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How To Shop For Budget-Friendly Designer Handbags

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How To Shop For Budget-Friendly Designer Handbags

Look chic, shop thrifty – those are 4 words we all love. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like you did. Shopping for budget-friendly designer handbags can be easy! 

Don’t get me wrong, we all love high-end designer handbags, but we all can’t afford them. Many high-end designers are pricing their handbags at affordable prices. You just have to know what to look for and where to get them. 

Budget Friendly Designer Handbags

As a bag snob, I’ve learned a few tricks on how to shop for that designer bag we all love without it breaking my wallet. Here are some great tips to remember before shopping for your next handbag as well as some of my top favorites. 

Budget Friendly Designer Handbags

The Checklist! 

♥ Before shopping, make sure you make a checklist your current arsenal of bags. There are five categories of handbag types. It’s a good idea to go through your closet and check your “want” vs “need’ list so you can determine what type of handbag you are in the market for. 

1. Travel bag

2. Tote bag

3. Treasure (or High-end) bag

4. Trendy bag

5. Clutch bag

6. Backpack – they are trending big time this year! 

Great Tips & Advice! 

♥  If you have several black tote bags but not a single brightly colored clutch bag, then it’s probably time to splurge on one. This chic and sassy clurth by Furla is the perfect solution! 

Budget Friendly Designer Handbags

♥  It’s always a good idea to start your handbag search online. Now that you know what type of handbag you need, you can start to filter out what you don’t want and focus on what you really need. Try not to impulse shop unless you are drooling over a handbag you know you must have. Make sure you bookmark websites and benchmark prices. 

♥ If you decide to hit the pavement and spend the day at the mall, make sure you are dressed appropriately. Always wear your heaviest winter coat or when you test out the bag to make sure it fits over the bulky shoulders.  It’s so frustrating when you buy that dream handbag and the straps will not fit over your shoulder. Think about when you will be wearing this handbag and what clothes you are most likely going to wear it with before you hit the stores. 

♥ Size does matter! A purse that is not sized properly for your frame can cause problems. You want to be sure you get a handbag that enhances your frame instead of magnifying your body flaws. Ever see that tiny chick with that huge over-sized trendy handbag? Yeah, don’t be her.

Remember that an oversized handbag can overwhelm a small frame and make a petite woman look shorter. And in contrast, a small purse on a plus size frame will make a large woman look larger. The goal is for your handbag to be proportional to your figure and size. 

♥ Buy a designer handbag with compartments. Even a small clutch can have compartments. It’s always a good idea to make sure a handbag has at least two compartments. You’ll want function as well as form.

Ask yourself what are some items that you must have with you and make sure you’ll have room for them. Items like your keys, smartphone, wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses, and other essentials will have to fit somewhere right? Plan ahead when choosing your next handbag. 

♥  Spillage – it happens. When it comes to inside protection of your handbag try to choose materials like rayon or vinyl linings to hide unexpected stains and spills. 

♥ And lastly, try to spend the most money on a bag you can wear all year long. It’s fun to have an assortment of handbags in different colors, shapes, and styles but ask yourself, can I wear this in the winter? Is this a good summer bag? Try to spend less money on fun trendy bags that might not make it to next season. Once you are ready to make that purchase, 

♥ Once you are ready to make that purchase, just go for it! You’ve done your homework, legwork, and worked your butt off. Now it’s time to make that decision and don’t look back. Remember, you can always return a handbag if you get it home and realize you should have eaten that cheesecake instead. Most stores will gladly refund or exchange that handbag for you. 

Here are some of the latest smoking hot designer handbags with price points your budget can live with. This post does contain affiliate links which means if you decide to purchase, I will receive a small commission. 

Coach Signature Zip Tote Shoulder Handbag 

I have a similar Coach Signature Zip Tote, and I love it! This Coach is very budget-friendly and a favorite in my designer handbags collection! 

Budget Friendly Designer Handbags

Michael Kors Nylon Kelsey Large Crossbody

We all love Michael Kors designer handbags, right? This Michael Kors Nylon Kelsey Large Crossbody is perfection in so many ways! I love the slimness and the nylon fabric is so easy to clean especially in the winter months. And it’s very budget-friendly too! 

Budget Friendly Designer Handbags

‘Melissa’ Tote

I love this Melissa Tote! It’s so chic and large enough to hold all of our “stuff”. It’s richly textured and oiled leather adds a refined, timeless quality to a spacious tote that channels sophisticated around-town style.

Budget Friendly Designer Handbags

Now, you are empowered and ready to shop for Budget-Friendly Designer Handbags! Have fun! 

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