Ankle Boots – The Hottest Way to Kick Up Your Outfit

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I love wearing them and look forward to the new styles every season. For me, they are a wardrobe essential. They are versatile, look great, and are comfortable too, so I would not be without mine.

I’ve always loved wearing them even in warmer weather. They are so stylish and chic and really “kick up” an outfit easily. 

Ankle Boots - The Hottest Way to Kick Up Your Outfit - Sassy Townhouse Living

This year, the selection of ankle boots that is available is amazing. There really is something for every taste. 

Heel trends

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I am so in love with these BP. ‘TANDEM’ BOOTIE especially the stylish leather belts wrap onto the ankle makes this very trendy! The bootie is made of buttery-soft suede and lifted by a blocky stacked heel.

Ankle Boots - The Hottest Way to Kick Up Your Outfit

This year low heels seem to be the most popular. For the most part is a good thing because it means that you can wear your boots all day, and not end up crippled.

Cuban heels are very much in evidence, partly because of the cowboy boot trend. Again, this is good news from a comfort point of view, because this style of the heel provides plenty of support for your foot.

Here are a few of my favorite styles. 

These Steve Madden Tropa Combat Boots are great with any outfit and I love seeing them featured with any outfit from skinny jeans to shorts. 

Ankle Boots - The Hottest Way to Kick Up Your Outfit

However, you can still find stilettos if you want them. Especially on the models with the racier finishes.

For example, These Steve Madden Suede Peep-toe ankle boots are so sassy and sexy. They would look great paired with a party dress, or a pair of skinny jeans.

Ankle Boots - The Hottest Way to Kick Up Your Outfit

Color choice

This brings me nicely to another observation about the choice of designs that is available this year.

You can still find bright colors and finishes it that is what you want, but it is clear that the color palette for the autumn is going to be far more muted than it was during the summer. I wear Uggs and have several styles but one of my favorites ankle boots.

These Ugg Australia B Suede ankle boots are one of the cutest pairs I’ve seen yet! 

Ankle Boots - The Hottest Way to Kick Up Your Outfit

From what I have seen, dark greens and varying shades of brown are going to be what is mainly available this winter. So, if you want a colorful pair of ankle boots now is the time to nip out and buy them, because you might not get the chance later in the year.


There is also a nice choice of textures and finishes available. Suede looks like it is going to be particularly popular this year, and I have also seen some nice patent leather boots appearing online. Again Uggs make it into my top ten list for this fall! These Ugg ankle boots are stunning! 

Ankle Boots - The Hottest Way to Kick Up Your Outfit

It also looks like textured leather is going to be widely available for the autumn. These finishes are interesting and sophisticated,  I am sure I will be buying them. For the fall and winter months, I like a boot that’s going to keep me warm and toasty and still look stylish too. 


This year, it looks like most manufacturers are opting to use leather, which is good news if foot health is important for you. Studies show that leather allows your feet to breathe properly, so, unless you have a moral objection to wearing this natural material, it is a good footwear choice.

If you are looking for a lower heel there are so many awesome styles out this year too like these Jellypop Earthy ankle boots. The price point is right on too which I appreciate. 

Ankle Boots - The Hottest Way to Kick Up Your Outfit

Well, that is it – my five-minute guide to ankle boots. Hopefully, that gives you the information you need to go out and buy the right pair for you while giving you a heads-up on upcoming trends too. 

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