Cheating On A Loved One – Things You Need To Think About

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As we all know, many folks look at cheating as a rather reprehensible thing to do. Regardless, the circumstances can have unrecoverable consequences, and, in the end, everyone gets hurts.

If you or a loved one found yourself in a situation like that, there are certain things you need to think about before and after the cheating starts.


At What Point Is It Cheating?

Below, you find some of the consequences you need to contemplate before you act.

Recently, someone I know met a great guy on DoULike, and this prompted the conversation regarding cheating.

Their relationship got hot and heavy fast but there was one thing that caused her to feel uneasy. She found out he is still communicating with his ex!

Nevertheless, we disagreed on a lot to do with the topic, but the question regarding cheating always sparks an interesting conversation about the consequences.

In the case of my friend, should she confront him about her concerns or just let it go and see what happens?

Obviously, we all desire to love and acceptance, especially when looking for a serious relationship or even marriage but at what cost?


The Consequences Of Cheating

There are a lot of reasons people cheat on their partners. Some of them might even seem justified or at least justifiable in some cases. But cheating on your partner always has consequences.

So, let’s talk about some of them. It’s always a good idea to reflect on the consequences before acting out on our needs and emotions.

1 – Living With The Guilt

Living with the guilt of cheating is much like giving yourself a mental beating every day.

Guilt can manifest in many ways including physical illness and much mental duress.

More so, guilt is a huge burden to bear. Before you cheat, it’s always a good idea to think about the pain and suffering you’ll bear with the burden of the guilt.

At times, it’s not so easy to move on after cheating. Even if you forgive yourself, the guild can still eat you up inside.

Of course, this all depends on the situation and the circumstances around the relationship.

Yes, we should learn from our mistakes and definitely move forward, but it all comes with a cost.

Make sure you learn positive and healthy ways to deal with your guilt and think about the cost of cheating before you do it!


2 – Do You Have A Plan For Moving Forward?

Cheating is quite often not a planned, premeditated thing. Sometimes is just a spontaneous one-time thing.

Often, cheating can be a way to act out against your partner and a way to punish them.

Subsequently, what will you do after that? Are you going to tell your partner about it and break up with that person? Or do you intend to keep it a secret? What’s your endgame?

If you plan on cheating on your partner, you should think about all of the possible repercussions.

More importantly, remember that some of your decisions may affect you for your whole life.

3 – Think About Both Of Your Futures

Maybe, you fell out of love? That’s still not a good reason not to consider the other party in your relationship.

Now, it’s time to start thinking about both of your futures. Unless of course, you decide to hide it and act like nothing is wrong.

If so, you should think about what prompted you to cheat in the first place. Will you try and fix the relationship?

Maybe, it’s worth saving and if so, relationship counseling seems like a good way to go for you both.

Remember, cheating affects everything in your day-to-day lives so make sure you are ready to repair the damages.

4 – Yes, You Deserve Happiness

Ideally, you want to be happy in any relationship, right? If cheating made you happy then it sounds like you are ready to end it for sure.

If cheating will create more problems for you than you can deal with maybe it is time for another solution to your problems in your relationship.

Sadly, you might realize this relationship is not worth fighting for and the leading cause of your unhappiness.

If so, it might be time to move forward and give yourself time to heal.

Above all, at the end of the day, it’s time for you to focus on your happiness and mental health.

5. If You Have Kids – You Need To Think About Them Too

If you have little ones, sadly, cheating will impact them the most.

And, if your kids will eventually find out about the affair there will be some pretty serious stuff to deal with.

Moreover, they can blame you for not being faithful and distrust you for a really long time or might learn that cheating is acceptable.  

And If you think you want to be with someone else it’s better to end your current relationship first.

As expected, the kids will have a huge transition and it’s a good idea to schedule counseling for them as well.

Ideally, children are very resilient and as long as you are honest with them, they can and often do adjust in a positive and healthy way.

However, about 20% of people admit to cheating on their partners. That’s not a high number as we would think.

It’s always a good idea to think about the consequences of cheating beforehand. Doing this will save you and your partner lots of grief!

Subsequently, there are a lot of consequences of cheating and you should really think about better alternatives to end a bad relationship.

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