How To Discover Your Perfect Perfume Personality Match

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When we purchase fragrance, it’s always a good idea to discover which scent perfectly matches our perfume personality. When we wear fragrance, we want it to be a reflection of our core personality traits. Before you purchase, make sure you check out some of the do’s and don’ts first.

Perfume Personality

Discover Your Perfume Personality

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There are many types of perfumes, colognes, and fragrances sold these days globally. Obviously, not all of them are the perfect perfume personality match for you. You can only capture a fragrance’s true essence when it matches your personality traits. Upon doing so, you can feel connected with your perfume personality and appreciate every note in the scent.

However, there’s no denying the fact that discovering yours can be time-consuming as well. That’s why this guide includes insightful tips to help you find the lifelong fragrance you long to discover.

1 – Always Do The Research First

Typically, when discovering your perfume personality, you’ll want to follow your instincts. But that’s not always a good idea. It’s a good idea to dig in and do some research beforehand.

We all long to discover our signature scent and command the attention without uttering a word. Well, in finding your perfume personality scent, you can be that girl!

Before you purchase a fragrance, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my fragrance budget?
  2. Do I want a day or evening scent?
  3. What type of fragrance am I looking to purchase? Floral, Fresh, Woodsy, Fruity, Oriental, Chypre, Green, Fougere, Oceanic, etc.
  4. Perfume Types –  For example, Perfum, Eau De Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, or Eau Fraiche.

While we don’t want our fragrances overwhelming, we want them unforgettable. The same holds true when discovering your Aromatherapy scent as well.

How The Research Pays Off

As you can see, doing the research beforehand ensures you’ll find the perfect perfume personality match designed just for you! If you genuinely want to discover your signature scent, it’s worth the legwork! Remember, your signature scent will change over time too.

Hawthorne CEO and cofounder Brian Jeong said, “if you’re new to fragrances, then you should think of other kinds of distinctive smells you usually enjoy in your everyday life. More so,  especially those in the products you use for your body.

He goes on to say, “these can include the fresh green body wash or the coconut shampoo you use for the gym. It could even reflect the tobacco coming from the cigarette you’re smoking. Use all of these references as notes to form a starting point to finding your desired fragrance.”

Mr. Jeong also says, if you eventually find a note or scent, such as leather or pine, use either one as a starting point. Some online resources display fragrances featuring that specific note.

For instance, to look for primary and category notes, visit sites like Basenotes.com or Fragrantica.com and then look for new scents in categories similar to those. Resources such as this can be valuable when finding the notes we love and looking for scents that feature them.

Personally, I discovered my signature scents by doing precisely this. I made sure to do the research as well as the other tips in this article. I found two scents I now call my own that perfectly match my perfume personality—the first, J’adore Eau de Parfum by Dior, and the second, Chloé Eau de Parfum. Now, every day when I spritz on fragrance, I know they both are the perfect perfume personality scent for me.

 Perfume Personality

2.   Learn About Perfume Notes

You also need to know the difference between notes in perfumes, including top, middle, and bottom. The top note is the most powerful scent you will come across after spraying a particular perfume for the first time. The scent goes away within 15 minutes before introducing the middle note.

The middle note is the heart note, which reflects the perfume’s middle or body. This note holds fast to your skin for a couple of hours and after that fades away. Then enters the bottom note, which is rich and heavy to the point that it lasts before the day ends.

Some users are in love with the top notes but not exactly the middle or bottom notes, whereas others prefer the middle or bottom notes but not the top notes. Still, in the end, it’s all about how the notes all work together that makes them stand out.

Perfume Personality

3.   Know Scent Seasonality And Families For Your Perfume Personality

Additionally, it’s a good idea to learn about the type of scent seasonality and families. For example, if you want a fragrance for the fall or winter, reach for a heavier scent. Typically, a woody or oriental scent works best.

We recommend Maison Louis Marie No.09 Vallée de Farney Eau de Parfum. This Parfum features an Earthy & Woody scent and has 5-star reviews on Sephora! Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb features Warm & Spicy notes and perfect for the fall and winter.

More so, we suggest scents that are floral, herbal, citrus, and green for the warmer season. Atelier Des Fleurs Lavanda Eau de Parfum by CHLOÉ is the perfect summer scent. This fragrance features every facet of Provencal lavender, from aromatic freshness to sun-drenched fullness.

Better yet, you can discover that one signature scent perfect for all year long. It’s entirely up to you! Of course, if you are like me, you’ll want an entire library of fragrance you can enjoy as well. Either way, once you hone in on the perfect perfume personality for yourself, you’ll enjoy every one.

4.   Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Others For Assistance

Moreover, it’s essential to ask others for assistance when you purchase your fragrance. Plus, don’t hesitate to ask when you discover a scent someone else is wearing. Most times, folks will tell you what scent they prefer happily! It’s okay to ask the person right next to you about what perfume they’re wearing if the scent intrigues you.

Who knows? You might appreciate the result this provides you with without having to step inside a store. Whether it’s your siblings, parents, family members, or friends, you’ll be able to narrow down your options through interaction and communication with other people. Even if there is a scent you don’t like, let your friends and family members know about it as it might further aid you in your search.

Perfume Personality

5.   Always Ask For Sample Fragrances

Did you know that most department stores and perfume vendors will gladly send you samples? You can even visit online fragrance shops and email them to send you samples! More so, this is one of the best ways to discover your perfume personality!

In addition, once you receive the samples, spritz your wrist once, and let it air dry. Typically, it’s a good idea to sample the scent on your wrist after about 5-10 minutes. You can also test it on the inside of your elbow as well. These specific areas of your body are known as pulse points, where the skin is naturally warm. This way, any fragrance you apply heats up and then shows their effects after some time.

Perfumarie CEO and founder Mindy Yang said that it’s important for a scent to make contact with your skin to reveal how that fragrance will interact with your body chemistry after some time.

Also, no scent will ever smell the same to two individuals as each person’s body chemistry is different. And every perfume reacts differently to their olfactory senses and hormonal levels. A perfume’s behavior is also different depending on the time of day, how it smells on a person, how powerful it may be, and how long it will last.

6.   Leave The Store After Sampling For A True Perfume Personality Test

Parisian perfumer Mathilde Laurent recommends leaving the perfume store after applying a sample on our wrist or elbow. The reason for this is quite apparent as the other smells in that shop could be overwhelming to our sense of smell.

It’s common sense that we cannot determine or test the actual notes of a fragrance when interacting with the rest in the store. That’s why Laurent recommends that we should leave the store to apply the perfume on our wrist to give us a better idea.

But instead of spraying so many perfumes on your skin, Laurent recommends that we spray on a tester stick instead. At that point, you can leave the store or else go outside if you’re inside a mall. Smelling the fragrance surrounded by nothing but fresh air will allow us the chance to “reset,” but more importantly, give us a better idea about how it will wear daily.

In closing, it’s safe to say if you follow this guide’s advice, you will discover your perfume personality in no time! Remember, your perfume personality will evolve, and with it, your fragrance style. While you never want to discard perfume even if you feel you’ve outgrown it, you can always gift it to a close friend.

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