8 Things You Should Never Clean With A Magic Eraser

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While we all enjoy cleaning with the Magic Eraser, there’s a list of things you should never use it on in your home. If you have never used them to clean before, you’ll want to discover why you should start. With a list of pros and cons, we say the cons make a strong lead. Although, you need to know what you should never clean with them as well.

Magic Eraser

What Makes The Magic Eraser So Awesome

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To begin, the Mr. Cleaner Magic Eraser (#ad) instantly cleans stubborn dirt and grime from most surfaces easily. More so, it’s an extra durable scrubber that’s four times stronger than typical sponges or cleaning with the leading bleach sprays. And it cleans so many surfaces, from scuff marks on sneakers to dirty oven doors. In addition, it’s tough on dirt and easy to use, and you can activate it with water.

For example, you can use it as a surface cleaner, wall cleaner, bathtub cleaner, bathroom cleaner, oven door cleaner, erases marks on light switches, doors & much more! And the best part, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals as well.

Additionally, impossible messes don’t stand a chance against Mr. Clean’s new Magic Eraser Extra Durable. And it contains Durafoam, so it’s a tough, mean, dirt-fighting machine. So those nasty marks from crayons, markers, or scuff marks can disappear in seconds. And tackle impossible baked-on grease and kitchen grime faster than you can say chimichanga!

So, now you know what makes the Magic Eraser so awesome. But you also need to know what you should never clean with one either. If you love using some of the best cleaning products as much as I do, you’ll love the Eraser even more! Below, we will look at some things and why your Magic Eraser is a no-no for certain surfaces.

Magic Eraser

1 – Never Ever Clean Wood Surfaces

When I first started using the Magic Eraser, I thought it would clean everything. And I never thought twice about it damaging anything in my home. So, I grabbed it and began to clean a wood chest of drawers with it. Well, much to my surprise, it left behind a white film instantly.

Much to my dismay, it wouldn’t come off regardless of what cleaning products I tried to remove the white film. So then, one day, I grabbed a bottle of Scotts Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner (#ad), and voila! The nasty white film disappeared forever. So now, I use Scotts for all the furniture and kitchen cabinets too. But, of course, after learning a good lesson about what not to clean with a Magic Eraser, I’ll stick to using good old furniture polish moving forward.

Magic Eraser

2 – Never Clean Your Stainless Steel Fridge

Well, it seems I had to learn another hard lesson when it comes to cleaning with a Magic Eraser. Never clean your stainless steel fridge with it either! One day, my daughter made a messy spill, and it dripped on the freezer portion of my stainless fridge. So again, I reached for the magic and, within seconds, realized the errors of my ways.

While it cleaned up the stains, it left behind a dull, lifeless finish too. My once shiny stainless became dull. It seemed as if it took the surface off with it. Thankfully, the area I cleaned was small, and I caught the damage in time. When cleaning your stainless steel fridge, stick to products like Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit (#ad). Over 13,000 shoppers gave it 5-stars, and it also removes fingerprints, watermarks, residue, and grease!

3 – Avoid Using The Magic Eraser On Delicate Surfaces

Remember, this cleaning tool contains powerful abrasive powers too. That’s why you should avoid using it on any delicate surfaces like your car, for example. Instead, if you have stubborn bird poop on your vehicle, try using CarGuys Super Cleaner Effective All-Purpose Cleaner (#ad). With over 18,000 shoppers stating it’s the best car cleaner for just about everything!

More so, this one product will clean upholstery, fabric, canvas, leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, bird poop, grease, tree sap, metals, wood trim, and so much more! You’ll discover CarGuys is the most versatile multi-purpose cleaner on the market!

So, next time you pick up your Magic Eraser, remember what you should not clean with it first!

4 – Is It Safe For Everything In Your Kitchen?

According to the folks over at Mr. Clean, when you use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen and Oven Cleaner with Dawn (#ad), yes, you can. On their website, they say the grease-fighting power of Dawn removes 3X more greasy kitchen mess per swipe. And even greasy tough kitchen messes too.

For example, they state it cleans grease on ceramic cookware, burnt-on messes on glass stovetops and ovens, grime on granite countertops and appliances. Always make sure you clean your countertops correctly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions first.

While some shoppers do not use them on our granite and marble counters, I have no problem using them. And love the way they clean many things in my kitchen. But, of course, do a spot test first. Then, if you see the results meet your expectations, you are good to go!

Magic Eraser

5 – Avoid Using Them On Nonstick Pots And Pans

In addition, you’ll want to avoid using them on your non-stick cookware. You can remove the protective coating on your cookware doing so. And possibly release chemicals from them as well. If you have stubborn grime and stains on your cookware, try using Stardrops The Pink Stuff (#ad) – The Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste. Over 93,000 shoppers gave it 5-star reviews. That’s a lot of happy shoppers!

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste is perfect for cleaning dirt, grime, and stains on saucepans, cooker tops, sinks, uPVC, barbecues, ceramic tiles, glass, showers, garden furniture, paintwork, boats, brass, and rust. The list is endless.

Magic Eraser

In addition, when it comes to pots and pans, we love this Amazon Basics Non-Stick Cookware Set (#ad). They feature an aluminum body with a non-stick coating for easy cooking and cleaning and are BPA-free. Plus, you’ll find them very affordable at $68.95.

Image Amazon: Amazon Basics Non-Stick Cookware Set (#ad)

6 – Never Use The Magic Eraser Dry

As we stated above, you need to add water to the Magic Eraser to activate the magic! More so, you’ll never want to use it in a dry state. More so, you can do more damage than good. Adding water softens them and places them in the perfect condition so you can clean and not damage what you intended to clean in the first place!

7 – Always Do A Spot Test

As with any cleaning product, you should always do a spot test first. While most of us don’t bother, doing so will ensure you don’t create damage. So while it might seem like a bother, it’s well worth it to test a small area before you begin.

8 – Don’t Scrub Too Hard

While we love our Magic Eraser pads, they tend to fall apart if you scrub too hard on surfaces. In addition, never buy the knockoff versions as they fall apart much faster. The only thing about the Eraser I don’t appreciate is how they can tear apart if you scrub too hard.

Also, you can try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets (#ad) too. You’ll find you can clean everything with them, including your bathroom, shower, and oven too. Additionally, you’ll see the same power of Magic Eraser in a disposable sheet. These sheets are thin and flexible to give you that deep cleaning in hard-to-reach places and work the same with water alone.

Other than the fact they tend to fall apart easily, Magic Erasers are my go-to tool for cleaning so many things in my home. From my walls to the hard-to-clean grease on my stove, the Magic Eraser is a welcomed friend. When it comes to the best cleaning products we rely upon and use, you can’t go wrong using them in your home too.

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these allow us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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