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5 Beautiful Deck Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Outdoor Space

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If you love spending time outdoors even during the evening, then these deck lighting ideas are going to inspire you to add a beautiful ambiance to your outdoor space. This way, regardless of how dark it gets outside, you can make sure the party never ends! 

Deck Lighting Ideas

Deck Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Outdoor Space

Beautiful Deck Lighting Ideas

The best time to add lighting to your decking is when you build it; this will ensure the cabling is hidden and the focus is on the lights but, of course, this is not always an option.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options available that can be retrofitted to your deck and transform the look, feel and usability of the space. I love creative deck lighting ideas and every year I look to them for inspiration. 

But, before you start installing any lighting it is essential to have all your electrics checked and tested by the Electrical Detectives. You don’t want to blow your power supply and spend the night without light or heat just because you tried too hard to light up your deck!

Here are some great deck lighting ideas so you can bring the beauty and ambiance you’ve always wanted to your outdoor space

1. Recessed Lighting

These are probably the most common type of decking light. You’ll need to be able to get to the space under your deck. All it requires is a home sunk into your deck and a light slid into the hole. The cables go under the deck and back to your switch and main power supply. Recessed Deck Lighting is no doubt simply beautiful but, you’ll need to consider all of your options first. 

But, while these types of lights look great they can make it hard to walk across your deck as you’ll be blinded every time you look down.

Deck Lighting Ideas

2. String Lighting 

String lighting is a very easy way to add some light to your deck although it works best if you have a structure over or next to your deck. This will allow you to hang the string lights above head height and illuminate the deck from above. I have these Waterproof Fairy Starry Blossom Flower Lights in my backyard around my deck and love them! They are perfect for adding some magical fairy lights around your deck and give off the perfect amount of cozy ambiance too. 

Deck Lighting Ideas

3. Wall Lights

Another great option is to add lights to the outside wall of your home like this Dual-Head Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Security Light. This should be very easy to do and allow you to completely hide the wires as they drop inside your walls and into your current electrical supply.

The great thing about outdoor house lights is that you can create shields to direct the light where you want it allowing your deck to be illuminated without being blinded as you walk around it.

Deck Lighting Ideas

4. Under Rail Lighting

Another option worth considering and including are lights under the rails. Almost all decks have rails to keep you safe or simply as a decorative feature. By pinning lights to the underside of the rail you’ll be able to illuminate the edge of your decking and creating a warm glow. These are a great option if you’re looking to create an ambiance to encourage talking.

They don’t need to be bright enough to see every detail of your friend’s faces.

Deck Lighting Ideas

5. The Stairs

It is very important to add stair lights to any decking stairs you have; you don’t want your family and friends falling down them!

However, as already mentioned recessed lights can be too blinding when you’re walking on the decking. Instead, you should look at fitting some stair edging lights.

These are usually LED lights which mean they have a minimal drain on your electricity. You can also use fairly low-wattage ones to outline the steps without blinding your guests every time they go up and down them.

Deck Lighting Ideas

Or, you can run these Solar Powered Wall Lights down the sides of your steps as well. They are perfect for adding the right amount of light as well as ensuring you and family and guests are guided down the stairs safely. They also add a beautiful decorative element to your outdoor space too! Don’t forget that a sensor light is a good security measure, particularly if your decking extends from one of the doors into your home. 

Deck Lighting Ideas

I also love these 6 Pack of Solar Mason Jar Insert Lids – You can also use a standard AAA battery for immediate use if solar charging is not available. These beautiful lights turn on at night & off at sunrise and when fully charged, the lights will illuminate for 6-8 hours.

They can also be switched to off when desired. They are perfect for deck lighting and create a warm and cozy ambiance too!

Deck Lighting Ideas

I hope you were able to get some inspiring deck lighting ideas and remember that summer is not the only time to enjoy deck lighting. You’ll always want to be sure that the area around your home is safe and secure all year-long and making sure these areas are well-lit are essential to your home’s security and your family’s safety too!

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5 Beautiful Deck Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Outdoor Space - Sassy Townhouse Living

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