4 Transformative Bed And Bath Products You Need To See!

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When it comes to bed and bath products, we all love discovering beautiful and useful things to use in our home. Recently, we found four new bed and bath products that did just that.

Therefore, we would love for you to discover these useful, affordable, and transformative products. This way, you can enjoy them in your home too.

Bed And Bath

Bed And Bath Products To Transform Your Home

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Every month, I love discovering new bed and bath products at affordable prices to help transform my home decor. When discovering them, sharing them with you brings me much joy.

Similarly, I also enjoy learning about them from you too! Whenever you find bed and bath products you love, please share them with me as well. This past month, I decided to perk up my bed and bathroom and do it without spending a small fortune.

Below, you’ll learn about four new bed and bath products we love. I hope you enjoy them as well!

1 – PeachSkinSheets

We all love new sheets for our beds, and when you discover soft, comfortable, and well-fitting sheets, it’s a game-changer. Once you try PeachSkinSheets, you’ll never go back to your old sheets again.

First, I decided to try a set of PeachSkinSheets from The Classic Collection, and now, I feel completely spoiled! Plus, you can choose from beautiful 24 colors to match any decor. The Classic White is bright, bold, and crisp white and pairs perfectly with the rest of my bedroom decor.

As a sidenote, THE VIEW featured these PeachSkinSheets as well! With a thread count of 1500, you know that means quality sheets you can trust. PeachSkinSheets help to manage wetness through moisture-wicking, airflow, and how fast they dry.

More so, they make them of a lightweight, athletic grade fabric designed for maximum softness and comfort. Plus, every time you wash these sheets, they get softer! Also, the ultra-soft brushed finish provides a softness level that parallels 1500 thread count cotton. And it does this without the shrinkage, wrinkles, and pilling.

Sliding Into Bed In Comfort

For instance, as soon as you slide into bed, you can begin to experience the peach skin like fabric as it comforts you to sleep. And if you have a deep mattress, you’ll find these PeachSkinSheets fit flawlessly without pulling or tugging too. Making my bed is so easy now since with the deep pocket elastic banding and silky soft top sheet.

The pillowcases feel equally as soft and fit your pillow perfectly with the European envelope closures. I also love how they wash and dry so easily. And as you can see, from the image, right out of the dryer with barely a wrinkle!

Reasons You Need PeachSkinSheets On Your Bed Too!

  1. 100% Breathable Smart Fabric
  2. Airflow and moisture-wicking for hot sleepers
  3. Anti-pill resistance to fabric balls on fitted sheets
  4. Deep pockets fit perfectly for today’s thicker mattresses
  5. Athletic grade, highest quality microfiber
  6. Rough skin, callouses will not snag
  7. Brushed PeachSkin finish provides 1500tc softness
  8. Non-sateen surface ensures no slipping or sliding
  9. Anti-microbial and will not trap dust or pollen
  10. Easy care wash warm or cold with no shrinkage
  11. Dries on medium heat in 20 minutes wrinkle-free
  12. Whites stay vibrant, and colors do not fade

For example, take a look at the elastic banding around the sheet. This banding makes it so easy for the fitted sheet to slide on your mattress quickly and with ease.

Every stitch on these PeachSkinSheets Classic Collection is pure luxury and very well made. When it comes to bed and bath products, buying sheets always transforms my bedroom.

In brief, if you want cozy, beautiful sheets that fit and feel amazing, you’ll consider PeachSkinSheets too. From now on, it’s the only sheets my home needs!

2 – Rinseroo

In short, when I first say Rinseroo, I knew I had to have one. Frequently, we enjoy washing Ollie at home in our tub. Without Rinseroo, it’s messy, stressful, and backbreaking. Plus, and more importantly, it makes cleaning my tub and shower a breeze!

First, let me tell you what Rinseroo is and how it works.

To begin with, Rinseroo is a must-have rinsing and cleaning tool for your home. The connector features a super-elastic thermoplastic and stretches up to 10 times its original size without ripping. In just seconds, it converts your showerhead or faucet into a cleaning, washing, and rinsing machine!

Additionally, you’ll love how you can rinse the shower and tub without getting wet. It’s perfect for quick cleaning and cleaning your tub and walls after showering as well. It literally takes seconds to put on and take off and helps cleaning go faster.

Features and Benefits Of Rinseroo

  • Rinseroo fits most shower heads and sink faucets (up to 7” in diameter) guaranteed authentic Rinseroo. Plus, a USA based company.
  • No-installation, stretch-connect tool (for quick and easy pet bathing or shower cleaning)
  • Moves from shower to shower to sink with ease (use all over the house for multiple rinsing, cleaning, and bathing needs)
  • Lightweight, durable, and portable (5-foot hose coils up for easy storage. If you need an additional length, you can purchase the Rinseroo 2-pack. The pieces link together.)

Moreover, you can say goodbye to the messy and backbreaking chore of rinsing your shower walls or pet with buckets. Now, I use my Rinseroo every day, and Ollie doesn’t mind taking a bath now either! Be sure and visit the Rinseroo website for more shopping options as well.

3 – Toilet Tissue Paper Holder and Multi-Purpose Shelf

I admit it; I am one of those people who bring my mobile phone into the bathroom. Whether I’m cleaning the bathroom or any other reason, I want my phone to be in a safe, hygienic location. With that said, I discovered a product when research bed and bath products, called mDesign Toilet Tissue Paper Holder and Multi-Purpose Shelf.

Finally, I found the perfect shelf and toilet paper holder in one! This convenient wall-mounted rack with an attached holder bar holds jumbo-sized TP too! And the bar is open on one end so that you can easily slide your rolls in place quickly and easily.

In addition, you can store wipes, tissues, reading materials, toiletries, your mobile phone, and more! Installation is easy, and now I know my cellphone stows away in a safe, clean, and secure place.

4 – Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper

Regardless of the season, I love staying cool under the covers. I always use a mattress topper to ensure I’m cool and comfortable at night. Whenever I purchase a new bed and bath products, I always look for affordable and high-quality options.

When shopping for bed and bath products, I discovered this Leisure Town King Mattress Pad Cover & Cooling Mattress Topper. We knew it was time for our old topper to head to the recycling plant and replace it with a far better one.

More importantly, this mattress topper is breathable and ultra-soft too. It features a new HNN Cooling Technology with a cloud-like surface.  Of course, made of 300TC and 100% cotton, you’ll get the best quality too. It gives superior comfort without extra heat and sweat.  

However, if you never had a mattress topper before, it’s time to give one a try. You’ll sleep in cooling comfort, and it extends the life of your mattress too. With over 9,000 five star reviews, I knew I made the right choice. At this point, I don’t think I can ever sleep without one!

Bed And Bath Products In Closing

In conclusion, I think you’ll find these bed and bath products transformative and very affordable. I hope you get to enjoy them as much as I do! Which one is your favorite?

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