Cloakroom Ideas That Transformed Small Spaces and Downstairs Bathrooms

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If you need some inspiring cloakroom ideas or if you are transforming your downstairs bathroom, you’re at the right place! When re-designing a small downstairs cloakroom, it can seem like a huge undertaking as you may feel limited with your design ideas. However, this does not need to be the case. This is a great opportunity to express your personality and allow you to make a statement in the finished room.

cloakroom ideas downstairs bathroom

Cloakroom Ideas You’ll Love!

Unfortunately, many existing downstairs toilets do not make the most of the space provided. Most of the time, they use furniture either too big for the room size or without essential decor elements. There are so many exciting ideas you can implement for inspiration, especially for your downstairs bathroom.

Plus, you’ll have the confidence to create breath-taking room cloakroom suites like the ones below. Additionally, we have some great tips so you can avoid making these mistakes. I love home decor inspiring ideas and use them quite a bit when decorating my home.

Furthermore, it always surprises me when I discover new and exciting ways to decorate especially when it comes to my bathrooms. I hope you love them and use them for your inspiration as well. So, let’s begin.

cloakroom ideas downstairs bathroom

A Small Cloakroom Bathroom Can Still Look Chic

If your downstairs bathroom is small, you can still create a beautifully decorated bathroom space and not spend a fortune.

For example, the bathroom below features two bowl shape sinks and demonstrates you can fit into a relatively small space. In addition, the use of a small coupled toilet gives you valuable space so you can make the most of the surrounding floor.

Since both stunning sink bowls mount directly to the wall, they create a fabulous way to give the illusion of extra space too. More so, you can use the area under the sink for storage as well. And since most of us struggle with bathroom storage space it’s a great idea!

This well-thought-out bathroom provides many great ideas for anyone looking for cloakroom ideas! Also, raising the towel rail off the floor allows additional floor space and adds an extra decor element to the bathroom.

With the combination of decor ideas, even this small bathroom managed to perfectly fit a full-sized bathtub! If you notice, the larger slate floor tiles make the area look larger and provide an elegant touch to the entire bathroom.

cloakroom ideas downstairs bathroom

Cloakroom Tiles for a Modern Bathroom Look

When decorating a small space, the colors and patterns you use for the floor and walls are vital to achieving a spectacular finish. Moreover, the creative use of tiles can help make a smaller bathroom appear larger. And you can still get that modern style with chic elements.

Below, you can see the monochrome mosaic tile effect creates a beautiful decor element for any bathroom large or small. As you can see, it creates a sophisticated modern design along with a bold mix of simple colors perfect for reflecting light.

Plus, you don’t have to limit your color scheme palate either. You can mix bright colors or neutral tones as well. As far as cloakroom ideas, this truly creates a bold statement and if you are handy, you can master yourself!

Once you add tiles to your bathroom, you can incorporate various tile patterns and shapes for a unique finish. Also, the use of beautiful mirrored bathroom tile will help a small bathroom appear larger and give the illusion of extra space.

Cloakroom Ideas Downstairs Bathrooms

Modern Bathroom Cloakroom Ideas for the Disabled

For folks with disabilities, you can still enjoy a stunning bathroom and have it meet your needs as well. After all, there are cloakroom ideas for every type of need and style out there!

Of course, you want a space that allows easy navigation without the restriction of oversized elements. Nevertheless, simplicity is key when deciding on small cloakroom or downstairs bathroom ideas.

Essentially, minimizing pipework and increasing walking space is a top priority.

Handy wall-hung units are perfect and allow valuable floor space. This also helps create the illusion of increased space. Using a modern heated towel rail and an off-the-floor toilet paper holder allows for easy access and beautiful decor elements too.

If you struggle with fitting rails in your bathroom, you can use folded rails instead. This way, you can modify them for every person that uses them. Let’s not forget to install a seat in the shower as well and a handheld showerhead too. Make sure the hose is at least 60 inches long for easy access.

Of course, a walk-in tub is a perfect solution as it provides the essentials for those who enjoy the luxury of a shower as well as a soaking bath.

Cloakroom Ideas Downstairs Bathrooms

Spice Up Your Bathroom With Some Unique Ideas!

The size of your downstairs toilet does not need to limit your cloakroom toilet ideas either. Last year, we decided to spice up our downstairs bathroom too, and now, we transformed it into a stunning space for all to enjoy!

With a small bathroom area, you can think outside the regular and go for some bold, large, and decorative prints. We use this Turquoise Blossoming Almond Trees Wallpaper featured below.

Bathroom Wallpaper

If you have room for a shower, you can add beautiful tiles that look like shiplap tiles too.


Just because your downstairs bathroom is small, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and stunning decor elements. I love the Mannequin Body Torsos below. They add a wonderful decor element and are perfect for hanging towels and bathrobes.

Cloakroom Ideas Downstairs Bathrooms

And, take a chance with some color too! You can step outside your comfort zone and add vibrant colors to your small bathroom as well!

In conclusion, you can gain inspiration from so many cloakroom ideas available right at your fingertips.

If you have the budget when remodeling, make sure you do the research and map out exactly the look and style you desire for your new bathrooms.

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