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8 Of The Best DIY Home Repair Tutorials On YouTube

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Ever since the advent of YouTube, DIY enthusiasts have created awesome content, especially when it comes to DIY Home Repair Tutorials. Are you a DIYer and would rather spend time learning home repair projects than spending the money hiring someone? That’s exactly what drove me to research YouTube and start learning these skills myself.

DIY Home Repair

YouTube DIY Tutorials Make Learning Fun

After years of watching DIY Home Repair tutorials, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites and, of course, had to share them with you! I love discovering the best home remodeling tips, and make sure I save them too! 

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His first YouTube video was uploaded 9 years ago and had hundreds and hundreds of instructional videos.

1 – FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

This FIX IT Home Improvement Channel channel is devoted to creating videos for home improvement projects and products for the home and garden. They also feature a Fix It Home Improvement Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, the Spotify mobile app, the Google Play Music app, or iHeart Radio.

However, DIY repair is not easy, so paying for quality iPhone repair services is totally worth it. Ever since we switched to using an iPhone, it’s essential to know the best places to repair them. Fortunately, when it comes to repairing your phone, you can use trusted services and avoid headaches.

I love watching product reviews as well. They are very detailed and let you know what you are in for before going out and spending money on a product. 

DIY Home Repair

2 – Mr. Fix It 

Mr. Fix It is a DIY YouTube channel dedicated to producing high-quality content targeted towards home improvement, repair projects, How-To & Style, and the tools that make them possible. You can also check out the full website at www.mrfixitdiy.com.

I really enjoy the tutorials they are very detailed and offer a good range of creative ideas too. 

DIY Home Repair

3 – Home Repair Tutor

Jeff Patterson is the founder of Home Repair Tutor and Co-Founder of Bathroom Repair Tutor. He posts new videos every week, and he tries to answer all his questions in the comments. If you are remodeling a bathroom, he features some very detailed tutorials and offers a range of creative ideas.

He’s also been uploading content for over 4 years and had hundreds of very using instructional videos for your next DIY Home Project! It’s so helpful for discovering ways to repair your home appliances too! 

4 – This Old House

Build Your Dream. Do It Right. This Old House is America’s most trusted home improvement brand. This Old House gives expert advice on home improvement, remodeling, upgrades, tools, and products. With 8 years under their belt, This Old House has uploaded oodles of video tutorials to help DIYers with a wide range of topics.

If you need lessons on gardening to install a doorknob, This Old House is the perfect solution.

DIY Home Repair

5 – Simple Home Art Decor Ideas

Looking for some creative ways to update your existing home decor? Well, Simple Home Art Decor Ideas has them. Loaded with hundreds of inspirational tutorials, you will find videos on everything from updating Ikea furniture to ways to organize your home like a ninja master!

6 – TheHandymanToolbox

For the past 7 years, the mission of TheHandymanToolbox mission statement is to educate, equip, and empower DIY Enthusiasts. And to have the confidence to take on their own home maintenance and repair projects!

Handymen & Contractors will also benefit from the insights, tips & solutions shared here.

 DIY Home Repair

7 – Engineer Your Space

The channel EngineerYourSpace is an award-winning How-to DIY home design show dedicated to clever, affordable, and stylish solutions for rental apartments. Watch and become inspired to transform your “less than perfect” rental from an eyesore to a beautiful home you’ll be proud of with easy rental decor projects.

8 – Better Homes and Gardens

The Official Better Homes and Gardens YouTube brings you the destination for all your DIY, Food, Garden, Lifestyle, and Pet needs.

BHG readers take pride in their homes and are constantly looking for ways to improve their lives: whether it’s planning their garden for Spring, looking for a new project for their home, or creating a special meal for their family.

Presented by Johanna Griggs, with Graham Ross, Dr. Harry Cooper, Ed Halmagyi, Jason Hodges, Karen Martini, Tara Dennis, Adam Dovile, and Demi Harman, the team shows you ways you can improve your home and lifestyle, whether its Lifestyle, DIY hobbies, pets, gardening, and home improvement projects.

I know you will learn, enjoy, and create wonderful DIY Home Repair projects in your home and benefit from the wide range of DIY tutorials from this list. Please let me know if you have any questions below.


8 Of The Best DIY Home Repair Tutorials On YouTube - Sassy Townhouse Living

Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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