Bathroom Mold Health Risks – What You Need To Know

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Mold can make you sick and bathroom mold isn’t just unpleasant on the eye – it can be bad for your health too. Find out how to eradicate it from your life and protect you and your family. 

Mold – it’s gruesome and grubby, making its creepy appearance in your bathroom for many reasons, including poor ventilation and excess moisture. What can be universally agreed, is that this form of fungus is ghastly from an aesthetic perspective. But did you know that it can have implications for your health too?

Bathroom Mold

Bathroom Mold Health Risks – What You Need To Know

Bathrooms are the ideal breeding ground for mold due to the damp and humid conditions it thrives in. Once it appears for the first time, it can spread rapidly, releasing microscopic spores into the air. These only need a short space of time to flourish. And, don’t forget about bathroom odors too! 

Don’t fret, there is something you can do about it. It’s always in your best interest to remove it as soon as possible and find ways to prevent it, such as installing grout-free shower panels. Remember, the more of it there is, the bigger the negative impact on your health. 


Who does it affect?

I’ve had asthma since childhood and, I’m always so careful when it comes to checking my home for signs of mold. I want our home to be a healthy and happy place to live. A nasty cough, asthma, or chronic lung illness…these are just some of the effects it can have on the body.

However, certain groups of people are more sensitive to mold than others. It’s important to check this list below. 

Pregnant Women

When you’re pregnant you’re not only attempting to preserve your own health, but your unborn child’s too. Health is never more important than when you’re carrying a baby. And by surrounding yourself with black mold, pregnancy can become more difficult in an unhygienic environment.

Developing a mold-related illness during pregnancy in severe cases can lead to your baby being born with health complications.


Children and the elderly

At two opposite ends of the scale, these two groups have a certain thing in common; they have generally weaker immune systems in comparison to young or middle-aged adults.

A weaker immune system leaves them prone to mold-related sickness which can develop over time.

In fact, a 2016 study conducted as part of the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign, discovered that if an infant becomes exposed to a moldy environment in the first year of their life, they are 14% more likely to develop asthma in the future.

People with pre-existing immune disorders

Those born with a pre-existing immune disorder are also at an increased risk of developing serious conditions.

Lung infections or other respiratory illnesses are just some of the serious conditions you can get when mold influences a pre-existing immune disorder.

Examples of some of the most common immune disorders include eczema, asthma, and sinusitis.

How to eradicate mold

There should be no excuse for bathroom mold development as it’s a result of a poorly kept bathroom. It’s also fairly straightforward to remove when it’s a small amount, however, you may require professional help the larger the area it covers.

If you want to take measures into your own hands, you should equip yourself with a brush, gloves, and a protective face mask.

Give your bathroom a deep clean with bleach and make sure to keep your mouth and hands protected if there are big patches to deal with. Since I’m already cleaning obsessed and have my arsenal of cleaning products on hand, I always recommend using good cleaning products to keep your home clean. 

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Invest in shower panels

To help eliminate the prospect of bathroom mold developing you can also consider prevention methods. You can use 100% waterproof, grout-free bathroom shower panels.

They’re very simple to install as they can be placed over existing tiles. Their lack of grout makes them easier to clean and therefore more difficult for it to develop, making them considerably more hygienic than other surfaces.


To remove health hazards from your bathroom, it’s always a good idea to keep on top of mold development, so act as soon as possible to avoid putting yourself and others at risk.

We use shower panels in our home and our bathrooms are mold-free because of them! Don’t let it get to the point where it will make you and your family sick. We all need to be reminded to check for these types of things in our homes and take every preventive measure we can. 

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