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The Best Bandwidth & Internet Security Monitor For Your Computer

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The Best Bandwidth & Internet Security Monitor For Your Computer

The Best Bandwidth & Internet Security Monitor For Your Computer - Sassy Townhouse Living

The Internet is now weaponized! Who is your computer talking to? Wouldn’t you love to know?  I can’t help it – at times, I’m nosey, especially when it comes to what’s going on with my network and my computer in general. I’m one of those people who don’t like to blindly sit by and trust the internet security gods to watch over my data and my PC. I do whatever it takes to protect my computer, data, and software from being spied on and hacked. Wouldn’t you like to as well?

I’ve been using computers for over twenty years now, and I have seen a lot! I’ve witnessed the evolution of the internet and have assisted in the development of many various types of software, and one thing I know for sure is you can’t close your eyes and have blind faith when it comes to securing your computer. Like most things in life, you have to be proactive and protect yourself, don’t take the lazy way out, and learn as much as you can. We install, we Google, and we store our lives on our computers and that alone should be enough for a wake-up call. 

I’ve always tested various types of software that allowed me to get a good global view of who’s on my network, what software is speaking the loudest, and what can put me in harm’s way, and I’ve never been totally happy with them because they were always cumbersome, convoluted to understand, and never provided me with a clear picture of what was actually going on – until I started using GlassWire. And the best part – it’s free! 

GlassWire is jam-packed with features and functionality, and I’d like to highlight its core features for you today. 

GlassWire Network Security Monitor

They built GlassWire to help their friends and family visually see what exactly their computers are doing over the Internet and regain control of their network activity, security, and privacy. I appreciate homegrown software so much and the folks over at GlassWire provided me with the pro-version in exchange for this review which I am thrilled about! 

GlassWire is a network security tool that visualizes your past and present network activity on an easy to understand graph. The GlassWire tool alerts you to possible threats, manages your firewall, monitors remote servers, and helps anyone understand their network activity.

Install GlassWire to help protect your privacy, add an extra layer of security to your computers, and speed up your Internet access by removing or blocking applications that are wasting your bandwidth.

Please be sure to watch my tutorial on GlassWire below! 

Firstly, GlassWire’s firewall software reveals threats your antivirus missed – and that’ a huge plus-plus for sure! Below, you can see some of GlassWire’s core features. 

Glasswire details

Below, you can see what GlassWire offers for their paid-for versions. And their tech support is outstanding as well – they take it very seriously and are there to help  you in any way they can!

Glasswire paid for details

Here is a link to their User Guide which is very helping in explaining all the features and how they work.

Be sure to download GlassWire today and protect your most valued possessions – your data and your personal information! 

Please let me know if you have any questions – I’d be happy to answer them in the comment section below. 

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