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Easily Transform Your Shower Into A Spa Experience

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Changing your shower head is so much easier than you think and the transformation is astounding. Bring a spa directly into your shower! Every few years I make it a point to change our showerheads.

Easily Transform Your Shower Into A Spa Experience - Sassy Townhouse Living

It seems like there are always upscaled models out there to try so when I the folks over at Aqua Dance offered me an opportunity to test drive their Aqua Dance Handheld 5 Function Showerhead in Chrome to review, I just had to say yes! 

Product Details: High-power deluxe hand shower with 5 settings and large 4″ chrome face for overhead and handheld use. Includes 5′ shower hose and angle-adjustable overhead bracket.

  • Features: Water Saving Option
  • Includes: Hose, Installation Hardware, Showerhead
  • Material: Plastic, Chrome, Metal
  • Metal Finish: Chrome
  • Finish: Chrome-Plated
  • Protective Qualities: Rustproof, Corrosion Resistant
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 Gal. Gallons Per Minute
  • Showerhead Settings: Pulsating Spray, Light Spray, Full Spray
  • Number of Settings: 5
  • Assembly Details: assembly required, no tools needed

The showerhead that was installed was only about a year old, but boy did I ever make a mistake buying that one. The problem with it was the secondary hose was not pliable and it was next to impossible to twist it to use properly. I knew that one just had to go!

It’s so easy to install!

Easily Transform Your Shower Into A Spa Experience
Easily Transform Your Shower Into A Spa Experience

They even provide you with a spool of the white string that wraps around the neck! 

Easily Transform Your Shower Into A Spa Experience

And done..simple as 1,2,3! No tools needed! 

Easily Transform Your Shower Into A Spa Experience

We did remove the water-saving device because my hubby and I can’t stand it! If you think about it, you are wasting more water leaving it in because you have to take longer showers to get all the shampoo out of your hair and feel like you have had a proper shower. Once removed, the showerhead is transformed into a home spa! 

Easily Transform Your Shower Into A Spa Experience

It’s so easy to pop it off its mount and clean the shower too. So much nicer than having two hoses! 

Here are the water streams you can change it to. Pulsating Spray, Light Spray, and Full Spray. 

Easily Transform Your Shower Into A Spa Experience

Since I’ve posted this, I’ve also added the Aqua Dance 3 Way Rainfall Combo Showerhead in chrome! I love this showerhead! It’s really like having a mini-spa in your shower. The amount of water you get out of both heads is like no other. I love changing the settings too. It really does feel like rainfall is dancing around you. 

Aqua Dance 3 Way Rainfall Combo Showerhead - Chrome

I hope you get inspired to change your shower head and enjoy the luxury of a home spa right in your own shower! 

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  1. Carolann, I was just thinking this would make great Christmas presents for my grown kids. That was even before I saw how inexpensive they are. I would love to have you post it on Snickerdoodle Sunday Linky Party. Come join the party at 6PM Eastern time on Saturday.

  2. My BFF (also my cousin’s wife) Lynne got me hooked on these. We have one in every bath. Hate going to hotels that don’t have them now. (Unless they have a Jacuzzi tub, then they are forgiven.)

    Love this one, Carolann!

  3. Thanks so much Donna! It’s so nice hearing from you thanks much for stopping by and commenting. Oh yes, hotels have to have them for sure. LOL about the jacuzzi tub. I wish we had one at home too. Ahhh to the little and big things in life that make us happy campers lol. Hope all is well Donna xo

  4. The shower room is my favorite part of the house. After a tiring day from work, it’s the only place that can bring back my energy especially when I do a shower. It’s just give me comfort whenever I need one. I’m sure this thing you’ve shared can make things better for me in my shower regimen and will add comfort as well. I hope to get one soon.

  5. I feel exactly the same way! The shower is a haven of relaxation and comfort. That’s why shower heads are so important to me. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend!

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