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You Need To See This New Shoe Shaper And Organizer

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This new shoe shaper and organizer will keep your shoes looking and feeling great. Plus, it keeps all your shoes neat and organized too. And let’s not forget about those shoes we own that hurt our feet so badly we can’t even wear them anymore!

More so, we spend lots of money on our shoes so why not keep them looking great and in shape? However, there’s an easy gadget to keep your shoes in shape, looking brand new and most of all, pain-free!

Shoe Shaper Organizer
Formé Shoe Shapers

Formé Shoe Shapers – Easily Stretch & Shape Yours Shoe Styles

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Doesn’t it drive you batty when the shoes you spent a small fortune on become misshaped and wrinkled? Or even worse, when you tried them on in the store and thought they fit perfectly only to find out they hurt at home?

I can’t tell you how many pair of shoes I bought with the above issues. Plus, I could never find the perfect shoe organizer to keep my shoes in pristine condition. If you can relate, you are going to love what I’m about to show you!

Recently, I discovered the Formé Shoe Shapers, and since, all my shoes regardless of style, look and feel like perfection!

To begin, Formé Shoe Shapers are the first and only shoe shaper specifically designed by a woman, for women. This meticulously engineered device quickly and safely stretches and shapes any type of shoe, even high heels, up to 1/2 a size.

Formé Shoe Shapers

As a result, Formé helps eliminate foot pain and discomfort caused by tightness.  And more importantly, it prevents shoe wrinkles and creases and keeps every pair looking like new.

If you suffer from numb and cramped toes, you’ll love how the Formé wings expand the toe box up to a half size. It gives you the extra shoe room you need or you can use them to keep your shoes in perfect shape!

Additionally, You can purchase the Formé Shoe Shapers on Amazon too!

Shoe Shapers Help Keep Your Shoe Organized And Fit & Feel Perfectly

In addition, with everyone stuck and home, there are so many of us using this time to clean out and organize our closets. Whether you are doing your spring cleaning or just a basis reorg, Formé Shoe Shapers will help get your closet and shoes into shape!

Made from engineered resin and stainless steel, the beautiful device us effective and virtually indestructible. For example, the seven secure adjustment positions allow the user to control the amount of stretching force. And the smooth wing design prevents overstretching and damage.

Formé Shoe Shapers

Moreover, the internal pivot points allow Formé to adapt and fit into any and every type of shoe. Above all, finally turning that “wish they fit” pair into “the perfect fit!” 

Primarily, Formé Shoe Shapers are so easy to use and keep your shoes like brand new all the time. And the best part, they restore the original heel shape, so they gently hug your feet, so shoes fit secure. Plus, they prevent heel slipping, chafing, and more importantly, those nasty blisters!

How The Formé Shoe Shaper Work

To begin with, Formé works simply and easily to keep your shoes organized and in great shape.

  • Wings expand outward to stretch and shape the toe area of the shoe
  • The spring-loaded heel tab is self-adjusting to customize a secure fit in all of your shoes – even different sizes
  • Internal pivot points adapt to fit in any shoe style

Of course, each pair features an R for right and L for left so you know exactly which shoe they slide into. All you do is:

  • Insert into shoes
  • Press button down and forward to expand wings. If ridges appear on the outside of shoes, pull the wings back
  • Slide handle down and nest in the heel area. Check after an hour or use overnight for more comfort

Formé Benefits

In addition, you’ll discover some of the benefits of what Formé Shoe Shapers can do for you too!

  • Stretches shoes of any material, even patent leather
  • Creates more room for the top of toes
  • Expands the toe box up to ½ shoe size
  • Helps relieve numb toes
  • You can use them in any type of shoe from the flattest flats to the highest heels
  • Shapes to minimize shoe wrinkles and creasing
  • Creates a secure fit, preventing heels from slipping, chafing and blistering
Formé Shoe Shapers

First and foremost, discovering Formé Shoe Shapers this year brought me much joy knowing my shoes would keep their shape and always look brand new! In addition, my feet don’t hurt from ill-fitting shoes anymore! And I can wear my old shoes that hurt or didn’t fit correctly too. I think you’ll love them as much as I do.

You Need To See This New Shoe Shaper And Organizer - Sassy Townhouse Living

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  1. Very cool! I am thinning my shoe collection, at one point there were 500 pair and whittled it down to 300 and now being ruthless, need more hat space! And I live in a small house by American standards. Still have my dad’s shoe trees from the 40’s. Thanks for sharing! I just may need a modern style!

  2. Hi Naomie! So good to hear from you! I hope you are doing well during these challenging times! OMG you have more shoes than anyone I know! Way to go! I just love these shoe shapers and am ordering more. I’ll bet your dad’s shoe tree is amazing. I remember my mom having one ages ago too. I should have kept it. I love this because the shoes that hurt me because they were too tight are perfect now! Plus, my closet looks so neat and organized too.
    Stay well and in touch!

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