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Raw Sugar Top-Requested Personal Care Products Our Editors Love

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We chose ten Raw Sugar personal care products, and in this article, you’ll discover why we love every one of them. If you never heard of Raw Sugar personal care products, you’ll find products unlike anything you’ve tried before. And all of their products are vegan-friendly and very affordable! 

More so, Raw Sugar’s commitment to using organic extracts, plant-derived ingredients makes you feel good about their products. We love their mission statement based on self-care and kindness and their devotion to maintaining their formulas’ integrity.

Raw Sugar

Raw Sugar Personal Care Products Feel Good Inside And Out

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We noticed some of the first things we loved about Raw Sugar personal care products right out of the gate: their product consistency, packaging, unique formula, and dependable results. Then, we discovered Raw Sugar’s mission statement, which aligned perfectly with its branding. To live with purpose and passion and to inspire a more profound love of self.

Also, they embrace individuality, celebrate authenticity, and encourage reckless acts of self-care and kindness. In the end, things like that matter when it comes to skincare and personal care products. Yes. Let’s not forget that when we use products, we want great results but also want positive energy shifts, mood boosts, and a calm and confident swagger.

After all, while we want outstanding results, we also want the products we use to represent how we feel about ourselves and others too. Their mission is to love from the outside in, and that’s what you get from Raw Sugar exactly.  Known for their scents, they believe in smelling good at all times, and so do we!

More importantly, they have a do-no-harm philosophy, so they never test on animals and vegan-friendly. Nor do they use harmful chemicals in their products. The folks at Raw Sugar always look for innovative new ways to protect our planet and use less virgin plastic. Their commitment to using organic extracts and plant-derived ingredients feels so right. And we love all of it!

10 Raw Sugar Products We Will Never Turn Our Backs On

Below, you’ll discover ten Raw Sugar products we fell in love with instantly and why. Also, we loved them enough to keep them in constant circulation in our beauty and skincare routine. We hope you get to find out how wonderful these products are as well.

Simply Hand Wash

First, we experienced Raw Sugar Simply Hand Wash in Lemon Sugar, and Raw Sugar Simply Hand Wash in Pineapple, Maqui Berry, and Coconut. Since we wash our hands multiple times a day, this hand wash made us very happy and our hands too. They don’t strip your hands of their essential goodness but instead clean and moisturize. The Lemon Sugar scent energizes tired hands with an invigorating lemon freshness. We enjoyed the clean, fresh scent and the non-drying formula.

While we love the Raw Sugar Simply Hand Wash in Lemon Sugar in our bathrooms, we also enjoyed it in our kitchen as well. Plus, it helped remove the strong scent of garlic and onions on our hands due to the lemon scent.

The Pineapple, Maqui Berry, and Coconut scent fills your bathroom with a feel of the tropics and leaves your hands moisturized, clean, brightened, and exfoliated. And for $4.99 each, affordable enough for both your bathrooms and your kitchen.

Bounce Back Shampoo & Conditioner

Now, you can add more life to your hair with Bounce Back Shampoo and Bounce Back Conditioner, both with Mango Butter, Agave, and Carrot Oil. We love these two darlings, and our hair never looked or felt better. We love the light and clean formula and the fresh, clean scent, too.

Plus, Raw Sugar infuses them with cold-pressed oils and plant-derived nourishment. This reviving blend will have your hair feeling cleansed, nourished, and simply amazing. Neither product builds up in your hair, and you’ll have squeaky clean hair that’s not over-conditioned.

Hand Wash Therapy

When it comes to washing your hands, nothing beats Raw Sugar Hand Wash Therapy Raspberry Rose And Peppermint Oil. Not only will your hands love you, but your nose will, too. This mood-boosting formula features invigorating ingredients and comes packaged in an earth-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable eco-bottle.

So what makes this hand therapy special? You’ll discover the exfoliating fruit enzymes work together synergistically with naturally derived caster seed wax beads to help rejuvenate and fight off grime. And the stress-relieving aromatherapy scents work in unison to relax and calm your spirits.

Furthermore, each Hand Wash Therapy features powerful botanicals, essential oils, and calming oatmeal. Together, they leave you feeling balanced, exfoliated, moisturized, and protected.

Sugar Scrub – Your Skins Elixer!

When it comes to skincare, scrubs and exfoliants are your skin’s elixir! They perform like no other skin care products in terms of immediate results and lasting effects. With Raw Sugar Citrus-Scented Lemon Sugar Scrub, you can buff and kick dry skin to the curb! Plus, it’s available in other delicious scents like Raw Coconut and Mango and Pineapple, Maqui Berry, and Coconut.

We love the lemon-scented vibrant mix, but you can’t go wrong with any of the scents. Your skin will emerge soft, exfoliated, and moist. Once rinsed off, you’ll have a protective moisture veil for ultimate absorption, leaving your skin soft and supple — ready to take on any day.

Raw Sugar Hand Sanitizer  

If you think about it, we are fortunate to access products like hand sanitizers to keep our hands disinfected. Nowadays, we use them several times a day, but they can wreak havoc on our skin if we don’t choose wisely. That’s why we flipped over this Raw Sugar Hand Sanitizer Watermelon and Aloe Vera.

Also, this hand sanitizer features plant-derived ingredients and feels gentle on our hands. Of course, 99.9% effective in protecting your hands against most common germs while staying clean and not dry. This bottle is just the hero your hands have been waiting for, and the refreshing scent keeps your hands smelling fresh and clean.

Raw Sugar Body Wash

One of Raw Sugar’s best-selling products is their Raw Sugar Body Wash Raw Coconut and Mango, and it’s no wonder why. This body wash laters up like nothing we ever tried and cleanses, brightens, and nourishes your skin.

Plus, this mood-boosting, spirit-lightening body wash smells like pure tropical bliss! Made with organic mango, raw coconut, and vitamins A, C & E, it works to keep your skin clean, fresh, and glowing all day long. Of course, we chose the 40oz size because we love it that much.

Simply Body Lotion

There’s nothing more rewarding to your skin than making sure you moisturize every day. With Simply Body Lotion Raw Coconut and Mango, you’ll experience a rejuvenating body lotion that infuses your skin with the ultimate hydration. Plus, the formula feels weightless on your skin and absorbs upon application.

We bask in its goodness twice a day, especially after showering. Of course, it features plant-derived nourishment and is crafted with cold-pressed oils, aloe vera, mango, and coconut oil. Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to a smooth, silky, fully moisturized, renewed you!

Raw Sugar Body Butter

Lastly, we fell in love with Raw Sugar Body Butter Raw Coconut and Mango. This body butter is perfect for those extra dry days in the winter or when you just popped out of the swimming pool. You know, when your skin is screaming for help. Raw Sugar collaborated with nature itself to rejuvenate your extra dry skin.

What sets this body butter apart from others? It features a creamy, conditioning blend that features sea butter, cold-pressed oils, and plant-derived extracts. It absorbs quickly into your skin and gives your stressed-out skin the hydration it craves. We know it will leave your skin revived, brightened, and extra happy too. And let’s not forget the delicious tropical scent will help transport you to your happy place!

In closing, we truly hope you experience the wonderful top-rated products from Raw Sugar and, of course, check out their entire line of vegan and eco-friendly products too. We know they will remain a staple in our beauty and personal product care routine.

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these allow us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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