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8 Tips On How To Save Money with a Vacuum Sealer

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Today, it can be a lot of work to preserve food the way our grandparents did it. Add the expense of freezer containers or mason jars, any savings you make by being a careful shopper are eliminated. A cost-effective vacuum sealer preserves food for longer by removing air around the food. Vacuum-sealed food requires less space in the freezer and is healthy for the whole family.

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How To Save Money with a Vacuum Sealer

It’s summer and economical individuals are making the most of the season’s produce with fresh products from backyard gardens and farmers markets. Fresh produce, fruits, and dairy products taste better and offer more nutrients for your family.

I’ve been using my vacuum sealer for years not along with my sous vide cooker too. They make the perfect combination and produce some of the best meals I’ve ever prepared! 

  1. Pre-Freezing

When it comes to using vacuum sealers, many foods can be sealed directly from the market or the garden. However, certain foods such as berries, sauce rich foods, and meats require initial preparation before vacuum sealing.

Pre-freezing soft food prevents them from becoming mushy during vacuum sealing. To pre-freeze these food items, you need to place them in a zip lock bag and let them remain in the freezer until they are firm. The amount of time varies from a few hours to overnight depending on the type of food.

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  1. Freezing Cooked and Uncooked Foods

We pre-freeze foods for the purpose of eliminating bacteria and extending the shelf life of foods after vacuum sealing. Many foods that undergo vacuum sealing can last up to 3 years and still have its flavor and nutritional value.

Food items that require pre-freezing such as soups or stews should be placed in freezer containers first. Afterward, remove these foods from the freezer, place them in a vacuum seal bag, and seal for long-term storage. This is a suitable method of pre-portioning meals for busy weekends or when you do not feel like cooking. You only need to open the sealed meals, heat and eat them.

Having a vacuum sealer comes in handy for individuals who like to take advantage of competitive shopping deals. You do not have to miss good offers due to the worry that the food will go to waste quickly. In time, the savings you will make will more than cover your investment in the vacuum sealer.

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  1. Remember to Label

The principle of First-in First out formula is an important concept when it comes to storage of frozen foods. You should clearly label the items to indicate the name and date of freezing to ensure that food is fresh and ready to use. Make use of a permanent or label marker. You can purchase label markers at DIY hardware stores or at most big box retailers.

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  1. Versatile Storage Solutions

A vacuum sealer can easily solve most of your storage problems. Dry goods, fresh herbs, and spices can be stored easily in a vacuum sealer as well as items that end up in the all-purpose drawer. Screws and other miscellaneous items you may not use for long periods store easily without displacement and do not create clutter.

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  1. Larger Recipes-Store the Excess

If you buy family-sized entrees or other foods, you can use your vacuum sealer to ensure the excess does not go to waste. Portion up the excess and seal them for a later date. This trick comes in handy for single or small families. You can utilize the discounts on larger packets of food without concern for wastage.

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  1. Use the right Bags

There are many available vacuum sealer bag options you can find both online and at your local big box store. However, you need to check the literature that came with your sealer to find out the best bag types to use. Rolls of sealer bags are cost-effective in the case where you are only going to use the food package once after freezing. For other uses of food, buy different bag sizes to meet your food storage needs.

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  1. Portioning

You can easily portion out many foods into individual meal size portions that you or your family can heat and eat on the go. Grab and go meals such as breakfast biscuits, corn dogs and burritos are easily portioned into individual meal packets.

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  1. Saving Money on Meats

There are many benefits to having a vacuum sealer. The main advantage is saving money with family packs of meat. The vacuum sealer more than proves its worth in this area. When purchasing meats such as chicken and beef, you make more savings when buying in larger amounts. All you need to do to realize savings is to divide the meat into desired portions, seal and freeze.

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I hope you were able to get some awesome tips on how to save money with your food saver. We use our food saver for everything and daily too! 

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8 Tips On How To Save Money with a Vacuum Sealer - Sassy Townhouse Living

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