What You Need To Know When Designing A Ranch Style House

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There’s more to designing a ranch style house than beautiful floor plans. While design plans are essential, there’s more to know. And with a wide array of styles and sizes to choose from, it’s not always easy deciding.

Fortunately, we can draw our inspiration from many design and style examples. However, before designing your ranch-style house, it’s essential to think about some key factors. Below, you’ll discover if this type of home works for you when you design your home.

Ranch Style House

Designing The Ranch Style House Of Your Dreams

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Typically, we can find ranch homes in every town, and for a good reason. Folks enjoy the many benefits, including forgoing stairs to climb every day. More so, you’ll find the typical ranch style house in urban and country areas. But that’s not always the case. You can find some ranches in large cities as well.

Interestingly, around 8.93 million people have relocated since March 2020 since the beginning of the pandemic. These statistics are astounding, and many of them moved to rural areas. More so, while enjoying the benefits of remote work, they enjoy communing with nature.

The lessons of the past year and a half have seen more Americans value the Great Outdoors. And seek to bridge the divide between indoor and outdoor living by opting for ranch-style décor inspirations.

If you have recently bought a piece of land in the countryside or renovated your home, a ranch style house may provide you with the inspiration you need. And with the many styles to choose from, you can finally begin to design the home of your dreams.

Ranch Style House
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Integrating Your Home With The Landscape

Land investing is more than just about buying land in a prime location. When you purchase land for a ranch in a state like Texas, Montana, Kentucky, or Oklahoma, making the most of the stunning natural features that abound is key. The current penchant for ‘biophilic design’ involves bringing the outdoors in via features such as floor-to-ceiling glass walls or sliding doors, which maximize the amount of light entering your home.

Open floor plans, glass room dividers, and glass roofs are all excellent ways to not only bring in more sunlight. More so, they boost the visibility of surrounding natural features like trees, hills, and lakes. These studies show living closer to nature can benefit our lives in many ways. And can extend them. So, when it’s time for you to think about designing your ranch style house, consider the land and location first.

Embracing Eclecticism When Designing A Ranch Style House

Ranch interiors can often feature beautiful raw, natural materials like brick, stone, and wood. However, modern ranches also boast sophisticated materials such as marble, mixed metals, and bamboo. Wooden beamed ceilings and accent walls bearing stone and bricks add a warm, country-style touch to your interiors.

For example, you can use beautifully designed pendant lamps with warm copper hues, deeply veined black, white, or grey marbled kitchen islands. Together with natural stone floors, you can create the ranch style house of your dreams.

In addition, think about adding modern art, sculptural furniture, and unique signature pieces to lend grace, style, and color to your living space. With many styles to choose from, like Mid Century Moden, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Nautical, Industrial, and Urban Modern, you can find the style that suits you most.

Ranch Style House

Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

Ample space is one thing most ranch homes have plenty of and one of the many wonderful benefits of owning a ranch style house. Here, you can make the most of the areas adjacent to your home. You can do this by setting up a beautiful patio or deck boasting designer outdoor furniture.

For example, think about using rattan, wicker, parchment, synthetic materials, and metals. Currently, interior designers love featuring stylish rattan backyard furniture, and for a good reason. Rattan brings the benefits of the outdoors inside and outside your home too. Remember, you’ll want to accommodate multiple people. And provide all you need for gatherings with your family members and friends.

Image Overstock: SuperBrite Patio Furniture Set Outdoor Wicker Rattan

Additionally, you can protect yourself from the rain and the blazing summer sun with an electric outdoor shade or pergola. With them, you’ll have the perfect amount of shade for your patio or balcony. And efficiently protect your home or business from sun damage or light rain.

Image Overstock: ALEKO Motorized Retractable Outdoor Patio Awning

Think About Your Outdoor Design Elements

Also, think about adding elements like printed and monochrome cushions. And a beautiful reclaimed wood coffee table to your outdoors. Of course, you’ll want to add details like plants, iron candleholders to add warmth and visual appeal.

Covered terraces work particularly well alongside water features as well. Think about adding infinity pools, fountains, or ponds. Using the outdoors to beautify your space is as important as your interior design elements. And with your ranch style house, you’ll have the opportunity to create your dream estate.

Meanwhile, front porches work ideally with traditional furniture set over a stone or wooden deck. Circular stone firepits surrounded by loungers, chairs, or benches in natural materials imbue the space with coziness. And this contrasts markedly with the expansiveness of the surrounding nature.

Image Overstock: Carbon Loft Lawrence Reclaimed Solid Wood Coffee Table

Implement Smart Home Features Into Your Ranch Style House

Ranch houses tend to be spacious and spread out into various sections of a parcel of land. And adding smart features can help home dwellers save energy. Plus, you can customize features such as lighting, music, garages, and much more to your needs. For example, apps like Savant Pro allow dwellers to switch radiant heat on while opening external blinds. And illuminating lights to a specific brightness.

Dwellers making their way home from another state can also use their phones to start warming up the Jacuzzi. In addition, smart entertainment systems by luxury brands like Bang & Olufsen enable homeowners to control music. And can enjoy viewing experiences from their tablet or a wall panel.

Thus, homeowners can choose a song and indicate what rooms they want to play it in. And they can commence a movie on more than one television in a large ranch home where rooms can be a considerable distance apart. Smart home benefits grow every year and are a great way to keep the value of your home.

Therefore, home automation can bring to your home many benefits and features. And can learn users’ habits and patterns to accommodate your lifestyle. For instance, you can use this tech for your lighting, heating, and cooling as well. Bringing smart home features into your ranch style home is a great idea and one to consider.

Designer Kitchens For Your Dreamy Ranch Home

Modern ranch kitchens are anything but basic and simple. Instead, they incorporate artistic touches such as colorful tiled kitchen backsplashes. And a blend of vintage, antique and contemporary furniture and lighting pieces. The idea is to design bright, welcoming spaces that show design features such as hanging pendant lamps, vintage central islands, old-fashioned hobs, and handle-free cabinets.

However, modern ranch kitchens have the best of all worlds. They can include traditional, cutting-edge/energy star equipment. And collectors’ pieces such as antique doors, farmers, and tables. Some have one major starring feature: a statement metal hood in materials like etched zinc or a richly hued marble backsplash.

Think about filling your kitchen with original, sculptural pieces that reveal careful and personalized curation. Don’t worry about having to keep it simple. Instead, marry a straight row of pendant lights with a vintage candelabra or a richly veined marble island with vintage wood and iron stools. If ultra-modern looks are your thing, go for a concealed kitchen that allows you to focus on entertaining.

Ranch Style House

In Closing

Moreover, many people have woken up to the value of living close to nature in recent years. Those opting for the space and adventure ranch living can offer are designing interiors that boast the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Features like glass walls, luxury materials, and outdoor gathering spots make the most of country life. And have done so without having to sacrifice a drop of sophistication. Smart automation is also a key component of ranch life, with features such as programmable lighting and heating ensuring that homes are in a perfect state when their owners get home.

Savvy homeowners are creating relaxation and entertainment spots in areas like front porches and backyard terraces. Materials like stone and wood make a perfect complement to round or wall-mounted fireplaces that invite many hours of rest, even on cold nights.

These structures invite the eye to look far ahead to see trees, impressive landscapes, and glorious sunsets. They are a safe place to congregate and enjoy the sensation of liberation that only open spaces can provide.

In addition, personal artistry also abounds in modern ranches. It does so with traditionally utilitarian spots like the kitchen, now an ideal place to reveal a penchant for antique collection, artistry, and eclectic design.

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