6 Unsightly Decorating Mistakes You Need To Change Now

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You might not realize how these six unsightly decorating mistakes in your home make it look outdated and with zero creative personality. Our home decor is a reflection of ourselves, and rightfully so. We all want bits and pieces of our creativity and things we love reflected in our homes.

Instead, often, it’s about what we don’t do and not so much what we do. After all, we can’t expect to know the ins and outs of decorating without trial and error. In the event you make some decorating mistakes, it’s ok. The good news is that we can quickly rectify them and use the knowledge moving forward.

Decorating Mistakes

Look At Your Decorating Mistakes As Lessons Learned

We all have friends whose homes have a personality of their own. Some have a rustic feel, and others are open and sleek. However, while some look too crowded with art decor and oversized pillows, we can easily spot the decorating mistakes quickly.

Moreover, this happens when you exercise your editorial eye and start seeing things through a decorator’s lens. And with some research and attention to detail, you can also quit making these mistakes with your home decor.

Furthermore, discovering these decorating mistakes is a win-win, whether it’s your first apartment or a seasoned homeowner!

Decorating Mistakes

1 – Boob Lights – Unsightly Decorating Mistakes You Can Easily Change

We’ve all seen them. Rounded bulb covers with a nipple screw in the center. These lights have been around for over 100 years and flourished in modern homes for a few reasons. Landlords and builders loved these so-called boob lights because they could buy them in bulk for a cheap cost (around $50). Plus, changing the light bulbs was easy and affordable.

Their reasoning was to make rooms appear more extensive and spacious. The concept worked because they installed them close to the ceiling, making rooms appear more prominent. However, these fixtures stick out as cheap, plain, and outdated in a world of ever-changing style.

Nowadays, hanging fixtures, flush mounts, pendant lights, or recessed lights are ideal replacements. So, if one or all of your rooms features a boob light fixture, you can quickly find an affordable replacement. Moreover, doing so will fix the one decorating mistake that makes your home look outdated and uninteresting.

2 – Cluttered Entryways

Let’s face it. No one likes clutter anywhere in our homes and especially in our entryways. First impressions matter; you don’t want guests stumbling over shoes, knocking over a coat hanger, or umbrella stand. Or worse and fall into a cabinet, causing injury.  

For example, you can quickly remedy this by adding a decorative shoe and coat rack for your entryway. Plus, the family will have a place to sit where they can sit, put their shoes on, relax, and wait for friends. Adding a place to keep things like shoes, coats, boots, scarfs, and more adds an instant clutter solution!

If your home seems more cluttered than usual, starting with the entryway is a great way to branch out and do the rest! You can easily avoid decorating mistakes like this with one product!

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3 – Plastic Mirror Frame Or A Wall Mirror Without A Frame

Mirrors have had a longstanding position in the fashion and home decor industry. And they come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and weights. Nowadays,  you can find affordable decorative mirrors for any room in your home.

Typically, it’s a good idea to avoid decorating with plastic mirror frames or a mirror without a decorative frame. But, above all, avoid this decorating mistake at all costs, even in the bathroom. Also, avoid hanging a mirror with a plastic frame as it looks tacky, especially extra large floor mirrors.

To make mirrors stand out, try adding a gold mirror frame. You can find them in any department store or online. Right now, adding gold decor creates style and a touch of class to any home decor accessories. In addition, gold mirror frames can help open a room and can help add personality to a home.

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4 – Avoid Cheap Artificial Plants And Flowers

Adding green and pops of color to your decor always creates a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere. But unfortunately, while we love living plants, we don’t have the patience or time to care for them properly. So, many of us turned to artificial plants and flowers to decorate our homes. While that’s perfectly fine, you’ll want to avoid inexpensive and cheap-looking ones and opt for something more high-end.

You can also spot the inexpensive artificial plants and flowers easily, and they quickly become dust collectors. You can see frayed edges on the leaves and poorly shaped blooms on the flowers. If you can’t afford them, you can always start with one plant and increase them over time.

5 – Generic Art

Everyone has or knows someone that went through a phase of cluttering their bedroom or home with generic art. We always recognize it when we see it. For example, the large prints of renowned paintings, water paintings of animals, abstract time-lapse photos of generic city traffic, paintings that list beach rules, house rules, husband or wife rules, not to forget the infamous LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE are all excellent examples.

However, did you know they mass produce this generic art, and many people decorate their homes with them? And you can find many of these items in department and art supply stores and quickly become decorating mistakes. Instead, shop for unique artwork you won’t find in homes across the country.

Instead, find art you like that you don’t see in other people’s homes. Remember, it’s better to have fewer wall art decorations than too many. And you’ll find you can avoid these types of decorating mistakes quickly by not overcrowding your walls with cheap art.

decorating mistakes

6 – Staged Overcrowded Accessories

Fanned stacks of magazines, battery-operated candles, oversized pot plants, shells, thick modern art books casually laid on an end stand, a typewriter, the list go on. All these items clutter a living or sitting room. You can easily avoid decorating mistakes like this by not overcrowding your home.

Moreover, we buy many of these items to stage in our homes, which can quickly become a decor nightmare. Instead, add a few simple decorative items such as books that you or your family are reading, a small live plant, or a couple of decor items. The point is to not overcrowd your home with many things that quickly become dust collectors.

You Can Easily Avoid Decorating Mistakes Like These

Remember, decorating your home doesn’t need to cost a small fortune or create stress. Hopefully, with these tips, you can personalize your home to match you or your family. So the next time you go to a department store, look at the art decor items before grabbing them.

Try and get a sense of how you want your home to look and feel to guests and friends. Remember, if it fills the shelf at a department store, chances are it’s mass-produced and not suitable for you or your home.

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