7 Ways Make The Most Of Your Small Bedroom Without Forsaking Decor

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If you have a small bedroom, it can be challenging to add the decor elements we so love and admire. That’s why these seven ways to decorate and not forsake your decor are so helpful. 

Perk Up Your Small Bedroom

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Our living spaces are getting gradually smaller, especially as a result of the modern big-city lifestyle. We are constantly looking for ways to use these limited spaces smartly, usually putting practicality and storage purposes on top of the list.

The rather hidden areas of our homes, like bedrooms, inevitably end up hosting a cluster of random objects or just a bunch of soulless furniture we chose for their functionality.

However, bedrooms are supposed to be the most personal part of our homes, and they deserve more attention than this! The design and decor of your sleeping place can actually affect the quality of your slumber, and waking up in a spacious, bright, and restful room can play a big role in filling you up with positive energy to face the new day.

Decorating Your Small Bedroom Without The Hassle

My townhouse is great in so many ways, yet I knew decorating a small bedroom would be challenging. While the master bedroom is larger than the other bedrooms, it was still a lot smaller than I would have preferred. That’s why I made sure to research, take notes, and only choose pieces I would know worked well in the space. 

Pay attention to the example images in this article. If you have a small bedroom, they will be a great source of inspiration too! When I researched my bedroom’s decor elements, that’s exactly what I did – I used photos of beautiful small bedroom decor to help inspire me! 

So whether you are decorating a new house from scratch or feeling that it’s high time you made some changes, read on! You don’t have to choose between creating an ample living area in your bedroom and beautiful decor—you can have the best of both worlds by taking a look at our list for some useful tips.

1 – Colors

Colors are scientifically proven to affect your sleep quality and mood. When choosing your bedroom color scheme, it is a good idea to stick to a limited palette to achieve a complete feel throughout. White hues surely make your bedroom appear bigger than it is, plus it will have a clean and airy look, but you can always warm it up with contrasting objects and furniture.

If white isn’t your thing or you’re worried about its maintenance, opt for relaxing pastel tones like azure, soft pink, lilac, and pale yellow.

You can see how they decorated using core elements in white while adding brilliant pops of color in the image below. They even used beautiful ceiling tiles in white to pull the entire room together. I also love the use of the mirrored glass end tables too.  What a great way to make a small bedroom look and feel larger! 

2 – Lighting

If you are a morning person, natural lighting is your best bet. If possible, go for big windows with light lace curtains or plain or decorative roller blinds to let the morning sun in; it will lift your spirits and make your bedroom look energetic. It’s also a lot of fun to add pops of color to your window frames as well. 

When it comes to lamps and chandeliers, you can use soft yellow or decorative lightbulbs and some good old-fashioned reading lamps on either side of your bed. Try to stay clear of floor lamps, though; you can efficiently illuminate your room with built-in wall lights or even some decorative table lamps with DIY lampshades.

small bedroom decor

You can see in the image below, this small bedroom as a wonderful window with light lace curtains that works splendidly. They managed to use decor elements that made the whole room light up naturally. I love the use of green, too, by adding some beautiful plants in stunning vases too. 

3 – Mirrors

Mirrors are a small house’s best friend. They complement the room’s decor and create the illusion of space when placed correctly. You can go for a mirror wall opposite the window to amplify the natural light and double the space or attach a large mirror on your bedroom vanity to complete the set and make the piece appear smaller so it doesn’t dominate the room.

A tall mirror propped against the wall might also make the ceiling look higher. Below is a great example of a tiny bedroom and how the entire back wall is mirrored with stunning decorative mirrored panels. I love this idea because the mirrors make the room look and feel so much larger!

4 – Style

Opting for a minimalist aesthetic is a foolproof way to maximize the space all over your home. But minimal does not stand for bland—it can be customized to any taste or preference, classical or modern. When it comes to bedroom design, Ally Olson from VisionBedding says that a shabby chic decor style is trendy right now.

This soft, romantic look can be created using either new furniture that is distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique or actual vintage items boasting the wear and tear effect of long years. If you love shabby chic decor, the example in the room below is a great place to start for inspiration!

5 – Furniture

Once you know what form of interior design you will stick with, you’ll be ready to make some clever choices during the actual purchasing process. Consider downsizing your bed—a humble full-size bed might very well give you what you need, instead of a queen or a king.

If you are in a really tight squeeze, you can even use a multifunctional futon or a sofa bed. Ensure your entertainment units are placed in another room, as looking at screens right before bed may negatively affect your sleep. If you won’t give up on your nightly TV time, though, mount a flat-screen TV up on a wall instead of making room for an entire unit.

6 – Measurements

With some extra time and effort put into careful planning, all items in your bedroom should find their perfect place and fit in. Measure your walls and your furniture, then draw a simple plan before going into the pushing and pulling; tucking your bed right into a corner or under the eaves or using the gap next to a column for a closet may leave some usable space in the rest of the room.

Moving into a smaller home taught us some hard lessons. One of them was making sure I measure before buying new furniture. I have some furniture pieces that are way too large for some of the rooms in my townhouse, and I’m planning on selling them and replacing them with smaller pieces that work much better. 

In the image below, the decorator had little space to work within this small bedroom. They carefully planned and purchased the perfect size end tables so the closet door can see be accessed easily. I love the decor elements they used, and the brick back wall really pulls the room together perfectly! 

7 – Storage

The fewer items lying around, the more capacious your bedroom will look. Invest in good storage units that won’t interfere with the overall decor so that you can keep your clothes, books, and other personal belongings cleverly tucked in and tidy. A renovated chest of drawers or a simple upcycled cabinet might do the trick, while a headboard with shelves will surely carry some load.

You can once again take up a DIY project—why not stack some vintage suitcases on top of one another to craft a chic bedside table? When looking for storage ideas, don’t forget to think vertical; you can attach things on the walls to make room for vital pieces of furniture on the floor.

We have some exciting examples to show you below some vintage suitcases in small bedrooms that look incredible. 

It’s so easy to stack some old vintage suitcases and turn them into a stunning end table. You can even use them for storage as well! 

I love how using them at the foot of your bed is a great idea too! I think they really made this small bedroom look super cute, and they can be very functional too. 

I really appreciate this money-saving nightstand DIY decor tip too! All you need to do is get an old bar stool, prop a piece of vintage luggage on top, and bam! Now, you have a shabby chic end table that costs next to nothing!

8 – Add Some Flair

No matter how many square feet you actually have to work on, it all comes down to creating a complete look that’s pleasing to the eye. Even though decluttering is the key to maximizing any space, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touch to your bedroom decor.

To achieve that cottage-style design that spruces up any bedroom, small or large, you can go with polka dots or floral patterns or use actual houseplants and flowers to bring elegance into your mornings.

Old chests, armoires, or desks can come to life with the right shades of painting and rustic details. In contrast to this, there are plenty of modern designs that cater to tiny spaces, such as sofa beds or beds that fold up into the walls, coffee tables that double as storage, and many more exciting innovations.

You have a wealth of options to finish off the look of your lovely new bedroom—so have your Pinterest boards at hand and get creative! I hope you gleaned some inspiration from this article. Let me know in the comments below what you loved best about decorating your small bedroom!

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7 Ways Make The Most Of Your Small Bedroom Without Forsaking Decor - Sassy Townhouse Living

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these allow us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.


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