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Best Tuna Salad Recipe in Town!

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Best Tuna Salad Recipe in Town!

Best Tuna Salad Recipe

You must be thinking, “Geez, tuna is so easy to make,” and yes, it is, but it takes just the right amount of everything to make it perfect!

This is how we adore our tuna salad. The texture must be a bit chunky – I mean, who likes a mushy tuna salad? YUCK. Just the right amount of texture and the perfect amount of spices splashed with a glazing of mayo to top things off! 

Best Tuna Salad Recipe in Town!  I hope you get to try this recipe. Of course, you can make edits along the way to any recipe, but I’ve found this one to be simply the best!

tuna salad
Tuna Salad ingredients
Tuna Salad ingredients
onion chopper
Mince onion but not too small pieces

I love my Vidalia Chop Wizard! I use it for so many of my recipes, too. It’s great and easy to use! 

chop wizard
Always peel the tops of your celery to remove the strings!
Look at the difference!
You can use the smaller tool for the celery
larger for the onions
smaller for the celery
Solid white tuna in oil
Mix all ingredients together
Mix spices
add mayo and blend well, but be sure to leave it chunky
low carb toasted bread
I’ve been eating low-carb bread, so I toast it for the tuna salad, and it’s so good!
Try it with some tomato as a topper!

Please let me know how you like my recipe Best Tuna Salad Recipe in Town! and if you have any tweaks that you enjoy when making it! Check out this post – How To Make Delicious Hassle-Free Homemade Pasta Sauce recipe, too. It’s easy, delicious, and great for a multitude of recipes.

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  2. This is really a great recipe !! I love salad very much but it’s a different salad that is more gorgeous. It looks so yummy !! And also it’s true that the pictures are really incredible. Thanks for sharing the great post.

  3. very delecious tuna recipe…very nice step by step pics.thanx for this sharing.

  4. Nice and simple, thank you for details, the recipe looks so so delicious, i really like your way of cooking, Thank you so much for this creativity, ill give it a try this night. many thanks for sharing this nice idea.

  5. My old college roommate was a tuna salad connoisseur ! Albacore and Best Food/Hellman’s Mayo were the start. My favorite accompaniment to a delicious tuna sandwich like your recipe appears is potato chips inserted in the sandwich and pickles.

  6. Hi Haralee, yes! I love chips in my tuna and a pickle too. It’s so much more interesting to play with different ways to make tuna. I get so tired of the same old boring tuna sandwich. Thanks so much for commenting. It’s always so much fun reading comments and learning new ways to make things better!

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