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Carthage.Co Has An Artisan Stoneware Collection You Need To See

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Carthage.Co Has An Artisan Stoneware Collection You Need To See

If you love unique artisan stoneware you need to see their new dinnerware collections. These pieces From Carthage.Co are bold and inspiring with beautifully vibrant glazes characteristic of North Africa. I started my collection with two brilliant pieces, and I can’t wait to get more!

Carthage.co Artisan Stoneware Collection

I’ve always love artisan stoneware and whenever I see unique pieces, I love adding them to my collection. I enjoy collecting everything from individual pieces to entire sets.

Setting my table with an eclectic array of beautiful dinnerware is always a great way to make your table setting look carefully designed and very unique. I never believed every plate or dish or bowl has to match my dinnerware set. 

When I discovered this artisan stoneware collection from Carthage.Co, it was love at first sight.

Carthage.co Artisan Stoneware Collection

Carthage.Co’s story starts with its name. Built alongside the sea, the city of Carthage once served as a hub of Mediterranean trade. Carthage.Co brings stoneware to America that is sourced, created, and imported from North Africa. They bring us the beauty of luxury stoneware products without the large price tag.

Carthage.co Artisan Stoneware Collection

Carthage.Co works with local manufacturers that employ and empower their communities with dignity and equity. They now have over 100 locals working on their products. They also believe in sustainable entrepreneurial growth that partner with instead of competes against.

The process is started when a mixture of clay, sand, potash, and water is mixed for six hours. Then the liquid is filtered to remove impurities. Pitchers, goblets and rectangular dishes are formed using a wet clay poured into a mold. Plates and serving dishes are formed on presses and wheels and then dried in large electric driers. 

Carthage.co Artisan Stoneware Collection

Each piece of stoneware they create passes through many hands on its way to being fired in large electric kilns. A high level of care and attention to detail each person gives to his or her task is evident throughout the process.

The beautiful artisan stoneware you see is a beautiful creation produced with care by the over 100 people who work there. Some of their employees have more than twenty years of experience! The final step in the process is hand glazing. Their Zaghwan Collection (the two bowls I’m featuring is from this collection) is glazed in a seven-step process! Once glazed the stoneware is added to the kiln.

The kilns fire the stoneware at temperatures up to 1300 °C for approximately 12 hours. After cooling, each piece is carefully inspected for blemishes and then packaged for the month-long journey across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Carthage.co Artisan Stoneware Collection

I love this Carthage.Co Serving Bowl – it retails on their website for $49 and the sizing details are as follows: Diameter 10.6″ | Height 3.9″ | Weight 2.9 lbs

Its deep bowl is made with an outer matte finish and adorned with a vibrant glaze interior. It’s perfect for formal and casual meals alike and will be your tables conversation piece too.

The uniqueness of this serving bowl means all glazes are not identical and variation is expected as a result of the process in the kiln so no two pieces are alike.  Plus, all of their products are microwave and dishwasher safe and, of course, lead-free.

Carthage.co Serving bowl

This Serving Bowl is perfect for serving bread, pasta, or anything you can whip up in your slow cooker too. 

Carthage.co Serving bowl

The Carthage.Co Serving Bowl Collection comes in six perfectly curated colors and each is truly a work of art!

Carthage.co Serving Bowl Collection

I also got the Carthage.Co Pasta Bowl – it retails for $29 on their website. The Pasta Bowl’s dimensions are Diameter 9.2″ | Height 2.6″ | Weight 2 lbs.

Carthage.Co Pasta Bowl

Deep and wide, their two-tone bowl is a perfect centerpiece for any gathering. A classic artisanal shape paired with their signature Zaghwan glaze inside. Pair with their La Marsa Dinner Plate or Zaghwan Dipper for the full tabletop experience!

Carthage.co Pasta Bowl

All of their pieces are truly artisanal designed and look simply stunning regardless of what you serve inside of them. 

Carthage.Co Pasta Bowl

I’m thrilled with Carthage.Co artisan stoneware collection and I look forward to collecting so many more of their bold and inspiring and beautifully vibrant pieces! 

Carthage.Co Serving Bowl

I hope you were inspired to try some of these Carthage.Co Zaghwan Stoneware Dinnerware pieces too. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

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