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Can A Small Bluetooth Speaker Pack A Huge Boom? You Betcha!

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I’ve finally found a Bluetooth speaker small enough to be portable and still have the same BOOM as the larger ones. This XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker With Mic is all you’ll need. You have to check this one out. You can literally fit it in your back pocket!

XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

As technology continues to shrink in size, Bluetooth gadgets continue to evolve and become even better. What does that mean for us music lovers?

Everything! That’s why you have to check this Bluetooth speaker out. I never recommend anything that I don’t give at least 4 out of 5 stars to and this speaker is a 5-star product.

The XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker is literally the best I’ve ever tested or owned. 

WOW, and BOOM is the two first words I use to describe the sound. In the past, I’ve purchased two Bluetooth speakers that were mega in size and didn’t nearly sound half as good as this tiny gem.

The cost was triple the amount of the XSBOOM as well.  I paired this with my phone as well as other Bluetooth devices and the sound is amazing. Check it out for yourself below. 

It’s literally the size of an egg! 

XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Product Details: 

The XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for Apple iPhone iPad iPod Mini Portable Wireless Speakers. It comes with an awesome storage pouch as well as a designer box. 

XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

It’s rechargeable and you get 10 hours of play with one charge. Charges super fast too!  It uses the latest technology 4.0 Bluetooth and smart battery life!

If you love tech gadgets as much as I do, then you’ll flip over the sound quality too. 

XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

I highly recommend this XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker. I’m having a blast with it. 

XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

XSBOOM is a snap to sync and simple to operate. Setup is SUPER EASY, and it pairs quickly with all your smartphones, tablets and laptops. Plus enjoy HANDS-FREE CALLS with the built-in microphone – perfect for phone calls or Skype.

I know you’ll love it as much as I do. It’s perfect for travel, home, school, or anywhere you go!

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