Effective Ways to Use Your Small Outdoor Space

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Effective Ways to Use Your Small Outdoor Space

Is your outdoor space too small? Maybe you always imagined having a sprawling backyard to call your own, but your townhouse only came with a tiny plot of grass. Maybe you’re living in an apartment and you’re not sure how to take advantage of your limited patio. No matter how small your space, there’s a solution for you.

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While it might seem too small, a little creativity goes a long way! Instead of thinking of all the limitations of your small space, consider the possibilities! Also, there’s less to clean and maintain, so that’s a major plus!

We love our townhouse but, our backyard is small. We’ve had to be very creative when designing it to make it work in the most efficient way possible. Even though we have a small backyard, we were able to use creative lighting ideas that really helped create a beautiful ambiance and cozy atmosphere too!

Here are effective ways to use your small outdoor space to its fullest advantage!

Opt for a Sectional for Seating

Seating is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to small outdoor spaces. You don’t want to use an inch of your precious space on seating when it should be used on something green, but you still want to be able to enjoy the space!

Meet in the middle with sectional seating. Sectional seating is versatile and easy to move as needed, plus it cuts down on unnecessary space. For exceptionally small space, try folding chairs which can be easily stored and opened as needed!

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Choose Flexible Pieces

Because your space needs to be versatile, you shouldn’t choose furniture that only serves one purpose. While it might make sense to have a coffee table in your outdoor space, consider something that also serves other purposes.

Maybe a storage trunk or side table can serve both purposes without taking up space! Try to avoid having any furniture that is more style than function! The best pieces will have a good mix of both!

small outdoor space

Always Think About Storage

Clutter can quickly ruin any outdoor space. When space is limited, it becomes even harder to store your tools and extra things effectively. For tiny spaces, consider a trunk or indoor storage, if possible. For outdoor spaces with a little more wiggle room, look into installing a shed to keep your belongings neat and organized. See these incredible storage sheds you can buy right now!

small outdoor space

Go Vertical with Space

While you might not have room horizontally for the things you love, odds are you have abundant vertical space. Get creative with how you take advantage of your upwards space!

Maybe that means hanging plants in netted pots from your patio ceiling or installing basket chairs that seem to hover over the ground. Not only will taking advantage of vertical space prove you know how to style a complicated space, but it’ll give the illusion of a larger outdoor area!

small outdoor space

Keep it Green

Even if you don’t have much grass in your limited outdoor space, you can still keep it green. Don’t cover any grass you do have if your outdoor space allows it. Instead, opt for spaced stone paving or another natural option that preserves the natural elements.

small outdoor space

If your patio space is completely devoid of green grass, add plants and flowers with some colorful pots! You don’t need a huge green thumb if you choose your plants wisely! Adding these plants yourself is both cost-effective and easier to maintain than a larger space.

small outdoor space

Be Proud of Your Small Space!

Just because your space is limited it doesn’t mean you can’t be proud of it! Make the most of the small outdoor space you do have with these tips above, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Less really can be more because it means the effort you put into your space will go farther.

Having a small, functional space that is designed well is better than to have a large, unmaintained outdoor space! Be proud of your little section of the great outdoors and make the most of it! 

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