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15 Insanely Cool Mosaic Projects!

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15 Insanely Cool Mosaic Projects!

15 Insanely Cool Mosaic Projects

Breaking those tiles into pieces and then fitting them back together like a puzzle to create something magical always made me feel – wonderful! I’m excited to say I’m currently curating a board over at Hometalk – one of my favorite sites for everything home and garden. In case you are not familiar with the site – do yourself a favor and head over there to join – it’s fun, free and fabulous – plus, it’s a great way to get your blog noticed and gain subscribers:

Hometalk is the home & garden knowledge hub – the largest online community of homeowners, renters, and home improvement pros who enjoy sharing ideas and advice about home and gardening. Hometalk.com exists for one simple reason: to make home improvement and gardening better and easier for you.

I’ve been a member for a while, and I can’t begin to tell you how many wonderful ideas and creative projects I’ve gotten for my home and garden. You can spend hours pursuing through other people’s projects for ideas and tips and tricks!

OK, back to my awesome Hometalk board! Please check it out and let me know what creative and fun mosaic projects you want to create. If you have already created any in your home or garden please be sure to send me the link so I can add your project to the board! 

Take a look at a few of the awesome projects on this board!

Four Dazzling Easter Egg Decoration Techniques


Mosaic Tile Birdbath Using Recycled DVDs

CD Birdbath

Mosaic Tile End Table – Incredible Makeover!

ceramic table

Please visit my Hometalk board by clicking either the link or image below:

Mosaic Projects – Insanely Cool! 

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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