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8 Things You Should Never Clean With Windex

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It’s surprising to learn how many things you can clean with Windex, but how about the things you are not supposed to clean with it? You will be surprised when you this list.

I love using Windex for so much of my daily cleaning, and I never stopped to think about the things I’m not supposed to clean with it. Be sure to check out this list! 

clean with Windex

We love Windex for cleaning – especially when it comes to cleaning things like mirrors, bathrooms, appliances, and other assorted areas around our home that need a good fast clean.

It’s easy to pick up that bottle of Windex and just start spraying and cleaning with it without thinking about what we are actually causing damage too. 

If you are a clean freak like me then be sure to check out this list of my favorite cleaning products too! 

1 – Don’t Clean With Windex Your Laptop Or Monitors

Sure, they make them nice and shiny and remove fingerprints and smudges but did you know you can do serious damage to your laptop or monitors by cleaning them with Windex?

Windex contains harsh ingredients like ammonia and other harsh chemical compounds that can do some serious damage to electronics.

Always use cleaning products that are designed for electronics like this EcoMoist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth  – it has great reviews on Amazon.

It’s an alcohol-free liquid solution, bio-degradable, and hypoallergenic too. It doesn’t harm the coating of your screen and is antibacterial, anti-static. It also removes all dirt and grease and kills the germs Safe for kids’ toys as well. 

clean with Windex

2 – Don’t Ever Mix Windex or Any Ammonia Based Products With Bleach! 

 I remember clearly when I was a kid, a friend of my mom’s mixed bleach and ammonia to clean her floors. They had to rush her off to the hospital and seal off her house because of the toxic mix of chemicals.

At times, we mix cleaning products and don’t think about the consequences. When it comes to mixing Windex with any other cleaning product – don’t do it! You never know what reactions can take place when you mix chemicals together. 

clean with Windex

3 – Don’t Ever Use Cleaning Products On Your Skin – That Means Windex Too!

I was shocked to read that the supermodel, Ashley Graham, uses Windex to her fix her spray tan! Goodness no! Ashley showed off her spray tan fix-it “hack” on Instagram Stories.

It involved spraying a paper towel with some Windex and scrubbing her body until her tan lines evened out. Is that cray-cray or what?

For some reason, this story reminded me of what my dentist told me last week – he has clients that re-glue their crowns back in with Crazy Glue!

He then told me that using any chemical on or in your body can have serious consequences. Duh – kind of a no-brainer I would think, but obviously, not for everyone!

clean with Windex

4 – Don’t Use window To Clean Your Granite Countertops

OK – guilty as charged! I used to clean my granite countertops with Windex all the time. I haven’t done that for years now when I was told it was stripping the protective coating off them.

Even though it’s super easy and convenient to clean with Windex, it’s a bad idea when it comes to your expensive granite countertops. Windex will strip off away the protective seal on delicate stone surfaces, such as granite and marble and will cause permanent damage.

Instead, I’ve been using Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish for years now, and I have to say, my granite countertops never looked better!

Its made specifically for cleaning and polishing natural stone surfaces and leaves a streak-free finish.

Plus, it safely removes grease, grime, watermarks, and stains and, protects with a pH-balanced formula that will keep your stone’s seal from deteriorating.

clean with Windex

5 – Never Use Windex To Clean Your HDTV Screens

I’ve always had OCD when it comes to cleaning my electronics – that includes any of our HDTV screens too. One day, I was dusting our entertainment center just below the TV – I looked up and saw these huge streaks running all across the screen.

I had an instant meltdown and of course, asked who did this. My hubby said, “oh, there was a smudge on the screen, so I cleaned it with Windex.” Oh, the lecture he got. Luckily, I had my favorite product on hand for cleaning our HDTV screens called eScreen and it fixed the problem immediately and restore my screen back to new!

I also use a good microfiber cleaning cloth for all of my electronics as well. It’s the best cleaning cloths ever to safely and effectively clean so many things around your home too. 

clean with Windex

6 – Never Use Windex On Your Windshield Or Any Auto Glass

Everyone I know uses Windex to clean their windshield and car windows – Windex, which is an ammonia-based cleaning product that can break down the tint on your car windows and this will cause it to peel over time.

Also, using Windex leaves streaks and foggy spots that could impair your visibility and be dangerous too! 

I am guilty of the same but now I only use products that are designed to clean auto glass and wow, what a difference! 3M 08888 Glass Cleaner is safe for tinted windows and leaves a streak-free shine too.

I heard Rain-X Glass Treatment & Anti-Fog is great for fog-free windows too!

clean with Windex

7 – Windex Is Not Furniture Polish 

Using Windex on your wood furniture will strip off the veneer and can leave unsightly blotches and spots too.

If you have a piece of wood furniture that has a sealed veneer finish, I guess you can get away with it, but I wouldn’t risk using it. Furniture polish is specifically created for your fine wood furniture. Why risk damaging it?

clean with Windex

8 – Don’t Use Windex On Fine Pieces Of Jewelry

While using Windex is safe for gold and silver jewelry. It should not be used on precious gemstones like emeralds, opals, pearls, amber, or turquoise.

You can use it on diamonds or any hard gemstones. The harsh chemicals can remove the protective layer on these stones and ruin the finishes. 

clean with Windex

There are so many things you can clean with Windex – we all love it and use it around our home for a multitude of uses. Just be careful to not use it on everything! 

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8 Things You Should Never Clean With Windex - Sassy Townhouse Living

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