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How To Be A Sassy, Smart, And Slick Shopper

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How To Be A Sassy, Smart, And Slick Shopper 

How To Be A Sassy, Smart, And Slick Shopper

It’s all about making sure you get the best deal possible, isn’t it? Shopping is hard work but if you use a few good tips before your purchase, you can get the best deals!  I always like to think about my purchases first before shopping. Yes, there are times when I impulse shop, but those times are far and few between now that I’m armed with some good rules. Here are some rules I like to follow before shopping.

Practice the 4Ws: Why do you need it? Where will you put it? What will you use it for? Who will use it? These are all good questions to ask and allows you to put into practice some good habits too.

Use Cash Avoid Plastic: If I want something badly enough, I make sure I have the cash on hand. Plastic is far too tempting and you could get yourself into some deep debt if you don’t have self-control

Prioritize Your Needs Vs. Your Wants: Do you need it, or do you want it? I make sure I ask myself that question directly after the 4w’s. Sure,  you can justify why you need it, but you really need it? 

Benchmark Everything!: This is one of my most powerful rules to follow. In the past, if I saw something I wanted to buy I wouldn’t do much comparison shopping – possibly look at a two brands or models and quickly make a decision. Not anymore. Now, I research and take as much time as I need before my purchase. I use to pressure myself into thinking I had to make a decision quickly and for no good reason quite frankly. Let me give you one good example.

Clipping Coupons: So there is no big surprise here. We all clip coupons right? I decided to check the sources I was clipping them from. I primarily use the internet, newspapers, and local flyers, but I wanted to make sure I was covering all aspects of where I could get coupons. I realized I wasn’t emailing the companies directly. Did you know you could do that? I’d say, most companies will reply back with coupon offers. There are times when I can’t find a coupon through my regular sources so emailing the company directly really pays off! 

If I make sure I go through my checklist and practice the 4Ws, I pretty much save money and get the products I need! 

So, point being, next time you are shopping be sure you do your homework and research as much as you can. 

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