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Are You Considering a Breast Lift Here are Facts You Need to Know!

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If you are considering a surgical breast lift it’s so important to know the facts before you dive in headfirst. Since it was first introduced years ago, breast augmentation has topped the list as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around the country. 

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A mastopexy, or more commonly called a breast lift, can create a more youthful silhouette by raising the breasts into a higher position on the chest wall. The proportion of the breasts can be slightly modified too in order to create a natural bustline.

As women age, gravity tends to make the breasts sag. Other factors like having children, breastfeeding, significant weight gain, and other situations can also cause a woman’s breasts to change in shape and appearance.

The breasts can begin to lose tone and begin to drift downwards. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also cause the nipples to enlarge, darken and look different.

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What are the Benefits of Undergoing a Breast Lift?

Women that undergo a breast lift can look and feel more youthful. Younger breasts naturally sit higher on the chest and have a perky shape.

Ladies that have larger breasts often notice that their heavy breasts sag a bit over time. Some also notice a loss of volume in the breast that changes the overall appearance and makes the skin hang loose in some spots.

A breast lift can bring the breasts up higher into a more natural and youthful position. Some manipulation of the breast tissue can also improve the shape and volume of the breasts in some women.

Women often feel more confident about their appearance and how they look in certain types of clothing following a breast lift procedure.

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Will My Body Look Unbalanced if I Get a Breast Lift Surgery?

Every person is unique, and the best way to predict how a breast lift will look is to be evaluated by an experienced plastic surgeon. In general, a breast lift will improve body appearance.

In some cases, women that have larger waists and/or bottoms, or if they have recently lost significant weight in those areas might also benefit from a tummy tuck and/or a butt lift.

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How Can a Butt Lift Balance Out My Body Following a Breast Lift?

A butt lift procedure can lift up the tissue on what individuals call their butts into a somewhat raised position. Done correctly, this procedure can add youthful curves to a woman’s posterior.

This can also include butt implants, and many choose a so-called “Brazilian Butt Lift” that takes fat that is taken from other parts of the body and transferred into the buttocks area. This typically involves liposuction to remove the fat tissue and injections into the buttocks site.

A surgeon seeks to contour the area into an attractive shape and appearance. Silicon implants can be inserted in individuals that don’t have enough fat content to transfer.

Both women and men can get this procedure, and most people feel that this surgery can balance an individual’s new shape nicely.

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Who Are the Best Candidates for a Breast Lift and/or a Butt Lift?

Individuals that desire to improve their breasts and buttocks often choose to undergo lift procedures in these body areas.

This surgery is not a solution for weight gain, and individuals should try to get their bodies into near their ideal weight/shape for the best results.

Living healthier lifestyles can ensure that cosmetic treatments and surgeries last. It is also very important for individuals considering these surgeries to have a realistic expectation of what the procedures can accomplish.

Smokers and those that drink alcohol excessively are encouraged to quit for better healing and safer recoveries.

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Can I Have Implants Placed When I Get My Breast Lift?

Yes, many women get implants placed at the same time that they undergo a breast lift. This is generally recommended for women that have lost significant volume to their breasts or have smaller breasts with droopy breasts. Newer silicone implants are safer than older versions.

There are also saline-filled models that some patients might be good candidates for. A talented plastic surgeon can give women curvier breasts that sit in a more youthful position yet still look incredibly natural in appearance.

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What Should I Expect During the Recovery Period of These Procedures?

Prospective patients should realize that there will be incisions and incision scars following any of these surgeries. Your surgeon will hide these incisions in lesser-seen areas so that they are not readily apparent.

Expect a healing time of several weeks depending on the surgery performed.

Any discomfort, swelling and bruising can be treated with postoperative treatments like cold packs and mild pain relievers.

Loose and breathable clothing that does not constrict around the surgical sites should also be worn. Special mesh bras will be worn during the recovery.

Dressings, drains, and sutures vary per procedure, and your surgeon will discuss all of this during your consultation appointment.

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Are Breast Lifts and Butt Lifts a Permanent Solution?

In general, breast lift with or without implants and butt lift results can last indefinitely in some patients. If the patient follows doctor instructions, remains healthy and follows the postoperative recommendations they are more likely to have results that remain longer.

Continued aging effects like hereditary factors and gravity can cause some decrease in results with sagging again over time. Your surgeon can give you a more detailed analysis of this as it varies for each unique case.

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Why Is It Important to Find the Right Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a sub-specialty that surgeons must train to have the necessary training, surgical skills, and experience to perform these procedures that require more delicate surgical techniques. There is artistry skill involved that give some plastic surgeons an edge over others.

Select a board-certified plastic surgeon with current hospital privileges and enough experience in the type of cosmetic surgery that is desired. Top-rated surgeons will have impressive patient reviews.

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To find out if a breast lift and/or butt lift surgery is right for you, contact Dr. Donald Roland, MD, a premier plastic surgeon in New York City, NY.

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