6 Low-Maintenance Building Materials For Your Home Renovation

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When planning your next home renovation, you’ll want to keep an eye on your budget by using low-maintenance and affordable building materials. It would be safe to say that America is amid a home improvement craze. More so, current metrics revealed by Discover Home Loans indicate that 79% of homeowners would instead renovate their home than purchase a new one.

Building Materials

How Choosing Low-Maintenance Building Materials Can Improve Your Project

We all love and appreciate our homes. So, of course, we want to find ways to beautify them and make them more comfortable for our families. We all look forward to saving enough money or a home loan, allowing us the luxury to complete these projects. At times, remodeling a bathroom or kitchen can increase our home’s equity and overall value.

Furthermore, several reasons to renovate a home include improving functionality, increasing comfort, and boosting resale value. Choose low-maintenance building materials to guarantee that you check all of these boxes during a remodeling project. Moreover, this can help ensure that your project does not break down over time. And holds its value for the long haul.

Below, you’ll discover how to help you sort through some of the most low-maintenance building materials on the market.

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1 – Polyiso Insulation

With energy efficiency being at the top of most homeowners’ list of priorities in 2023, it is no wonder that insulation projects are among the most trending renovations in the home improvement industry. Whether below-grade, roof, or wall insulation, homeowners are looking for ways to increase their home’s R-value and reduce thermal bridges like never before.

When exploring types of insulation for exterior walls, the premier choice on the market is Polyiso board. While it will be a bit more expensive than basic spray foam or fiberglass batt options, the benefits far outweigh the higher price point.

Furthermore, its R-value per inch is above 6, allowing homeowners to use a thin, understated board that does not restrict building possibilities like more cumbersome insulation products. In addition, building materials like this feature a robust and rigid board fabrication that guarantees continuous insulation for your home’s walls that will not need continual servicing due to settling over time and distortion due to heavy winds.

Building Materials

2 – Hurricane Grade Windows

Windows are one of the most critical aspects of providing an airtight building envelope for your home. And one of the first places damaged when inclement weather strikes. As a result, many homeowners are switching out old-fashioned wood window frames in exchange for aluminum options.

Aluminum frames feature completely moisture resistant. And do not experience damage by UV rays in the same way that wood frames do. Typically, wood frames must receive regular painting or treated to avoid sun damage.

For those homeowners living in areas that experience extreme weather and have a little more to invest in a window upgrade, you can expereince more durability than aluminum by upgrading to steel hurricane-grade windows.

Using a solid steel frame and sashes that are entirely resistant to impact damage, hurricane-grade windows use reinforced glass capable of withstanding winds up to 250 MPH and projectile impact up to 100 MPH.

When your neighbors scramble to get a professional window technician following a nasty storm, your property will remain unscathed with its hurricane-grade windows.

3 – Steel Log Siding

Although there is no denying the rustic charm of traditional wood and brick cladding, the upkeep requirements of these materials make them prohibitive for contemporary homeowners living an on-the-go lifestyle. For example, wood planks must receive upkeep or staining every other year to maintain their insulative properties. Alternatively, materials like brick should receive regular sealing to prevent moisture absorption.

The good news is that homeowners can attain the same rustic look of stone, wood planks, or board and batten siding while suffering nothing in the way of durability by choosing modern steel log siding. And they manufacture it in styles indistinguishable from traditional siding materials. Furthermore, steel log siding is entirely resistant to fire, moisture, pest, and impact damage. And you can easily clean it with a semi-annual pressure wash.

Additionally, opponents may argue that the initial price of steel siding is higher than other types of siding. However, the lifetime cost of ownership becomes very competitive. Especially when you factor in that steel siding will never need replacing in your home’s lifetime and requires few, if any, resources for upkeep.

4 – Composite Roofing Tiles

Like modern siding options, innovative roofing materials can significantly improve a roof’s durability over traditional roofing options. For example, modern composite roofing tiles manufactured from rubber, fiberglass, and recycled plastic polymers make a great option. In addition, these building materials can come in styles nearly indistinguishable from products such as asphalt shingles and wood shakes.

However, composite roofing tiles have the market’s highest fire and impact ratings. This gives them a considerable edge over fire-prone wood shakes and blister-prone asphalt shingles.

Furthermore, these traditional products break down in the face of extended UV exposure. And typically require replacement every 15 to 25 years. On the other hand, composite shingles usually rate well and can last up to 50 years. Moreover, this helps ensure that you keep the same roof on your house for its lifetime. And without any ongoing renovation costs.

5 – Stone Veneer Interior Accents – Beautiful Building Materials

When it comes to building for durability, many people’s minds immediately jump to the foundation, framing, or exterior elements of the home that the forces of nature will directly test. However, it is just as essential to consider low-maintenance building materials for your home’s interior. Consider using polished concrete floors, nonporous quartz countertops, and stainless steel fixtures. Moreover, you’ll discover a few of the interior design features that are durable and easy to clean.

Another great idea is to incorporate manufactured stone veneer accents throughout your home’s interior. Whether you use it to create an accent wall in the bathroom or to provide some texture around a fireplace, they make a fine choice. In addition, the rugged aspect of manufactured stone will provide long-lasting charm over painted walls, requiring regular painting to mask damage from everyday use.

6 – Permeable Gravel Driveways

Classic concrete driveways look stunning when new but can experience damage by the forces of nature. Without the proper sealing, concrete can be highly porous. And this runs the risk of cracking and buckling during a freeze/thaw cycle. They are also at risk of damage due to the substrate washing away during times of heavy water runoff. Many homeowners are switching to permeable gravel driveways to alleviate these concerns and promote a consistent driveway appearance.

While traditional gravel driveways run the risk of rutting and clumping in the face of use or inclement weather, modern gravel driveways will stay in place. And do this with permeable pavers locked into the driveway’s substrate.

More importantly, this holds the gravel in place and guarantees optimal drainage. And a consistent appearance for the driveway in all seasons.

Stand The Test Of Time With These Low Maintenance Building Materials

When performing a remodeling project, choosing materials that will work well is essential. And you want to guarantee the ongoing success of the renovation and hold their value for the long haul.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to discover these low-maintenance building materials. To reiterate, Polyiso insulation, hurricane-grade windows, steel log siding, composite roofing tiles, stone veneer accents, and permeable gravel driveways make fine choices. Consider these six low-maintenance building materials for your next home renovation project.

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