How To Wear Makeup With A Face Mask (Smudge-Free!)

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Are you avoiding wearing makeup because of your face mask? Well, we have tips to show you how to apply it and smudge-free! More so, from the look of things, we will need to wear a face mask for some time to come. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a smudge-free makeup experience, either. Well, there are some easy things you can do to wear your face mask and still enjoy your beauty routine every day.

Face Mask smudge-free makup

Don’t Surrender Your Makeup Routine Because Of Your Face Mask

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Wearing a face mask doesn’t mean giving up on your daily beauty routine. All it means is tweaking your current makeup routine a bit. In short, your face mask doesn’t have to make you feel less glamourous. You can still flaunt your makeup underneath that face mask with a few adjustments.

In fact, even with the numbers of COVID19 dropping, we still might want to continue wearing face makes for a while. If you have a compromised immune system, even more so.

Since the mouth and nose are our most venerable portals, a face mask seems our best protection. And, moving forward, you can also wear them during the flu season too! As you know. not wearing a face mask in public puts everyone at risk of infection. Doing so can hurt our economy by increasing the chances of a second lockdown!

Currently, the statistics and studies show wearing a face mask serves as a barrier to ensure protection from viruses. It’s all about protecting each other. With that said, you can still enjoy your makeup routine. And, aside from your makeup routine, your skincare routine is equally as important.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can still protect your health and look beautiful at the same time.

1 – The Type Of Face Mask You Wear Makes Helps Smudge-Free Results

To start, the type of face mask you wear helps for smudge-free makeup results. After wearing a face mask for months now, I discovered the kind of fabric for the best results.

Plus, they are available in various types of materials. For instance, some of the more common fabrics include cotton, silk, chiffon, flannel, and other synthetic materials. Personally, I like vegan leather face masks. I find them easy to clean, lightweight, and a lot more fashionable.

Recently, I discovered a website called maskingfashion.com. I instantly fell in love with their face masks and their styles. I got the Corbellic Vegan Leather Print by ART MECCA. More importantly, I love the fact it’s vegan leather as well and fits so comfortably. The universal fit means it’s suitable for the average human being.

Similarly, it’s so much fun to have a designer mask and perfect makeup too! I love the replaceable filter and, it’s super easy to clean and replace. It features a HEPA-type activated carbon filter. And, keeps out odors and sub-micron particles (down to 0.3 microns). It also features a 100% activated carbon layered with non-woven melt-blown fabric.

Beautiful Face Masks Print Designed By Art Mecca

Aside from Corbellic Vegan Leather Print by ART MECCA’s aesthetic beauty, it helps prevent my makeup from smudging too! And, the filter is so easy to wash, which means you can quickly clean makeup residue. This mask is so comfortable and very easy to clean.

And they also have other beautiful fashion styles to choose from as well, or you can select a solid color pattern-free one as well. Plus, it features two exhalation valves that allow easier breathing and expel moisture while preventing outside air from entering.

As you know, cotton masks are a nightmare when wearing makeup because our makeup smudges all over them. And you can save a lot of money having to replace them every time you wear one. With a nondisposable mask, it will last for years, and all you do is wash the filter about once a month.

Ensuring you have the best face mask possible means a lot when keeping your makeup smudge-free and perfect all day long. You’ll be the talk of the town with this stunning face mask!

2 – First, Prep Your Skin Perfectly

To keep a beautiful smudge-free makeup look, it all starts with your skin. Because we wear our face mask often throughout the day, you want to ensure your skin retains moisture.

Therefore, look for products with Hyaluronic Acid that will moisturize your face all day. Hyaluronic Acid will help retain the moisture in your face and prevent drying.

Additionally, it promotes supple skin, works as a humectant, increases resilience, and promotes a smoother texture. Face masks tend to dry out our skin and can cause acne too. Hyaluronic Acid features many visible benefits, so you’ll want to make sure you start with the right skincare products.

To start, try DERMA E Hydrating Day Hyaluronic Acid Cream. At affordable prices, DERMA E features some of the best over-the-counter skincare products.

Before bed, apply DERMA E Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid. This deeply penetrating formula delivers the unmatched hydrating properties of nature’s moisture magnet.

3 – Framing Your Face By Accentuating Your Eyes

Since our face mask covers half of our face, it’s a good idea to ensure you frame your face by accentuating your eyes.

How can you do this? Easily! Create a  bolder look than you typically wear by drawing a heavier, thicker line on your eyes. More importantly, you’ll want to use a Waterproof Smudeproof Stamp Eyeliner that quickly draws the line for you. According to the Amazon ratings, it’s the latest cult-favorite makeup product!

Next, your eyebrows require a bolder look as well. Typically, we love playing up our lips, but since our masks cover our lips, let’s focus on the upper half of our faces. Creating a bold brow is the perfect way to pull the attention to your eyes.

We recommend using L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil. The thin mechanical pencil fills in sparse areas and gaps flawlessly. Go for a bolder brow or you can size up the color for a darker look as well.

Below, you can see some examples of brow shapes you can try to “zhuzh” up your look! (make more exciting, lively, or attractive).

4 – Waterproof Foundation & Setting Spray Is A Must!

Even though our face mask covers most of our faces, it’s still essential to wear foundation. Applying a good waterproof foundation will ensure smudge-free application all day.

Using a product like Phoera Foundation Cream ensures full coverage waterproof matte application. Plus, it features oil control and a long-lasting moisturizing finish. And at $9.00 a bottle and a variety of shades, very affordable too.

face mask makeup
Image: Amazon Phoera Foundation Cream

And to finish things up, a good setting spray will make sure your makeup doesn’t budge. If you like a dewy finish, try NYX Professional Makeup Make Up Setting Spray Dewy Finish. With close to 17,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, it’s worth the price at $6.37!

Image: Amazon NYX Professional Makeup Make Up Setting Spray Dewy Finish

Matte Finish Or Dewey, Setting Spray Works!

Also, for those of us who love a matte finish, try Rimmel Stay Matte Fix & Go. It features a 2-in-1 primer and setting spray for a perfectly matte finish. At $5.97, you can’t go wrong.

One last important tip, if you can, avoid wearing lipstick with your face mask. Save that for when you take it off. If you must wear lipstick, make sure you go for top-rated smudge and waterproof lipstick. Maybelline Makeup SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick or Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm.

Even when you are not wearing your face mask, it always pays to smudge-proof your makeup. Let’s face it. No one likes a runny face or touch-ups throughout the day.

Makeup With A Face Mask (Smudge-Free!) Sassy Townhouse Living

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