6 Household Pests And Where They Reside You Need To Know

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Are you sick of looking around the house and seeing all kinds of household pests? Have all your efforts of trying to find where their nests are, been in vain? More so, it’s not a pleasant topic but one we all need to know!

However, as we know, household pests are extremely annoying and frustrating to deal with. And if you don’t take preventative measures to stop infestation right away, you can be in big trouble.

Household Pests

You Don’t Have To Live With Household Pest Infestation

Unfortunately, we all must deal with nasty and annoying household pests in our homes from time to time.

More importantly, once you can identify and uncover where they reside, you are halfway home in the battle! Next, your plan of action is clear. Seek out and destroy!

Did you stop to wonder why they are in your home? Most likely, it’s because they are able to get what they need.

However, after these insects eat, they leave behind their droppings and are also full of germs themselves. This debris contaminates your house and produces harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness.

With that taken into consideration, it is absolutely vital that you locate these pests, and destroy them once and for all.

Below, we will look at 6 of the most annoying household pests and where they might reside.

Household Pests Exterminator

1 – Bed Bugs

As their name implies, these household pests nest mostly around the bedding, however, it doesn’t just end there.

In addition, bed bugs are extremely resilient and like to find dark and cozy spots. According to the home pest control experts at Pest Seek, while bed bugs like bedding and mattresses, it might not be the only spot they build a nest.

Take a look under your couches to see if they have built their nests there. The cushions and the darkness draw them right in. Most people as well only check the top of their bed, but make sure to look underneath it, and on the bottom of the mattress to see if you can find any traces of these bugs.

Moreover, they do more than just ruin furniture though. Bed bugs can also make nests in and around outlets, dressers, and even behind framed photos. These bugs will go anywhere they can. Take a look at any dark areas in your house to see if bed bugs exist there.

Bed bugs bites are nasty. This is one infestation you’ll want to stop and prevent right away. As far as household pests go, they are by far one of the nastiest.

Household Pests

2 – Mosquitoes

As we know, mosquitoes are quickly and easily becoming the most annoying pest around. No one can enjoy their hot summer day when they are around. Between the bites, stinging, itching, and their presence overall, they need to go!

So, where can mosquitoes most likely be found? Look for any areas in your house where there might be standing water. This can include the bathrooms and the kitchen.

In addition, mosquitoes love still water due to the bacteria that can form, and therefore will migrate to it. If mosquitoes are appearing in your house around no source of water, it might be a sign of water damage in your walls as these mosquitoes have taken up shop by it.

Take a look at your water sources if you are having a house mosquito problem. Although they favor dusk you can see them at all times of the day; especially if you walk through a shaded spot.

But, they are not just annoying. They are capable of carrying a variety of diseases; some of which can actually kill you.  These household pests can present a problem all year round as well especially for those in warmer climates.

Household Pests
Mosquitoes – Household Pests

3 – Ants – Relentless Household Pests

Unfortunately, are you noticing a constant trail of ants within your house? The one frustrating thing about ants is that they work as a hive and communicate well with one another.

If one end stumbles into your home and finds the mother lode, you can be sure that if they make it back to their hive, they will tell everyone, and soon an army of ants will be knocking on your front door.

More importantly, so where’s the best place to find these household pests? Most of the time, ants can reside near their point of entry into the house. If ants are piling up near a wall or door, you can be sure that they are getting in from there.

Another method is to follow the trail of ants formed from the food to where they come in. Ants work like assembly workers and file in one after another and create an easy to follow pathway for others.

By and large, always check your doors and walls if you see an infestation and jump on the attack right away. Remember, these critters are extremely smart and communicative.

4 – Cockroaches

One of the biggest nightmares in any household is a cockroach. One of the most resilient insects, these things are almost impossible to get rid of.

So, where can you find them and where do they nest? Cockroaches love to be where their food source is, so they most likely will hide in dark corners.

However, cockroaches will hide into the hardest to reach places, such as under the fridge or deep within cupboards.

If you spot a cockroach, act immediately, as they will quickly multiply and get out of control. Take a look around your kitchen if you find a cockroach. They also love hiding in floor drains, inside of motors and major appliances too.

Not only are these household pests disgusting but full of harmful pathogens that can and do transmit disease. While you will want to seek out their nesting grounds in your home, be sure and contact the pros to deal with it from there.

All in all, you’ll want to check in other areas of your home as well as electronics, cabinets, pipes, and furniture too. Remember, the only good cockroach is a dead one!

 Household Pests

5 – Spiders – Some Of The Creepiest Household Pests!

While spiders can help with killing other pests, but they are also one of the most feared creatures around the world. Typically, there are about 10 household spiders we need to be on the lookout for.

Spiders love the darkness, corners, and humid areas. Corners allow for easy construction of webbing as they do not have to travel too far to connect the webs together. Spiders also enjoy resting in humid and damp conditions within the house.

If you notice your house see an increase in the number of spiders, put up some dehumidifiers around the house and identify which room is dark and humid. A good way to tell that you’ve found the right room is that it will be full of webs.

Household Pests

6 – Termites

Straightaway, termites can cause significant damage to wooden structures to the point of ruining them. Because our homes feature plenty of wood materials in them, termites can be absolutely anywhere around the house as the whole home is a food source!

Moreover, like most insects, they will go where they can find the most of what they need. In some documented cases, a detailed home inspection missed identifying them at first go around.

Rooms in your house with a high quantity of wood are perfect breeding grounds for termites, and soon, nests will start appearing in tables, chairs, and possibly even the walls depending on the severity of the infestation.

Removing wooden objects from rooms is a great way to prevent termite infestations or stop them once they have broken out already. Look into rooms with high amounts of wood if termites are all over your household.

In Conclusion

Sadly, household pests can make living conditions impossible to endure and certainly create risky health conditions too.

Each pest has a preferred habitat in your house and if you are getting certain insects, you should check out the most likely spots for them to be.

More so, once you’ve found them, you can then take whatever measures necessary to get them out of your house for good. Don’t let your house experience an infestation takeover!

6 Household Pests And Where They Reside You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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