10 Contemporary Home Design Elements You Need To Know

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Over the past couple of years, contemporary home design continues to grow in popularity. And we see it expanding everywhere not just in our homes.

This widespread ever-growing design reflects itself in art, museums, fashion, cars, architectural design, and more.

Contemporary Home Design

The Beauty Of Contemporary Home Design Elements

Fundamentally, contemporary means “of the moment” and covers a wide array of elements. And also means it’s continually evolving as well.

If you are redesigning your home or moving into a new one, it’s important to understand these contemporary home decor elements.

More so, these characteristics reflect a neat space full of light and a sophisticated interior.

Moreover, the style defines itself by curved lines, neutral colors and a minimalist look and feel. But that’s not to say the future of contemporary home design might look slightly different.

These contemporary elements work to combine form with function. And ensure a more calming and comfortable overall vibe to the home.

Today, we will review ten important contemporary home design elements and what they involve.

1 – Bare And Smooth Flooring

When it comes to flooring for contemporary home design, bare flooring always makes its mark. The elements of a bare smooth floor always stand out as well.

For example, textures like wood, tile, or vinyl flooring are perfect options. The bare floors in this style home create a stunning visual space and a crisp modern touch.

Lately, loose lay vinyl plank flooring seems preferred by many homeowners for the relaxed feeling they give interiors.

In addition, you can also work in some area rugs for warmth, texture, and depth. Just because your home is contemporary doesn’t mean you can’t add these elements.

Moreover, vinyl flooring is cost-efficient, durable, and very easy to install. These features help define such flooring as contemporary.

Contemporary Home Design

2 – Abundant Light

Above all, nothing outweighs the benefits of natural daylight in a space. Using natural light cuts down your usage of artificial lights. And it helps saves money in the process which enhances your daily productivity.

Contemporary designs mainly focus on letting in plenty of light to the indoors. These design elements are in opposition to postmodern interior designs that feature traditional and dark interiors.

Typically, this decor element uses an open windows design. The windows feature tall and wide frames to let in the most amount of daylight.

Not only large windows but skylights and solar tubes are also popular contemporary design elements. These elements maximize daylight and allow the optimum use of natural light.

Additionally, the use of neutral colors works perfectly to reflect the light throughout the space.

Contemporary Home Design

3 – Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans typically bring a sense of unity to spaces in a house. An open floor plan is a large space without any walls.

It just has partition walls to differentiate between spaces. This contemporary element comes with many pros, such as:

  • The optimum amount of circulation around the house.
  • More light, as there are no walls to block it.
  • Flexible layout that makes it easier for you to redecorate or refurnish.
  • Multifunctional spaces in your interior.

4 – Metal Decorative Elements Found In Contemporary Home Design

The use of stainless steel, metal, nickel, and chrome can be found in any contemporary home design themed house.

They complement the fineness of contemporary design with their sleek and clean finish. These metal decorative elements create a beautiful modern look as well.

For instance, stainless steel kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures as well. Not to mention their uses in furniture as well.

Moreover, the use of metal shelves, hardware or lamps that keep the interior design consistent.

5 – Natural Materials

Using natural materials always makes a home look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it’s good to know natural materials don’t only mean wood.  

In contemporary design, natural materials can feature leather furniture for your indoor decor elements as well.

However, for the outdoors, or the exterior design in general, try using rock, slate, cotton, or wool textiles that would complement the design of the house.

6 – Neutral Color Palette In Contemporary Home Design

Any contemporary designed home must feature a fixed palette of neutral shades. This palette would mainly include shades of black, white, tan, and gray.

However, a contemporary home design uses solid colors as well to accent these shades. Such color palettes complement the metal details in the furniture as well.

Likewise, using neutral colors will allow a contemporary design lover to fully express their own personal style in their decor more effectively.

Contemporary Home Design

7 – Hidden Technology

Contemporary home design loves to focus on the hidden details. After all, you don’t want technology to interfere with your interior design elements.

For example, it does this by installing smart systems in the house that do not require any wires or cables for connection.

These wireless smart systems control:

  • Electronic devices
  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Security systems

Strategically hiding the tech in your home will allow you to focus on the design elements of the home and not unsightly wires and cables.

8 – Upholstered Furniture

For the most part, contemporary furniture features bold sleek lines that reflect upon the house’s interior design.

Even though they are bold, they are very simple and uncluttered. In other words, they do not feature any excessive curves or decorations.

Most upholstered furniture features neutral tones of either black, white, gray, or tan and typically, solids or geometric lines.

They also have unique materials that imply an element of texture to the decor space, like linen, jute, wool, cotton, or silk.

9- Form Over Function

Many previous ages in design concern itself with space’s function over its form. However, this is not the case in the era of contemporary design.

Any contemporary themed home dictates form to be as functional as it is one of its fundamental elements of design. This specific element differentiates a contemporary interior from any other design.

Moreover, any contemporary interior form uses its horizontal and elegant straight lines as a means of functionality.

Contemporary Home Design

10 – Emphasis On Texture

Generally, texture and line design reflect itself well in contemporary furniture. It does this without the need for large bold prints too.

However, that’s not just it. It does this with the additions of fabric window treatments, overstuffed pillows, and area rugs.

For instance, the use of linen wallpapers can emphasize the neat, straight lines of a contemporary themed home.

You can also use pillows, throws, and other decorative elements to pull in various textures into the home for added warmth and cozy factor.

Contemporary Home Design

Wrapping Up Contemporary Home Design

There is no doubt that contemporary home design has become the design of choice at the moment.

A contemporary themed home features a welcoming, uncluttered, and full of light alternative.

Moreover, it reflects nature in your interior. Not to mention the fact that it is always evolving to keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

Bottom line, contemporary themed homes let go of all the restrictions and formality of design rules while maintaining a well-designed interior.

With a contemporary themed home, you do not have to sacrifice function for form and also adopt an eco-friendly architecture. It marries the aesthetic appeal of traditional design while simultaneously eliminating the overdone motifs.

10 Contemporary Home Design Elements You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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