How To Style Long Sleeve Shirts For Chilly Days

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Autumn is here, and with it, our struggle to match our outfits with the unpredictable weather. We start to ask: How many layers do I need during these chilly days ahead? Should I wear my coat or my leather jacket? Do I pull my long sleeve shirts out and pair them with some jeans? What about accessorizing with a cute scarf?  You get the idea.

More so, there is also a beautiful side to the chilly weather. It gives us a chance to be creative, to layer, and play with different outfits. It’s time to pull out our long sleeve shirts and start thinking about the fun ways to style up!

chilly days long sleeve shirts

How To Perk Up Your Outfits In Style With Long Sleeve Shirts

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Long sleeve shirts are your go-to when it’s too cold for a tee and too warm for a jumper. Not to mention, they work great when layered under jackets. At times, we’re at a loss about how to style them with a sense of flair and style. And since they are wardrobe essentials, we need to make sure we have options.

For example, you can achieve a relaxed look by matching long sleeve shirts with jeans. You know how they say, “when in doubt, you can always denim it out.” Matching a long sleeve shirt with the classic jeans will never fail you when it comes to putting together a daytime (or nighttime) relaxed and easy-going look.

Below, you’ll discover some ideas on how to best style your long sleeve shirts for these chilly days ahead. After all, we want to stay warm and look like a fashionista too! So, read on and follow the inspiration with the following autumnal ensembles.

chilly days long sleeve shirts

1 – Long Sleeve Shirts Paired With Denim

We all love and wear our denim and wear it whenever we can. Whether at work or play, our denim jeans and skirts play a huge role in our wardrobes. But, you can perk up your jean outfit with a few clever tweaks.  

For example, you can achieve a relaxed look by matching long sleeve shirts with jeans. You know how they say, “when in doubt, you can always denim it out.” Matching a long sleeve shirt with the classic jeans will never fail you when it comes to putting together a daytime (or nighttime) relaxed and easy-going look.

And since it is, after all, autumn, grab a sweater, a cropped cardigan, or a button-down to assemble your stylish outfit. Pick out a great combination to proudly speak your truth. Perk up your long sleeve shirts with meaningful quotes, patterns, and textures as well.

For a day in the city or brunch with friends, opt for casual jeans matched with, for example, one of the many fantastic Christian long sleeve shirts, paired with your Converse sneakers or ankle boots. To elevate a night-out look, match a long sleeve with dark skinnies and a leather jacket, all rounded up with a pair of eye-catching jewelry. 

Image Source: corinthianscorner.com

2 – Experiment With Colors, Textures, And Patterns

When it comes to our wardrobes, classics and neutral colors are always safe. However, in the upcoming season, try to go the extra mile and choose long sleeve shirts with bold prints.

In addition, they look incredibly stylish when layered with jackets or coats. Also, for added visual interest, choose contrasting colors when matching them with the rest of your outfit.

Next time, try something different to spice up your jeans or shirt like an Abstract Animal Long Sleeve Shirt. This style works great when paired with a relaxed fit black slack, or a skirt and comfortable to wear for work or play. Plus, it’s nice and warm on those chilly days and nights.

chilly days long sleeve shirts
Image Source: Jjill Abstract Animal Long Sleeve Shirt

3 – Finding The Right Fit

When wearing a long sleeve shirt, it’s essential to ensure you have the right fit depending on your body type. Often, we tend to purchase our tops a size too small, and doing so can throw the entire look off.

However, as a general rule, you want the sleeves fitted but not too tight where it’s uncomfortable. Plus, you want to avoid a tight fit in the chest area. If it does, opt for a shirt that is a size bigger than you’d usually wear. You can always belt it at the waist and look chic.

Also, no matter how much you love how a shirt looks on you while standing, it is equally important to pay attention to how it fits while sitting. There is one exception to this rule. And those are the oversized long sleeve shirts and sweaters that hang over your shoulders.

For instance, a good example of how your long sleeve should fit is this Pure Jill Pima-Stretch Shirttail Tee. As you can see, the fit below features the perfect proportion to her shoulders, chest, arms, and length.

age Source: Pure Jill Pima-Stretch Shirttail Tee

4 – Layering With Your Favorite Outfits

Layering long sleeve shirts keeps you trendy and allows you to create different looks with the same long sleeve shirt. With that said, when planning your outfits, think of using belts, scarves, vests, jewelry, jackets, cardigans, and even dresses.

For example, scarves add some interest to the outfit, especially if you’re wearing a solid-colored shirt. Belts are an easy way to create visual appeal. Jackets or open front cardigans over long sleeve shirts are a great way to keep you warm in the colder months and achieve a stylish look. Jewelry can help you make any outfit look complete, including a long sleeve shirt.

Below, you can see how perfectly paired this chic Cashmere Rib-Trimmed Cardi looks with a long sleeve shirt. The neutral colors keep the autumn theme for those chilly days and nights too. At times, there’s nothing like the feel of pure cashmere, especially during the winter. Paired with her simple yet stunning jewelry, looks like a match made in heaven!

Image Source: Jjill Cashmere Rib-Trimmed Cardi

5 – Prioritize Comfort By Wearing A Long Sleeve Shirt With Leggings

On cold days you can also keep your legs warm (and comfy) with leggings. We love them, aside from the fact that they are wildly popular wear! Leggings, when fit properly, make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Moreover, since they feature a stretchy, soft material that wraps tightly around your legs, we tend to live in them. Plus, they are very lightweight and extremely flexible, allowing you to move freely without feeling constricted. After all, when they look great, what’s not to love about them?

For a laid-back and adorable look, throw a long, flowy long sleeve shirt in the morning, pairing it with black leggings. Keep it untucked. Layer this outfit with an oversized open front cardigan. This wardrobe item is just perfect for chilly days and nights. Accessorize it with a long pendant to achieve a boho look or a statement necklace for a more feminine feel.

Below, you can see how perfectly paired these Premium-Flex High-Rise Denim Leggings look with a warm cozy tunic top. The beauty of the long-sleeve-shirt-and denim legging combo is that it works with just about any type of footwear. So, if you dress for more casual occasions, opt for sneakers or if you want to achieve a more chic look – choose boots.

Image Source: Jjill Premium-Flex High-Rise Denim Leggings

6 – Add Flair To Your Style By Tucking A Long Sleeve Shirt Into A Skirt 

Another great way to style long sleeve shirts is by coordinating them with skirts. If you prefer classics, match a white shirt with a black mini skirt and gently patterned blazer.

Furthermore, this pairing is an excellent choice for when it’s time to clock off. Infuse a seasoned feel into this outfit by wearing a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. Or opt for a pair of brown suede over the knee boots and a black wool hat.

If you want to achieve a more unusual and unique look, wear a vibrant color long sleeve shirt paired with a black or grey skirt. And if you like to complete a street look, graphic or patterned shirts pair well with denim skirts.

If you love maxi- skirts, pair a solid color top with floral maxi like this Printed A-Line Knit Maxi Skirt. This soft and easy knit skirt has an allover exotic print that makes it perfect for your chic winter look. This look also transitions right into spring as well. You can complete this perfect-for-work combination with a pair of ankle boots.

Image Source: Jjill Printed A-Line Knit Maxi Skirt

Summing Things UP

To help you achieve your perfect look for the season, follow through with our essential bits of advice and ideas in styling your next outfit. With the right layering and fall accessories, any long sleeve shirt of your choice can become your autumn wardrobe staple.

With a few stylish additions to your autumn wardrobe, you can feel ready to go all winter long. After all, you work hard and deserve to tickle your fashion itch with some stylish new pieces.

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