Sanitize And Clean With Raycop Go Portable UVC Vacuum

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Now, more than ever, it’s essential to sanitize and clean your home. Luckily, you can do it easily with the Raycop Go Portable UVC Vacuum. During these challenging times, we want to make sure our homes are clean and sanitized. Plus, you can safely clean your phone, car and plane seat, hotel room, luggage, and more.

Discover how easy it is to sanitize and clean while you are traveling or at home. With the Raycop Go Portable UVC vacuum, it’s not only easy but affordable.

Raycop Go
Raycop GO Portable UVC Vacuum

How The Raycop Go Can Sanitize And Clean Wherever You Go!

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The Raycop GO has the power to make any surface safe. Use it on your phone, airplane seat, car seats, luggage, and everything else you’d like to sanitize. The Raycop GO Portable UVC Vacuum is the first portable vacuum you can dismantle and stow away in your suitcase or under a seat.

In fact, did you know other vacuums can expel particles like dust back into the air through open gaps? Well, with the Raycop Go, you don’t ever need to worry about that! Raycop uses a higher standard called Allergen Lock. Actually, this helps to keep allergen in and not out of the air. It prevents the recirculating of these allergens throughout your home.

Be sure and watch the unboxing video of the Raycop Go below!

Take The Raycop Go With You Anywhere!

It’s so easy cleaning with the Raycop Go. I can quickly sanitize and clean my stairs, my dog’s bed, mattresses, laptops, mobile phones, and so much more. Plus, think about how safe and secure you will feel traveling with it too. You can stow it away in your luggage or under an airplane seat.

Moreover, you can use it for on-the-GO peace of mind. Use UV light with or without a vacuum function so you can safely clean your phone, car and plane seat, hotel room, luggage, and more.

Of course, I trust and believe in Raycop products and enjoy how I can sanitize and clean my home effectively. The Raycop GO doesn’t compromise on power, cleaning even the smallest particulates as well as our full-sized cordless models.

Fast, Easy, And Portable!

The GO is the only vacuum you can quickly assemble and disassemble in under a minute. And the storage case makes it so easy to stow away anywhere. It features Three Operation Modes, and you can choose between UV only and two different suction modes.

For example, the handle’s design ensures the best grip and use and does not put pressure on the wrist. It features a removable and replaceable battery for long-lasting use. I also love how you can use it as a stick vacuum in seconds!

Plus, it features a washable, eco-friendly filter to prevent foul odors and dust from building up inside your vacuum. Also, it features “instant empty,” so, with one click, you can clean the dust box and go!

Just In Time For The Holidays

Likewise, it’s a great time to enjoy the Raycop GO Portable UVC Vacuum with the holidays upon us. The GO makes the perfect holiday gift! You can’t go wrong gifting the Raycop Go! Think about how safe and secure they will feel knowing their homes are sanitized and clean too.

Of course, we all want our home, items, and everything we touch properly sanitized and clean during these challenging times. With the GO, it’s never been easier.

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Sanitize And Clean With Raycop Go Portable UVC Vacuum - Sassy Townhouse Living

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