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Sync2 – Sync Microsoft Outlook Between PC’s And Mobile Devices

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Sync2 – Sync Microsoft Outlook Between PC’s And Mobile Devices


If you use MS Outlook for everything in your day-to-day life then you are going love this! Sync all of your data with all your devices! Whenever I find something I love, whether it’s makeup, food, clothes, software, whatever! – I enjoy sharing it with you. I found a software application and have been using it for around two years now, and I don’t know how I ever did without it. Let me tell you what it’s all about!

 It’s called Sync2 by 4Team Corporation – and it is fabulous! I’m the type of person that relies heavily on my calendars. I use it for everything – doctor appointments beauty salon appointments, meetings, important things to remember, you name it, it’s on my calendar. With that being said, I must have my Outlook calendar sync with all my mobile devices. I searched and searched, and luckily tripped across Sync2.

This easy to install software, syncs my Outlook calendar on my PC, to my Google calendar, to my Ipad, to my Android mobile device flawlessly. Think about that, and how awesome that is. If I add an event to my Outlook calendar, it immediately syncs to every device I tell it to. Here are some of the main features below. It’s so easy to set up – there are just a lot of options to choose from, so don’t think of it as complex.

I want to share with you, how this looks on my devices. So easy, so simple and it makes all your calendar data available to you where ever you are!

Your Ipad

ipad calendar

Your Android

android screenshot

Your Outlook

outlook calendar

Your Google Calendar

google calendar screenshot

It just doesn’t get any easier than that! I never miss any meetings or forget important tasks, they are with me every place I go!

I know there are a lot of bullet points listed below, but these are all of the things Sync2 can do! 

Main features of Sync2:

  • Synchronize Microsoft Outlook on multiple PCs without a server. Synchronize (Clone) your Outlook personal folders: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, E-mails with your second desktop or laptop without the Exchange Server.
  • Sync multiple Outlook Calendar folders with the Google Calendar calendaring service. Synchronize Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar. Share and access Outlook Calendar through the web or smartphone. 
  • Now all additional contact fields, such as “Nickname”, “Birthday”, “Anniversary”, “Website”, “Person”, are synchronized. Make your contacts the same on your Outlook and Gmail.
  • One-way synchronization option between Outlook and Google. Sync2 allows you to transfer changes made in Calendar or/and Contacts from Outlook to Google or from Google to Outlook. This way the changes or newly created items will be transferred in one direction only.
  • Backup Outlook data before synchronization automatically. New! Sync2 now comes with integrated Folder Backup for Outlook tool functionality, which creates a backup of your Outlook Calendar and Contacts data before each synchronization. In case you need to restore the data to how it was before, you can easily do it from the Microsoft Outlook toolbar in a few seconds.
  • Instant sync after changes is made in Microsoft Outlook. New! Your data can now be synchronized instantly after any changes in Outlook. You can be sure that changes you make in Microsoft Outlook will appear on the other device or in your Google account immediately. Instant sync is turned on by default, but it can be disabled from the settings if you do not want it.
  • Synchronize any Outlook Personal Folders (.PST file) and all Outlook items fields, including flags and “Read/Unread Status”, Sync2 will make sure that your Outlook folders on all computers involved in synchronization will look exactly the same. Synchronize Microsoft Outlook folders and subfolders, even with your own custom forms and imported items.
  • Synchronize Microsoft Outlook Exchange Folders (.OST file). Now Exchange Mailbox can be synchronized with other PCs. Synchronize and share Outlook folders with your co-workers without the Exchange Server.
  • Synchronization across different Outlook versions (Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013)
  • You don’t need to worry if Outlook versions of computers you want to synchronize differ. Synchronization works across any Outlook versions.
  • Secure – You can use standard methods to secure your channels and data (VPN, LAN, Peer-to-peer secure connections, etc.) via Sync2 information that is being sent.
  • And so much more! 

Here are some screenshots of the interface.

Be sure to check out their video tutorials and how-to’s here

Check out their video explaining how easy and awesome this software is to use.

If you have any questions, please ask me anytime by leaving a comment below.

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