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Surprising Facts You Need To Know About Wearing Slippers

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In this article, we have everything you need to know about wearing slippers and more. It’s important to know that all slippers don’t provide the support and quality you need. This information will surprise you about wearing slippers and features you should look for when purchasing them.

Yes, I’m a slippers snob and I don’t mind admitting it! As you might know, there’s a huge difference in slipper quality. It’s important to know the differences! More so, you’ll want to know why it’s important to wear slippers. The health of your feet depends on it!


Why It’s Important To Purchase Good Quality Slippers

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Sure, it’s nice to buy inexpensive slippers and save the money, right? But you are really wasting money doing so. At times, you really do get what you pay for!

First of all, buying inexpensive slippers is not always a good idea. Your feet should have protection, support, and comfort when you wear them. Just like our shoes, your slippers should provide support, protection, as well as hygienic features.

Ironically, we spend lots of money on a pair of our favorite shoes, yet when it comes to slippers, we skimp. If you want your feet to look great all year long, keep reading.

Why You Should Wash Them

As a slipper snob, the first feature I look for when purchasing is the ensure they are washable. Yes, you want to wash your slippers at least every 2-3 days. Some folks might think it’s ridiculous but think about it. Would you wear the same socks everyday without washing them?

Every pair of slippers I purchase must always wash nicely. If they don’t, and it says washable on them, I return them. Personally, ensuring my slippers can endure washing several times a week is a good indicator of top-quality merchandise.

However, when you wash slippers, you need to know the facts. Typically, machine friendly fabrics like cotton can go in the washer. It’s good practice to wash them in cold or lukewarm water. Of course, you want to avoid shrinking. Always use a gentle cycle as well. You can also handwash them as well.

Usually, for suede or leather you don’t want to machine wash. Although, in the past, I have indeed machine washed mine without any issues. It’s a good idea to follow manufactures policies on cleaning first. Either way, make sure you wash them. Dirty slippers on your clean feet are just plain gross!

Always Look For These Top Indicators When Purchasing Slippers

Below, you’ll find some important criteria I always look for when purchasing slippers.

  1. Support – The entire base should give support to your foot. This should include arch and heel support.
  2. Roomy – Your slippers should fit exactly the same way as your shoes. Make sure you have enough room in the toe box and ensure the heal doesn’t slip when walking.
  3. Heel Height – No more than 2.5cm or about 1 inch in height. The heal of your foot and ankle should feel properly balanced.
  4. Good Materials – Always makes sure the material is both soft and free from hard edges or rough areas. Extra padding or cushioning highly recommended when shopping for good quality slippers.
  5. Breathability – Proper ventilation allows for good circulation of your feet. Additionally, your feet should remain cool and moisture-free.
  6. Rounded Toe Area – Make sure your toes have enough room and don’t feel compressed.

Foot Injuries And Diseases

Basically, you want to find the same support and quality in slippers as your shoes. Think about all the times you negated wearing them at home and either broke your toe or injured your foot.

More so, wearing them prevents communicable foot diseases as well. And protects your feet from athlete’s foot, fungus infections, and other bacterial infections. Think about it next time you run around barefoot!

More importantly, what’s the point of wearing open-toe slippers if they don’t protect your feet? It’s best to wear full style slippers around your home to protect them properly.

More importantly, you don’t want nasty calluses on your feet, do you? Walking barefoot will give you hard nasty ones that’s for sure. We want our feet to look and feel beautiful especially during the summer months.

It’s also a good idea to make your children always wear slippers too. Dr. Miguel Cunha, founder of Gotham Footcare, explains that walking barefoot for an extended amount of time puts added stress on our natural gait.  He does go on to say, “It can also lead to other painful conditions associated with walking on flat feet, like tendonitis and shin splints, or translate upward affecting other parts of the body, like our knees and back.”

As soon as your child starts to walk, make sure they wear them. It’s so important for them to have the support their little feet need while growing up. Plus, imagine them stubbing their cute littles toes – oh my gosh!

A lot of people ask, should I wear socks with slippers? I believe the short answer is no. Wearing socks with them can cause your feet to sweat and not breath properly. When you are relaxing at home, there’s no need to wear them of course unless you prefer to.

Remember, the benefits of wearing slippers at home far outweighs the negatives. As a matter of fact, as long as you keep them clean, there’s aren’t any negatives I can see from wearing them.


My List Of Quality Slipper Recommendations

Below, you’ll find my personal preference for excellent quality women’s slippers.

In my opinion, these slippers provide the most comfort and support. Of course, everyone’s preferences differ, so you’ll decide which work best.

1 – UGG Women’s Dakota Moccasin

Simply stated, UGG Women’s Dakota Moccasin Slippers are always my first choice. Not only are they comfortable, but do a great job protecting my feet. Make of sheepskin, comfortable rubber soles, and fully lined, you can’t go wrong with them. Typically, I cycle through at least three pairs at a time.

Believe it or not, I even throw them in my washing machine as well. UGGs will advise against it but I always air dry them. They wash up great for me!

I also adore these UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin too. The fit and comfort are the same as the Dakota with a little twist to the style. While UGGs are a bit pricy, they are well worth the cost and last for years.

Image: Amazon UGG Women’s Dakota Moccasin Slippers

2 – Ultraideas Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

Above all, these Ultraideas Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers are super comfortable. They have breathable fabric and a closed front and back heel for protection. Made from a soft woolen cotton blend, these slippers give you soothing comfort. It’s like walking on pillows!

They also come in several colors and the style is super cute! The soft soles design foot pattern with grip on the bottom is sturdy, and prevent cold penetrating through from floors. And best of all, you can easily wash them too!

3 – Dearfoams Women’s Rebecca Microfiber Velour Slipper

Designed for machine washing, these Dearfoams Women’s Rebecca Microfiber Velour Slippers are super comfortable.

Designed for machine washing, these Dearfoams Women’s Rebecca Microfiber Velour Slippers are super comfortable. These microfiber and velour-lined slippers are affordable and stylish too! Moreover, Dearfoam has a stellar reputation in the slipper industry.

4 – Minnetonka Dina Slippers

I love these Minnetonka Dina Slippers. They have a high-pile-fleece lining and a memory foam footbed. This maximizes the cozy appeal of this must-have slipper. And the 5-Star customer rating lets you know the mass appeal as well. Available in three colors too and a great value for the money!

Image: Nordstrom Minnetonka Dina Slippers

5 – BOBS from Skechers Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper

With over 8k of 5-Star published reviews, you know these BOBS from Skechers Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel Slippers are popular. And for good reason. Reviewers say they are thick and comfortable and have a very sturdy sole.

More so, they say you can stand for long hours in them if you need to. Repeat customers continue to profess their love for them as well. Plus, you can easily wear them outside for a quick trip to the store. I also appreciate the wide range of colors too!

6 – Wishcotton Light Breathable Slippers with Nonslip Sole

Another popular pair are these Wishcotton Light Breathable Slippers with Nonslip Sole. Thousands of folks raved about how comfortable and plush they feel on their feet. The cushions molds to the contours of your foot and the memory foam footbed even more so.

You can relax after a long day of walking or hiking with these super comfy slippers. Plus, they feature an extra layer of shock-absorbing EVA foam. Of course, you can throw them in the machine for easy washing as well.

7 – Haflinger Dog Slippers

As a dog lover and owner, I flipped over these Haflinger Dog Slippers. Plus, I love the pops of color too. They feature whimsical canine appliques and a cozy slipper crafted from soft, natural wool. They also feature natural wool upper and lining for comfort too. I think teens and young adults would flip over them and perfect for gift-giving.

8 – FitKicks Kozikicks Active Lifestyle Slippers

These FitKicks Kozikicks Active Lifestyle Slippers are perfect for either indoors or out. Above all, they are super comfortable and cozy to wear. And you can wear virtually anywhere walking the dog, shopping, or just lounging at home. Reviewers say they warm chilly feet and toes in seconds.

It sounds like a good reason to me! And of course, they come in a wide array of colors to choose from. I think they are super cute! Of course, I ordered a pair for myself as well! Don’t forget to disinfect them when wearing them outside so you can safely wear them at home.

I hope you learned a thing or two about why it’s so important to wear slippers. And learned about some new and exciting brands as well. Happy shopping!

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