What Does It Mean To Have An Epiphany?

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What does it mean to have an epiphany?  An epiphany is, in general terms, a revelation. Furthermore, I like to describe them as an emotional event that seems overwhelming with a sense of positivity that inspires you to act out in such a way as to either resolve an issue or motivate the creation of an idea. It’s so much more than that, really.  

What does it mean to have an Epiphany

You Can’t Force Them

Suddenly, it dawned on me how much I missed having an epiphany. I was sitting here, mindless and open to creating something interesting, when I realized I was on the verge of having an epiphany, but it didn’t happen.

I couldn’t push it, force it, or make it happen. It was there for a nanosecond; they were gone, poof! The moment before almost felt euphoric. 

OK, let’s be sure you all know what I’m talking about. Since an epiphany is an experience of sudden and striking realization when you have one, it is hugely exciting!

Generally, the term is used to describe a scientific discovery, religious or philosophical discoveries, but it can apply to any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.

An epiphany can be tied to a religious experience as well. You can suddenly feel connected to your creator in a way that you never felt before. Either way, they are a welcomed discovery. When I have experienced them in the past, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing both “types” per se.

That’s the feeling I’m talking about is right there in the last sentence. A realization that allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.

Creative Epiphanies

You can also experience a creative epiphany, where suddenly, everything cohesively comes together in one glorious moment. That was the feeling or emotion I had longed to experience. Yes, I have had them before, and they were awesome!

It felt like at that moment, in the middle of my human existence, alive with inspiration, with vigor, with the knowledge that I had awakened something inside of me, something that was sleeping tightly, and I had nudged it awake.

The problem is you can’t prompt them, and at times, you don’t even act on them. Some epiphanies come at odd times – others when you are fast asleep or even just before bed.

I know when I have experienced them in the past, some were fleeting; they came and went with vigor and left me feeling very worthy of being alive. Now, not to get all heavy and philosophical on you, but much can be said about epiphanies.

I don’t believe they have to feel earth-shattering to have meaning and value. I’ve had mini-epiphanies – if you will allow me the term, which turned out to be very inspirational and valuable, especially in the midst of a creative moment.

OK, so why bring up the topic of epiphanies at all? I believe there is value in knowing they exist. Knowing that you can nudge them awake with a simple acknowledgment. Yes, you can’t force them, but I believe you can nudge them to the forefront of your consciousness.

Do you get it now? That feeling? I hope so. In my experience, they are truly a wonderful and exceptional gift.  If you have ever experienced an epiphany, please share the details in the comments below. I would really enjoy hearing about them!

Wishing you happy epiphanies!

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  1. Carolann, I love those moments! And I definitely refer to them as epiphanies. Thanks for clarifying, I think many people think epiphany is exclusively a spiritual or religious experience.
    Many of mine come to me in dreams, or wake me in the middle of the night, and I have learned if I don’t write them down IMMEDIATELY i lose them.

  2. Hi Nancy! Yes, you totally get what I’m talking about! It’s a great idea to write them down. I need to start doing that! I’m always surprised how not many folks talk about these moments. It’s what we live for! Thanks so much for commenting and stopping over.
    Carolann XO

  3. I know this might sound Debbie Bowner-ish but my epiphany came after my husband cheated. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out. I kept replaying the scenario over and over in my head. I just kept reliving it. As I was thinking about it one day, years after it happened, it finally hit me. It was the first time in 5 years I had ever felt any peace about the situation and from that moment on, I was able to start the healing process.
    Like I said, that sounds so morbid and down-er but that was my “Aha!” moment.
    You’re right. The feeling is downright euphoric!
    *Found you on Northeast Bloggers group and followed on FB :)

  4. Carolann, I was going to say the same thing as Nancy! Mine seem to come as I am drifting off to sleep! Great post! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Hi Tina! Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by. Not Debbie Downer at all!!!! I think that’s an awesome moment of realization and what they are all about. You nailed it! I think there are a lot of folks who don’t realize how precious those moments are and how life changing. It means a lot you shared this! Thanks again and see you soon sister! :)
    PS – of course I will sub and follow you as well!
    Carolann XO

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  7. I usually get epiphanies on my runs. I guess my mind is relaxed enough and focused on something else that those aha moments can more easily come through. Great article…Visiting from SITS…

  8. Hi Nicole, thanks so much for stopping over and commenting! Wow – I can see why. Running produces endorphins which would be an amazing and natural way to have one with a little help chemically! My son runs like mad too, I will have to ask him if he gets them as well while running. Hope to see you again and thanks sooooo much!
    Carolann XO

  9. This post is so well written; you truly have a gift! I get these epiphanies from time to time. I call them “Aha Moments!”…because…well…I usually go “Aha!” They usually come when I’m able to step out of myself and view a situation or issue from another person’s point of view. Suddenly I’m able to appreciate that person in a new way. I have a greater understanding and I’m less judgmental. I love these moments because they allow me to broaden my reality and my attitude towards others. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Hi Brittany – wow…firstly, thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I can’t tell you how it warmed my heart to read it. Secondly, yes! They are exactly that – Aha moments. I think we are blessed to have them. Your description of stepping out of yourself and viewing the situation from that POV is so right on! I find so much value in reading other’s aha moments….I wish folks would have shared some of them in the comments. Maybe, a good idea for my next post is to directly ask if folks would be kind enough to share them. I thank you again for your insights. I’m enjoying your blog so much! Hope to hear from you soon!
    Carolann XO

  11. I wish I could push one, have one, I need that. Sometimes I’ve had them in the shower, while mowing the lawn, but they usually happen when trying to fall asleep.

  12. the sad part is, at least for me, they come so far and few between. It’s really awe-inspiring when you do get one. And yes, they usually happen when we are involved in doing mundane things as you describe. I love them…and miss having them. It’s been a while :( Here’s to wishing you many to come Sue.

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