Five Reasons To Take a Boat Trip In Menorca Spain

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Menorca is one of three Balearic Islands located off the coast of Spain in the combined waters of the Balearic and Mediterranean Seas. At the same time, it’s not as large as its neighbor Majorca or as lively as the party island of Ibiza. Menorca has miles of sandy beaches, rocky alcoves, and stunningly pretty turquoise waters. Once there, you’ll find an abundance of activities to participate in or soak up the sun on one of the island’s famous beaches.


Menorca Spain A Beautiful Vacation Retreat

Menorca, Spain, offers the perfect vacation spot and is one of the most popular places to visit globally. However, with crystal clear waters and secret coves, you need to reconsider if it’s not on your bucket list. Often called the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca promises an unforgettable vacation for the entire family.

But, if getting out on the open water is more your style, then a boat trip may be just the thing for you. Menorca offers some fantastic trips out into the Balearic and Mediterranean. Furthermore, this allows you to enjoy the incredible sea life or admire the island’s stunning views. Here are some great reasons for taking one of the many boat trips from Cala Galdana.


Swim With The Fish

Don’t worry or fret because this isn’t The Godfather tour boat. When we say swim with the fish, we mean it quite literally. Instead, a boat journey out into the crystal clear waters will allow you to spend some time amongst the aquatic life of Cala Galdana. Menorca, and the Balearic Islands in general, are home to some incredible sea life. Cuttlefish, Barracuda, and even Octopus inhabit the waters around Cala Galdana, so snorkel up and see what you can spot.

Glass Bottom Boat Trips

If you want to view the sea life but would rater stay dry, then a glass-bottomed tour is just the thing. From the safety of the boat, you’ll experience the beauty of life under the waves and marvel at the numerous species of aquatic life lucky enough to spend their lives in the warm Mediterranean waters.

Top Up The Tan

A natural aquarium isn’t for everyone, so while others on the tour marvel at the creatures in the deep, you can spend some time topping up your tan. Relax as the sun beats down, and it’s all good if you bring your sunscreen. And there aren’t many things better than a good dose of sea air to clear away the cobwebs. For nature lovers, Menorca is your go-to destination.

Enjoy The View Of Menorca

The island is home to some of the most beautiful scenery across the Balearic, and one of the best ways to view it is from the water. Taking a boat ride far out into the sea allows you to capture some breathtaking landscapes that Menorca offers.

Visit Other Parts Of The Island – Menorca Has It All

From Cala Galdana, you can visit many other locations south of the island. The gorgeous Cala Mitjana, with a beach surrounded by pine trees, is close by, while a little further down the coast lies the Embarcadero Cala Trebaluger. To the west is the idyllic cove of Macarelleta, a mixture of rocks and pine trees with a sandy beach.

Menorca is not an island that needs an introduction, but if you’ve never visited before, you’ll soon be in awe of its natural beauty.

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