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Pour Moi – The First Ever Climate-Smart Skincare Company

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As my readers know, I’m a huge skincare advocate and wholly believe in the power of a good beauty routine.

When I first discovered Pour Moi skincare, I was intrigued by their mission statement. So what is climate-smart skincare? Let’s take a deep dive and see. I’m sure you will be as impressed and as intrigued as I was! 

Pour Moi

The bullet points below are unique to any skincare company I’ve ever used or read about. I was hooked and knew that Pour Moi has a whole different set of principles that drive their skincare line. 

Pour Moi Climate-Smart Mission Statement: 

  • They are 100% Cruelty-free & Vegan
  • Their whole line of skincare is safe and use only top-quality ingredients. 
  • Pour Moi utilizes pure water from the French Alps as it delivers a higher quality source of moisture to the skin
  • And, they only use sustainable Palm Oil in their products using the most sustainable methods available to them. 

The list continues! 

  • They are 100% transparent when it comes to their ingredients 
  • All Pour Moi is paraben-free, toxin-free and BPA-free. All Pour Moi packaging is BPA-free so our customers can rest assured that climate-smart skincare is safe to the touch and to use.
  • They never retouch the skin of their models. All the models you see use their products and have happy and healthy skin!
  • They are the new champions of a healthier climate. 

That’s a unique and impressive punch list! Even their name, Pour Moi translates to “For Me” in English. Their skincare line is really developed “for me” in every way and it’s for the earth too. We often hear companies boast about how climate-smart they are only to discover it’s all a façade. 

Be sure to read their About Page, in a nutshell, here are some key points about their value system and what drives them. 

Pour Moi

Pour Moi lives up to their mission statement in every way possible. 

President of Pour Moi, Ulli Haslacher, stated, ‘Conventional skincare made a mistake: it never accounted for the biological fact that skin functions change in different climates. That means the best face moisturizer is the one that adapts your skin to the climate. From now on, we choose our skincare based on the climate we’re in!” 

The thick and creamy formula is quickly absorbed into my skin and works fast! Less is more with Pour Moi. You just need a drop which means you get more value for these products too. 

Pour Moi

I was sure to use their advice and follow their 3-step ritual for beautiful skin with a product bundle called Pour Moi Black Ritual – all the products in this bundle are AH-mazing!

I am in love with the push-top product dispenser too! It makes getting the perfect amount of product super easy. Fragrance-free skin care is more than just a personal preference; it’s a smart choice for healthy living. 

Pour Moi climate-smart

The serums are dreamy and are quickly absorbed as well. I love discovering new products that actually live up to their claims and their mission statement too! 

Pour Moi

The ritual goes as follows:

  1. Pour Moi Hydrating Balancer: The Hydrating Balancer restores the skin’s balance after cleansers, hard water, and environmental stressors strip away moisture.
  2. Pour Moi White Serum: The most potent product in any skincare ritual is the Serum, which consists of small molecules that the top layer of skin can absorb if the surface is in balance and the pores are open.
  3. Pour Moi POLAR Day Cream: Your climate-smart Day Cream serves as a protective barrier to trap the Serum’s small molecules in your skin, smooths the surface according to skin’s behavior in a certain climate, and defends against environmental aggressors.

All three steps consist of the perfect skincare routine to achieve beautiful skin! 

Pour Moi


Gently clears the skin from irritants, restores normal surface pH level, promotes cell regeneration, and nourishes with moisturizing agents for smooth and soft skin.


Infused with the finest diamond powder to break up dryness, promotes a healthy skin barrier, hydrates, and brightens for the glowing, youthful-looking skin you want. 


Ideally, moisturize and protect skin in two specific climates. Match to the current climate, and adjust/rotate to another climate, seasonal or when traveling. 

I’m so thrilled with the results after consistently using the Black Ritual for two weeks; my skin is always hyper-dry and that is always a cause for alarm for me because dry skin can lead to deeper wrinkles and other skin problems. 

Pour Moi climate-smart

After using this three-step routine my skin feels transformed and looks visibility transformed. And, my skin doesn’t feel as dry in the morning when I wake up. therefore, I notice my foundation doesn’t flake and become blotchy during the day. 

Pour Moi skincare products are now a staple part of my beauty and skincare routine. Not only do I love their mission statement and believe in it wholly, but their line of climate-smart skincare is a brilliant concept, and I’m all in when it comes to protecting not only our skin but the planet too!

In conclusion, I hope you get to try this revolutionary climate-smart skincare line soon too. I know you will love it as much as I do! 

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