4 Stunning Home Improvement Ideas You Need To Consider

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Recently, I decided to add some home improvement ideas to a wish list. After owning our home for over 15 years, it’s time to make this list a reality!

As a homeowner, I have a list of to-do projects and these projects never seem to end. More so, I have a list of exciting projects too!

home improvement ideas

Home Improvement Ideas To Inspire!

Do you have a bucket list of home improvement projects for your home? This list is fun and exciting and not like our mandatory to-do lists.

Below, you’ll find some inspirational home improvement ideas that might spark you to add them to your wish list as well.

home improvement ideas

1 – Transform Your Ceilings

One of the first home improvement ideas I have for my home is to enhance and decorate some of the ceilings.

More so, our ceilings are walls too! They deserve just as much attention as any other space in our homes.

If you ask any designer, they will tell you it’s the fifth element in any room and often goes neglects. There are so many ways to decorate your ceilings and you don’t have to spend a small fortune enhancing them.

Additionally, adding some decor elements to your ceiling is a great way to perfectly finish off any room in your home.

My plan is to start with Ceiling medallions. You can even choose one modeled after original historical patterns and designs!

I have a stunning ceiling fixture medallion already in my shopping cart. I can’t wait to install it next month.

To inspire you, we create a wonderful gallery of decor designs just for your ceilings.

2 – Add An Addition To Your Home

Did you know adding a home addition brings not only an aesthetic appeal but also increases the value too?

Above all, is adding an addition to your home right for you? Below, you’ll find some important questions to ask before you plan one.

  1. Did you budget for a home addition?
  2. Is this addition bringing value to my home?
  3. Do I need an addition or an entire room remodel?
  4. Do I want to build outwards or add an additional story?
  5. Did I check the building restrictions in my municipality?
  6. What type of extra space do I need in my home?
  7. Did I plan the exact location and specs?
  8. What is the primary use of this addition?
  9. What types of professionals do I need to hire?
  10. How long will the addition take to complete?

Most importantly, these questions are very important to ask and make sure a home addition is right for you!

When we first bought our home, we opted not to add a third floor. At the time it seemed like a good idea, but I regret it now.

We still have the option to add the third floor but that would require a huge investment and a lot of work. It’s on my wish list and who knows, we might get to it someday!

Adding a home addition can range from building a new closet to adding a new sunroom. Either way, as a homeowner, it will bring value and beauty to your space.

And if you are in the market for a new front door, be sure to learn the key points before you buy one!

home improvement ideas

3 – Board And Batten Walls

As far as home improvement ideas go, adding Board and Batten to your walls is by far one of the best as far as I’m concerned.

Therefore, adding B&B to our bathrooms is one of the first projects we have scheduled out.

Personally, I love how it looks in any room of the house. You can add B&B to kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, foyers, stairways, and so much more!

Over the years, our home improvement projects added so much appeal and value to our home. It’s so exciting planning for more!

Have you ever thought about adding it to your home? If not, you’ll see some stunning inspiration below!

You can see how stunning B&B looks in a bathroom. And, it’s a home improvement project you can do yourself too!

home improvement ideas

I absolutely love it in the living room. It adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any room.

Home Improvement Ideas

Below, you can see how incredible it looks with a ceiling medallion mounted to the wall as a focal point.

Additionally, installed Board & Batten to your bedroom adds a cozy factor too. Plus, you can paint it any color you love as well.

Home Improvement Ideas

Swoon! This foyer has the perfect amount of Board & Batten, do you agree?

4 – Updating The Wood Trim & Decorative Molding In Your Home

Well, if you are a homeowner you already know how boring the trim looks and how cookie-cutter they all are.

Updating the wood trim is another one of my personal favorites as far as home improvement ideas.

Furthermore, you can update the wood trim around your door frames as well. Think of how stunning your door will look with updated trim and a fresh coat of paint!

Replacing and updating the wood trim in my home will also increase the value too! It’s such a great idea and it’s a project you can DIY!

Below, you can see how amazing the wood trim looks in this foyer area. It’s a very wide trim and really pops adding sizzle to their space.


Wow, the natural wood trim and casework in this home looks incredible. Instead of adding a white wood trim, you can try something different like natural wood.

home improvement ideas

The decorative trim in the room below is breathtaking and such an inspiration. I love how it pops from floor to ceiling too.

Home Improvement Ideas

Anyway, you look at it, adding or replacing your wood trim should jump to the top of your home improvement ideas list! I know it did mine!

Think About These Home Improvement Ideas

In conclusion, I hope you got some great ideas for improvements to your home. I can’t wait to start ours and of course, I’ll keep you posted!

4 Stunning Home Improvement Ideas You Need To Consider Sassy Townhouse Living

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