My Winter Skincare Routine That Perfectly Protects And Moisturizes

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With the cold weather upon us, it’s time to get your winter skincare routine in place. Winter skin gets overly dry and increases skin aging too.

Dry skin can cause premature aging and those fine line and wrinkles become even more apparent.

So, you never really thought about altering the product you use for colder months and now your skin looks and feels dry and patchy, right?

Don’t worry! This winter skincare routine will help you fix that!

winter skincare routine

A Winter Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

As you know, the winter months alter the appearance of our skin. We experience dry patches, skin cracking and peeling, and premature aging too. That’s why a good winter skincare routine is so important.

Additionally, dry skin makes makeup application next to impossible and looks even worse! Your foundation slips and looks patchy and that dry skin stands out like a billboard!

Ever since I discovered Lexli Skincare products, my winter skincare routine perfectly protects and moisturizes my skin leaving it glowing, moisturized, and prepped for a flawless makeup application.

It’s all I need for my winter skin to look and feel its best. Is your skin dry and your makeup difficult to apply? If so, make sure you keep reading!

Today, I’m sharing with you what products I use and why and how your skin can look and feel great this winter too.

winter skincare routine

Exfoliate First!

In order to keep your skin smooth, healthy, and flawless, the first step in my winter skincare routine is exfoliating.

Consequently, exfoliating your skin is an essential part of any good skincare routine.

AloeGlyC® Glycolic Acid Exfoliator patented exfoliator features a pH like a professional peel but without the risk of burning or irritation.

This incredible exfoliator features a concentration of organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera. With just a single-use, your skin is noticeably brighter and softer.

More so, it softens skin texture, relieves flakiness, improves skin tone and minimizes the signs of aging and damage while providing the skin with antioxidant protection. 

With consistent daily use, AloeGlyC glycolic acid exfoliator improves the appearance of sun-damaged and aging skin by smoothing skin texture.

Furthermore, it reduces hyperpigmentation and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

And, if you suffer from acne you can also benefit from AloeGlyC’s. It has the ability to unclog pores and minimize their appearance while reducing post-acne pigmentation.

You’ll discover this exfoliator is unique because it’s not only exfoliating but improving the overall quality of your skin as well.

You can also purchase AloeGlyC® Glycolic Acid Exfoliator for $78.99 on Lexli.com as well.

Next, Start With A Good Serum

After exfoliating, you’ll need the perfect serum to maximize the overall absorption of your moisturizer and begin the process of protecting and healing your skin.

Additionally, serums penetrate deeper into your skin and consist of smaller molecules to deliver the active ingredients.

Lexli Moisture Intensifier Serum is the first and only product I reach for and after one application, you can immediately see and feel the difference.

This aloe vera serum delivers targeted hydration to areas of dryness while encouraging skin healing and minimizing inflammation & redness.

Moisture Intensifier Serum starts with a soothing base of pure aloe vera that effectively calms irritation and redness while encouraging healing which helps to improve skin structure.

You can purchase Moisture Intensifier Serum for $52.99 on Lexli.com.

Above all, I love how my skin looks and feels! I’ll never go a day without using it. It’s not only perfect for your winter skincare routine but all year long as well.

winter skincare routine

Moisturize For Your Skin Type

Of course, you’ll need a good moisturizer to apply directly after your serum application and you must make sure it’s a good fit for your skin type.

Did you know you can have both dry and oily skin at the same time? That’s called combination skin and it’s important to address it properly.

In some cases, I know people that apply two different types of moisturizers to their face or you can get a good moisturizer developed for combination skin.

If you have oily skin, Lexli Daily Moisturizer for Oily Skin developed this face moisturizer to help regulate your skin’s oil level (sebum) while locking in vital moisture.

Likewise, Daily Moisturizer for Oily Skin reduces shine and mattifies the skin while minimizing the appearance of large pores. And it leaves your skin hydrated and comfortable and never greasy.

You can also purchase Daily Moisturizer for Oily Skin for $37.99 from the Lexli.com  website.

winter skincare routine

Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 featuring AloeGlyC Complex.

If you have dry skin, I highly recommend Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 featuring AloeGlyC Complex. It’s the perfect addition for your winter skincare routine and has an SPF of 30 too.

As you know, it’s important to get the sun protection for your skin all year long as well.

With added SPF, this product protects the skin from the environmental factors that cause premature skin aging while keeping skin hydrated and comfortable throughout the day.

And, Day Moisturizer features Lexli’s exclusive AloeGlyC Complex®, a patented skin resurfacing technology that works to activate the skin’s natural rejuvenation response.

Winter Skincare Routine

Moisturize, Repair, and Protect While You Sleep – A Winter Skincare Routine Must!

While you are sleeping, your skin needs a good moisturizer to help repair, protect, and provide the deepest layer of moisturizer possible.

Lexli Night Moisturizer is a thick, luxurious cream that hydrates and softens skin while you sleep. It applies evenly and absorbs quickly. It never feels greasy and transforms your skin upon first application, too.

Loaded with rich emollients and humectants to lock in moisture and help minimize transepidermal water loss, you discover just how incredible your skin will look and feel.

Above all, Night Moisturizer leaves skin feeling more comfortable and looking smoother. For those who experience chronic or seasonal dryness, sensitive skin, eczema or rosacea, this soothing aloe-based cream brings immediate relief.

Additionally, this moisturizer is perfect for normal or combination skin. And, you can use it in the morning as well to ensure optimal hydration and a flawless makeup application.

Applying Night Moisturizer is one of my favorite products in my winter skincare routine and keeps my skin looking and feeling great too.

You can purchase the Lexli Night Moisturizer for $39.99 on the Lexli.com website.

winter skincare routine
winter skincare routine

Your Body Needs Moisture Too!

Your winter skincare routine wouldn’t be complete without the perfect body and hand moisturizer too.

In addition, Lexli Hand & Body Lotion is the ultimate therapy for dry hands, elbows, knees or any part of the body in need of instant relief.

This hand and body lotion is nothing like the over-the-counter lotions either. And, you don’t need a lot of this lotion to fully cover and protect.

It absorbs quickly and makes my skin moisturized and ready for those cold harsh winter days ahead.

I love the pure aloe vera that helps soothe my skin and minimize inflammation. The beeswax attracts moisture and reinforces the skin’s protective barrier too.

I always have a bottle in my handbag to use after I wash my hands. They get so dry, especially in the winter months. I never forget to leave home without it!

You can purchase Lexli Hand & Body Lotion for $22.99 on the Lexli.com website.

winter skincare routine

Your New Winter Skincare Routine!

Ideally, your winter skincare routine will help your skin look and feel beautiful as mine does for me.

And, with Lexli skincare products by your side, I know it will! I hope you get to try them this winter – I know you’ll love Lexli products as much as I do.

My Winter Skincare Routine That Perfectly Protects And Moisturizes - Sassy Townhouse Living

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