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Be Honest – Do You Love Taking Selfies?

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Selfies are the standard norm in today’s society. Kids love them, adults are obsessed with them, and celebrities thrive on them.

Selfies can be fun and socially engaging – they can also create a lot of pressure ensuring you’ve taken the “perfect” one. We edit them, we filter them, we delete them, yet we continue our search for the best tools to take them.

Be Honest - Do You Love Taking Selfies Sassy Townhouse Living

I remember the first “selfie” I took with my smartphone. I was so self-conscious and probably took ten of them before I shared the one I liked.

Taking selfies is so much easier now and with the plethora of editing tools available, we can adorn ourselves with an array of filters to ensure we feel good about the photos we share.

The Selfie Stick: Then, along comes the selfie stick! The selfie stick was listed in Time magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2014. Canadian inventor Wayne Fromm patented his “Quik Pod” in 2005.

Phone-holding rods have been available in the United States since at least 2011, with an iStabilizer-branded monopod going on sale in 2012. Selfie sticks are getting a bad rap as of late and I don’t understand exactly why. I think they are a great way to enhance the already ever so popular selfie

Reasons I love the selfie stick:

1. Selfie sticks allow you to take group photos fitting many people in it – finally, we can fit everyone in a group picture. I think that’s a plus-plus for sure! Its benefits are clear: There are more variation of angles and far more opportunities to fit people into a shot.

2. You never have to ask a stranger again to take photos for you! I was always embarrassed about having to ask, so the selfie stick solves that problem!

3. Improving the quality of your photos – No more shakiness or off-centered pics! You can even prop the stick up against something to ensure stability.

4. No more awkwardly positioning your phone to snap photos – that’s the most annoying part of taking a selfie – you have to make sure you hand is exactly where it needs to be while you are posing for the selfie. With a selfie stick, it takes all that nonsense out of the picture…literally!

And the benefits can be endless. I was walking around NYC recently and saw loads of folks with selfie sticks. At almost every street corner, someone is selling them. So, with that said, I broke down and got one too!

That’s why I chose this Extendable Selfie Stick and for a few good reasons. Firstly, the price point for what you get is great. Below, are the features and some pics of what it looks like. 

  • SELFIE STICK A MUST FOR PHOTO ENTHUSIASTS: Portable self-portrait monopod allows you take interesting selfies from unique angles or inspect hard-to-reach places. Extend the telescoping pole to reach your cell phone above crowds at music concerts, festivals or other busy destinations like Disney.
  • LOCKING EXTENDABLE TELESCOPIC MONOPOD POLE: Locking groove prevents the rod from slipping with your phone’s weight, keeping your phone safe, secure and steady. You can use it at any length you desire (up to 97 cm/38 in).
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT SELF PORTRAIT MONOPOD: Collapses into small package easy to slip into a purse or backpack & take with you to travel anywhere, whether you’re exploring outdoors camping, hiking, backpacking, relaxing on the beach or flying to international European destinations like Paris. Weighs less than a point and shoot camera.
  • FAST PAIRING BLUETOOTH REMOTE SHUTTER BUTTON: Universally compatible with most mobiles. You can also place smartphone anywhere and still use the remote control on the self-shooting monopod to snap a photo from anywhere. Great for parties or family groups to get everyone in the picture.
  • 4 STUNNING COLORS: Choose your favorite of our 4 brilliant colors: Pink, Blue, Green or Black. Order your quality Zaza Selfie Stick today with the comfort of our Hassle-Free 2 Year Refund or Replacement Guarantee. Click the Orange button to Order Now!

Huuman ZaZa Selfie Stick

This is what it comes with shipped.

Huuman ZaZa Selfie Stick

Group photos are transformed. Think of what that famous photo at the Oscars would have been like without one?

Huuman ZaZa Selfie Stick Group Photo
I’ve been taking some many awesome nature photos with my new selfie stick in addition to group selfies. So, grab yourself a selfie stick like I did and have a blast!

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  1. I don’t take many selfies, but when I do with a friend, I actually like asking people to take a picture of us. In New York it’s a great way to strike up casual conversations with people from all over the place. And I never ever mind taking pictures of other people when they ask.


  2. I’ve always thought it was bizarre to see people walking around with Selfie sticks when we’re on vacation but I can definitely see the benefit. I take the worst selfies so I may have to give in and try one!

  3. They are everywhere today, but I have to admit, I’d feel like an idiot and it would be just one more thing to lose. But they are definitely an item whose time has come!

  4. I do at times too and most folks esp in NYC are good about it. At times, when no one is around, that’s where I love using my selfie stick. It’s great for nature shots too.

  5. Shouldn’t a group one be called a groupie!! lol I’m loving my selfie stick as well except I keep forgetting to take out with me. Gonna have to hang it by the door.

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