading of the truck, and every other detail involved in making a move, the process can drag on for days or weeks. That’s especially true when you can’t get a few days off work to focus on the job.

If you rely on family to help you move, it can be difficult to get the group organized and all showing up on time and staying till the task is complete. Schedule with professional movers, and everything becomes fast and reliable.

Professional Removalists

5. No More Stress

The experience of DIY versus professional moving is 100% different. When you try to maintain your regular lifestyle while juggling moving tasks simultaneously, you are going to stress yourself out.

Need time to relax? Don’t want to worry about safety issues or about your property getting damaged? Professional removalists services take the stress out of moving!

Recently, a good friend of mine decided to handle moving an entire home himself. He was convinced with the help of a few of his buddies, he would have it under control. Not only did this cause him a huge amount of stress, they ended up damaging several pieces of furniture and broke a of his wife’s valuables too.

The bottom line, always rely on the pros to get the job done and always take out moving insurance as well. It’s worth spending a few extra dollars to ensure your valuables get the protection they deserve.

I’m sure I could add more reasons why hiring the professionals makes sense when relocating – especially for long distance moves, but these 5 reasons provide more than enough motivation for you to hire a professional removalists today!

Professional Removalists

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